Amnesty International condemns a new crackdown on CUD’s supporters

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February 3, 2007

Human rights group Amnesty International has accused the Ethiopian government of a new crackdown against CUD supporters. Amnesty issued a statement late Friday saying that more than 40 opposition supporters had been seized in mass arrests by Ethiopian police and that those held may have been tortured. Amnesty said many of those detained have been held incommunicado since mid-December without charge, and that one was believed to be a U.S. citizen.

Senior Ethiopian government officials said the report was baseless. “This is a fictitious report and basically it is doesn’t reflect the situation in Ethiopia,” said Bereket Simon, the special adviser to the prime minister.

A police spokesman said the detainees were being held not because they were opposition supporters but because they tried to overthrow the government by force. “After the investigation is finalized, their case will be sent a prosecutor and he will file a case against them in court,” police spokesman Cmd. Demsash Hailu said.

The detainees are said to be supporters of the opposition group, the Coalition for Unity and Democracy, who in May 2005 won unprecedented support in elections. EU observers said the polls were marred by irregularities.

More than 100 opposition leaders, journalists and aid workers are currently on trial accused of treason and attempted genocide after protests over the vote. Security forces killed 187 demonstrators during the protests. Most were shot dead.

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  2. Mimi
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    What about if they don’t? Would Meles shoot them in the head or charge them with treason? Moron Woyanne “MAMO” why don’t you go a head and call the Amnesty International guys Neftegna or Derge? Go a head and call them Neftegna. Everyone who oppose Woyanne is Neftegna or Derge. Isn’t not?

    The fact of the matter is that Woyannes are becoming, not only in Ethiopia, problems to the world. Their awkward, primitive thinking does not work in the world we are living today. But, they don’t seem to get that. We just have to keep pushing them and get ride of them.

  3. Tigist
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    Here you go again. Meles think just arresting and killing innocent people will solve all the problems he is facing.Well, it doesn’t. Just think about it. For how long this has been going on now? For almost two years. Nothing has improved yet. If killing and torturing people would solve any political problem in Ethiopia, considering the number of people who are jailed and tortured, Meles wouldn’t have any political opponents by now. The fact of the matter is Meles is digging deep his own grave yard. He went as far as Somalia to divert attention from his internal headache. Well, the headache didn’t go away. Does it Mr. Meles? My advise to you, if you happen to be checking this site or your spy does, don’t be afraid of the truth. Just face the it and dealt with it. The Ethiopia people don’t want you to be the leader of Ethiopia. We Ethiopians don’t like you, we hate you so much and we see you as a nightmare. Now, that is the truth. Why don’t you accept it and live with it. Aren’t you “Golden Person”? Killing and torturing people don’t bring you respect and peace. Now days I imagine you as someone how is working his butt off to cover the mess he has created. I can imagine that you are not a happy man at all, but still working your but off to be happy yet. When are you going to be happy? Once you are done with the 77 million Ethiopians? Do you really think that is possible? What are you going to do with the Ethiopian Diaspora? You know that they are planning to go out against you once again. I know that makes your headache even worst, but hey, I don’t feel sorry for you: Just because you ask for it.

  4. j.p.h
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    I think Meles is Nr. one Person, (sorry-Monster) who should have faced for the atrocities continued to take on. But think of the following list of names and institutions to whom Amnesty international appeal for. So many times they have received such letters and still they are baby sitting the tyrant. Have they not the moral obligation to try to stop such barbaric deeds? In my opinion they are Nr.2 people to be accounted for, (for not acting to save human lives) which are massacred on their door steps on daily basis by now.


    Minister of Justice
    Mr Assefa Kesito, Ministry of Justice, PO Box 1370, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Fax: +251 11 5517775
    +251 11 5520874
    Salutation: Dear Minister

    Federal Commissioner of Police
    Mr Workneh Gebeyehu, Ministry of Federal Affairs, PO Box 5068, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Salutation: Dear Commissioner

    COPIES TO: Prime Minister
    His Excellency Meles Zenawi,
    Office of the Prime Minister,
    PO Box 1031, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Fax: +251 11 1552020

    and to diplomatic representatives of Ethiopia accredited to your country.

    PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat, or your section office, if sending appeals after 16 March 2007.

  5. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #5

    Torture must be condemned whenever it shows its ugly head. Especially against civilians with politicial agendas. Having said that, the arrest may be legitimate due to the fact that some factions within the Kinijit in diaspora had orgainized internal chaos of sorts under the assumption that Ethiopian government will be bogged down in Somalia. If the government arrested these individuals, then, they should be arrested and brought before the court of law. But not tortured.

  6. Mimi
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    Well, there is no court of law in Ethiopia. It is known for the whole world that in Ethiopia all the persecutors, the polices, the investigators and the judges are the dictator regime’s cadres. There is no independent court system there. There are no democratic institutions at all. The most hated Meles’s regime can’t survives in a democratic Ethiopia. That is why it has been killing, torturing and arresting civilians just for their political afflation. As we all know the Meles regime put the Kinijit leaders in jail just because they ask for building democratic institution in Ethiopia. Now, it keeps arresting and torturing the main opposition party Kinijit’s members Kinijit won the 2005 election, but dictator Meles rigged the election and decided to stay in power by force. He has been leading Ethiopia backward for the last 16 years.

  7. TATEK
    | #7

    “Tolerance becomes a crime when appleid to evil“ Tomas Man
    anti eth. forces do not let no stone unterned to fight the ethiopian democrartical proscss . Amensty international !! wher the hel was that in the derg era ?
    ppl. are fabricating things and others are swallong it with out chewing.
    it is about democracy in ethiopia we are fighting in eth. not for a regime change and eprdf has the credit not AAop , olf or kijjite or call it what ever you want.
    fight for democracy in eth. not for aaop, aoape, olaltfr or schabiy
    go to hell
    ethiopia will be a democratic land whether you like it or not.
    deerrge kid and schabiy are a history.
    dig it

  8. sera
    | #8

    My God!!
    you are still crying.

  9. telba
    | #9

    Amnesty International is not impartial or professional in its dealings with the Ethiopian government. In fact, an Amnesty International representative was one of the guests of honor in KIL meeting in London over a year ago. The other guest was none other than Anna Gomez herself. If some of you think you’ve seen Amnesty International’s latest report before, you sure have. The report is a rehashed version of the graphically false and sensational accusations against the government that were posted on the mendacious vocal opposition websites very recently. It is good to know that Amnesty International and the vocal opposition websites are in the business of recycling garbage.

  10. Cara
    | #10

    Amnesty International is flapping its beak like a bird in the wilderness hoping to justify its huge budget and financial contributions continue unabated. What is most amazing is their arrogance which allows them to state as a matter of fact the following “Amnesty issued a statement late Friday saying that more than 40 opposition supporters had been seized in mass arrests by Ethiopian police and that those held may have been tortured”

    This absurd statement is in direct contravention with the very basic principle they pretend to uphold. Namely accusing governments throughout the world of arresting and torturing people without providing evidence.

    What evidence does Amnesty International provide to support that such arrests and tortures have occurred? Does Amnesty International have proof that torture was used against the supposed arrested people? Furthermore, how irresponsible is it to accuse a government of torture by saying the prisoners “may have been tortured”?? That statement in and of itself is proof they (Amnesty International) has no clue about their claims. It proves they are speculating and making these charges without proof. It shows that they do not hold themselves to the same and internation

  11. Cara
    | #11

    Unless this organization has powers beyond human comprehension, it is beyond us how they can make such a Godly observation. Amnesty has no evidence of its claims that these people being tortured? Maybe they were fooled by the pictures posted on the KIL website. Did some of the Kinijet supporters send Amnesty International these pictures causing a chain reaction by Amnesty International? One has to be suspicious about the timing of this report and the false propaganda about torture in Makelawi being trumpeted by the KIL (Kinijet) or KIL (as in Kings In Lying) leadership in Diaspora.

    Amnesty International is playing a dangerous game of interfering in the Judicial process of a sovereign nation. We always thought Amnesty International was a force of good but lately they have demonstrated that they have a clear agenda outside the scope of justice. They are obsessed with power and maintaining their financial backing which pays their salaries and keeps them employed. In one of the links below you will find the following quote. “Amnesty International appears to be a large organization with sections in 76 countries. They have a paid staff and there are several job openings now. They publish a large number of well-produced pamphlets with stories and pictures. A major part of their publicity is aimed at getting contributions of money.”? No wonder Amnesty International becoming a brand name like Starbucks. They are opening up Amnesty International stores all over the world. See this store as an example Amnesty International or Starbucks want to be? Pretty soon they will have a ticker symbol on Wall Street. Also it does not hurt when BBC and others give their wild allegations publicity. It keeps the money well from drying because donors are satisfied that their money is being used appropriately. What the donors do not realize is that Amnesty International is creating a nice little cottage industry for itself. When a human rights organization crosses the line and begins to play in the profit making world it no doubt loses its focus and its innocence.

  12. Tigist
    | #12

    It looks like Woyannes are on Amnesty International now. They thought the Somalia war would help to divert attention from their human right abuse in Ethiopia. Apparently that is not the case, they go furious again.

  13. Mimi
    | #13

    Wow Cara, one of your statements says “Amnesty International is playing a dangerous game of interfering in the judicial process of a sovereign nation.” Are you serious about that? You are an embarrassing Woyanne. That is all you are. Are you threatening the Prestigious Human right defender? I just can’t believe how ignorant you are, but you are Woyanne. Nothing good expected from you. I hope the Amnesty International sees Woyanne not only as human right violator, but as a dangerous and rootless group of people.

  14. Assefa (Sweden)
    | #14

    Thanks Mimi you say it all this people are rootless with out no human feeling or thinking only there interset.

  15. Cara
    | #15

    Amnesty International, ofcourse, uses as much evidence as it can before it reports an issue or an incident found anywhere around the world.
    We can say “unfortunately” – because all peace-loving and humane people around the wolrd would love to see Amnesty International succeed all the time and in all places. Almost like a superhero organization using its super powers, flying above all human limits and all weaknesses to report all bad things happening around the world impeccably. Not only that, even when the reporting appears conflicting, it would be just magical if Amnesty’s executive leaders could transform into the Biblical King Solomon and effortlessly differentiate & judge whose side of the story is correct or which description of an event is accurate. Regrettably, Amnesty is not a collection of superheroes and none of their staff as well as HRW’s Peter Takirambudde is having much success impersonating King Solomon.

    As the result of this, Ethiopian leaders have been proved wrong or proved too unrealistic to even be discussed. For instance, Amnesty fell for the oldest trick in the book when a group of Diaspora Ethiopians from the most radical side of the opposition used propaganda and staged witnesses to claim human right abuses in Ethiopia. Ironically, it happened just before these groups tried to pass a House Resolution bill in US congress against the Ethiopian government & its moderate opposition supporters. But what became an international news of abuse and torture was suddenly curbed when the apparent victims of the government torture miraculously re-appeared without a single mark on their bodies. Though embarrassing, such mistakes by Amnesty continue to be a regular.Certainly Amnesty has been a useful machine for the most radical parts of the Ethiopian opposition, which often use the same propaganda not just to turn lies to facts via Amnesty, but also to provoke anti-government feeling inside the Diaspora Ethiopians and spark violence & riots inside mainland Ethiopia.
    Even though more propaganda has been occuring since, another dangerous propaganda was used at the end of January to provoke more anti-government feeling and ofcouse manipulate the defenseless Amnesty into believing & reporting it. On January 30, the Diaspora leadership of one of the most well-known opposition groups called Kinijit (CUD) used a very sickening propaganda displaying torture images from Indonesian jails and used it to defame the Ethiopian government of committing abuses & torture. For those readers who are geographically challenged, Indonesia is a country in Asia while Ethiopia is located in another continent called Africa. Sadly, the leadership of the Ethiopian opposition party,CUD, took the photos of torture from an East Timor Human Rights Centre database of Australia covering abused in Asia and used it to provoke more violence, hatred and divisions between political parties of Ethiopia.

    Even though the consequences of these dangerous propagandas and the effect they might have on the Diaspora are unmeasurable; one thing is for sure, this has not stopped Amnesty from being used like a political tool, once again. Unfortunately the advisor to Ethiopian Prime Minister is once again accused and left stunned by Amnesty’s outrageous accusations ( ) For most peace-loving and optimistic Ethiopians, it is hard to judge Amnesty and simply blame it for its various mistakes. But knowing how much destructive its blind support for the extremist opposition groups in the Diaspora has become, Amnesty should take it upon itself to improve its reportings on Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a nation where most of her innocent refugees who left their country more than a decade ago are now ripe & ready to be remote controlled by the extreme parts of opposition groups; especially if Amnesty continues becoming the rubber stamp organization for these groups by becoming their political tool & keeping the status quo that the hopeless Ethiopia they were forced to abandon decades ago is still the same. Granted there aren’t that many sources of information coming out of Africa for Amnesty to function, but it is still necessary for Amnesty to keep its standard of work, it ethnics and impartiality no matter which section of the world being reported so that it can avoid being part of the problem in Ethiopia, instead of being part of

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