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The one time EPRDF dedicated news paper; the Reporter is increasingly unfolding wrongs of the EPRDF and its ruthless cadres.


The one time EPRDF dedicated news paper; the Reporter is increasingly unfolding wrongs of the EPRDF and its ruthless cadres.

The owner and the chief editor of the news paper is known for being a member and supporter of EPRDF. He was also known for his biased views against the opposition’s during the 2005 election and the unjustified slaughtering of the closed to 200 peaceful citizens.

However, the newspaper lately attracted many attentions, including opposition members when it begun writing about the injustice and the fraudulent court system. His associates and EPRDF hardliners are stunned by his statements. Many yet believe that he started talking about the injustice only after he was subjected for illegitimate arrest and beatings. Recently, he was detained by his accusers and taken hundreds of miles away where he was jailed for several days.

In the aftermath of the alleged arrest of the chief editor, the Reporter steadily, began telling unheard stories. He appealed for due process and justice. He condemned unlawful arrests. He called on transparency with regards to the relationship between government authorities and their business partners. In its most recent edition, the news paper boldly appealed to the Prime Minister about the huge corruption in his government and urged the PM to clean his cabinet from corruption.

Although it was amazing to hear such criticizing stories from the Reporter, truth is always truth regardless of who tells it. Whether the Reporter said it or not, government authorities are above the law in Ethiopia. Moreover, all government authorities, including the Prime Minister repeatedly rejected to make their assets public. By all mean, the reasons are clear and indubitable.

  1. T
    | #1

    Please people. Don’t buy this stuff.

    1. Amare is just helping Meles and co. get rid of some ministers and business people they have used enough. He is laying the ground work…pretending to be talking for “the people” and asking the Prime Minister to clean his cabinet of corrupt officials. “The Ethiopian people are tired…” he claims. And you know he really isn’t speaking for them because the Ethiopian people have been tired of so many things for a long time and he is not talking about all those…he’s just being selective.

    2. Amare’s criticism of the justice system is still far more removed from reality. He is crying because he was attacked personally. He is like a horse with a blinders on – he only sees selectively. Worse things have been happening to Ethiopians of all sorts ever since EPRDF came to power and Amare never screamed like he screamed when he was arrested. Even after his arrest, he was not criticizing the justice system as a whole, but only the courts in Gonder. He’s either an idi*t or purposely choosing what he wants to see.

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    “Thieves fight not when they steal together but when they share what they have stolen”
    This is a very good saying.
    ”Reporter has never helped Ethiopia or Ethiopians as people!”Ye azo enbahen atanbaben”

  3. atuba dolla
    | #3

    The thrown-ups, Amare and Tamirat Layne have now become fool and trash. They have no place in the hearts and minds of millions of Ethiopians.

    The editor in chief of the reporter can not swallow back the words he spilled out chiefly because he can neither chew those hard words nor keep them undigested in his filthy mouth.

  4. Kassa
    | #4

    In My Point of view Amare Aregawi, And It’s Reporter News Paper Are Only The Real Press in Ethiopia, Because If he see Any Problem in the Govern party, the Investors and also The oppostions, he bring this information to the public, so this the real criteriya for neutral press, so Amare Viva, Keep it Up.

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