Kinijit North America has launched its new website

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Kinijit North America | February 2nd, 2007

KNA appealing to all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to join the struggle for freedom and democracy. It has set up a resource center and Pay Pal Account so that you can support “free our leaders”? campaign.

Click here to get to the website.

  1. Tolcha Dissasa
    | #1

    Good to have a new website. I hope it would be a forum and an outlet to communicate our visions and eachothers support.

    God bless Ethiopia!

  2. Ewnetu
    | #2

    good job KNA

  3. tezebt
    | #3

    It’s good job we can communicate our vision
    and support.I hope no body own it KNA website.
    God bless ETH.and all.

  4. Yohannes
    | #4


    Isn’t it this the second KNA websites in North America? And the third website created with Kinijits Logo in 3 months?

    Isn’t it better to put the scarce resources of diaspora together to fight a formidable enemy such as the Woyannie?

    KNA #1, KNA #2, the so called KIL #1 – What an embarrasment!

    - We have 2 separate demonstration organized by KNA #1 & KIL for the same objective. The release of Kinijit leaders.

    - We have to separate groups going to the state department for recognition.

    -We have to separate groups going to the OLF to talk about the AFD.

    Are you not embarassed by this event? Fekade Shewakena, where is your brain? Are you not a clollege teacher?

    Idiots! What planet are you coming from? Do you know the word ‘Unity”.

  5. sera
    | #5

    Another schaa-biya page.
    They open allmost evry day.
    what !!

    Long live the Ethiopian Democracy

  6. sera
    | #6

    How many Killer ( Kil) are around.

    sidetegaw Kinnjjiiitte
    ye kalitw kinnggtttato
    ye americaw kinjjte
    ye erpo kinngtot
    ye asmeraw Kil
    ye shee- alkaka kingtoche
    ye andaraghew kijitaatto
    ye bree-mewa- kill ( kill all ethioian ppl organizatio)
    ye senen Americaw knigitance, dont foget we need 44 kinjjits accordindg to ouer cultue.

  7. sera
    | #7

    you mean it is shew neka page .
    what a loser !!

  8. sera
    | #8

    ato schewa neka.
    you want meles ! go to Fin Fine !if you are man enoug!
    live us alone
    you are born to lose.

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