Video of UDJP’s Grand National Meeting in Addis

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On December 6, 2008, Unity for Democracy and Justice Party(UDJP) held a grand public meeting in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

1) Introduction and Questions from the Audience

2) Answers for Questions from the Audience – Part I

3) Answers for Questions from the Audience – Part II

4) Brief Speeches by the invited guests

  1. Mustafa
    | #1

    Fantu,Doma Ras,asshole.Go to hell.You have litle mind than anyone else.”Wusha Bebelabet yechohali”

  2. ከደስ
    | #2

    ሐይ ውሀረ ኢስ ትሀ ሎቨ ኢን ዮኡ ፐኦፕለ .

  3. bob
    | #3

    Just sit back and watch everything, no need for the hate.

  4. Fantu
    | #4

    Mustefa, Do you know “Doma”? it’s better than you. Doma functions alot better than your “Bado Kefo” mind. I go to heaven, you go to hell together with your brother Birhanu Nega and your sister Birtukan Midekssa.”worebelawoch”.Mustaefa, try to shape your “Nifit chinkilat” ok.

  5. habesha
    | #5


    hey guys, let’s be realistic, let’s change first of all our mentality before we talk about politics. We are very far away from leading a democratic opposition group. Let’s learn from America on how to be an opposition group. Two oppostion groups should work in harmony but not in hatred. The so called opposition groups shoul have a demoratic trend among themselves before pointing their fingers at others. How can Ethiopians trust you to give you the power. My friend, let me tell u one thing. One has a right to support or to oppose the current government. So where is democracy if i will be seen as a traitor just because i support the government or in vice versa why the governmeent is seeing a member of the opposition group as an enemy of ethiopia. Gobez, let’s sit and discuss it thoroughly this issue before we talk about politics.

  6. shalom
    | #6

    Congradulation !! you got Biritukan in kilat prison in a place where Meles kills human moral and dignity.How are you feeling now ?? is that the rule of law ? Beating sinior citizen like pro.Mesfin to death ? what do u say about this ?You may say this is the essense of democracy ?

    Fantu ,you said you are member of Woyane,but the way how you respond to your opponents lack wisdom and political ideology.The way how u respond to the angry man Mustefa is an indicator of how woyane and its members are hot tempered.I am certain that you wil put Mustefa in prison if you find him in addis.

    Mustefa ,you are so emotional and so be stupid like need teach them love unity and tolerance.If you keep going the way how you are ,what maral diffirence make ?So do not be hot tempered like woyane members.

    Fantu,last time you said you would like to have a cup of coffee in a table and open round table discussion.That was a nice idea.The problem is I do not believe woyane b/c I have got enogh lesson about the dishonest nature of melese and his followers.woyane makes me so cynical.

    Fantu ,you have big problem,every time someone writes a comment on this page you relate him/her with Bitihanu or BIRITUKAN or someone else.why you hate these guys ? they are taking about individual right and the rule of law,nothing more or less.So what is your problem with this the corner stone elment of democracy? they are fighting for you too,yout individaly right will be respected if the took the power.They do not have any intention to take a revenge aaction any of the woyane member.Why you hate this politicaly accepted ideas ?

    Fantu,I can tell from your respond to Mustefa,you are suffering from a real hatered of Influential individuals like Birihanu.This is not healthy for you ? hatered is a source of cardiovascular disease.You better stop and think a bout the good thing that you can do for the commen good of human being including the who hate your ideas.

    Finally,Mellese put Biritukan into Prison by his fullish calculation he probabily thinks that all the oppenents will surrender.Have you seen how shortcited he is.His action will ignite the struggle and became a power for others.

    Fantu,you refered me to IGAD,Eritria and Somalia to know what Melese did in the horn and for ethiopians.First and for most who are in the IGAD ? IGAD is the weakest and shamble non functional roganization in africa controlled by dictators like Meles .So we can not get any information from them.Fantu why should I go to IGAD ? I by myself is the first hand witness.

    did you say Eritria ,somalia ?and Ruwanda ?lol lol.What happened my freind ?”Yeayit misikir Dinbit “this say goes along your refernce.

    Fantu,I am praying not only for me but also for you too.You need to be released fro the spirit of hatred and arrogance.

    Men take it easy and smile.You need a break and think a bout love.And learn how to say enough.

    Fantu I do not think you will get mad.Hey man easy okay.everything gonna be alright.
    God bless ethiopia and Fanru too.

  7. Fasil
    | #7

    The arrest of Birtukan and the beatings of Prof. Mesfin shows how Woyane is frastrated. So we should continue ferastrating Woyane. This can only be done by uniting ourselves against Woyane but for the Ethiopian people. Continue our peaceful struggle-diplomatically, economically and socially. Hence Woyane will even more get scared. If we come too closer, nothing will never seprate us. Stay united, and do not forget God will be by our side.
    Oppsition groups here in US and around the globe, if you are striving for the wellbeing of our country and the peple, please, please stand united. Whenever you plan a demonistration, meeting or other gatherings that centered against the Woyane Government please try to make them together, like the 2005 demonistration you did. And all opposition web sites please share iformation among yourselves & dissimitae it to the public, other government, human right organizations and other organizations you belive they have vital role. I have visted mots websites and found that they share information. They made it best in the 2005 election and the aftermath. PLease Keep in mind that, INFORMATION IS POWER”.

    God Bless you all
    God Bless Ethiopia

  8. Yinegal
    | #8

    Shalom, Cordialy I was following all the dialog you have with Fantu. It will be a time consuming effort to teach someone like Mr/ms Fantu.
    With this small conversation you had, I learn that how many of our people blindly deceived for the sake of their survivals. “ENE KEMOTEKU SERDO IYEBIKEL” It is a sad story.
    Not to mention names, I listened a systematic saying to what have we gone in 97 election. The so called person is the master mind for “Talaqwa Tigray” or the “Tigray Tegaru” to incise Ethiopia by the name of liberation.
    “When we give them an inch they want us a foot kind of thing, which is when we show them the democracy slightly they come to getride of us and be the ouner of the democratic movement. Kept saying that even the US and other free countries took them century to get where they are now”. The smart Ethiopian people b/c they catch the bus quick, they are not allowed. We have to wait under Meles excatly alike his imperial majesty Haile Silasie another century for them (TPLF) to let us have our fredom to elect our leaders..
    Yes it is a sad story again. We need to be wise to fight this chronic political ailment.
    I know you already start the healing process by teaching Fantus’ like persona and don’t forget how many of them are their possesed with hate and amimosity. It will take us long but it will be cured.
    Oh’ have you cheked the mery christmass thing how she/he put it, unless it is done ignorantly. X-mass. Need another lecture too. God give strength to Shalom, will my dearest prayer for you.

  9. | #9

    this is fun

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