The Billionaire and the Lapdog – By Yilma Bekele

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It was gratifying to see the disclosure regarding the contributors to the former president Clinton’s foundation. It is the price he paid to have his wife nominated to be Secretary of State. As a private citizen the law does not compel him to make his contributors public.

He only had to tell the IRS which by law would keep it confidential.

To be Secretary of State requires confirmation by the Senate. That entails answering a lot of question regarding competency, temperament and financial situation. There should be no hint of conflict of interest and personal gain. The appearance by itself is a sign for caution. It requires a strong argument to win over skeptics.

The Clinton Foundation disclosure shows a name that is very familiar to all Ethiopians. It is no other than Dr. Sheikh Mohammed H. Al-Amoudi. He is reported to have given from one to five million dollars range. The fact that the so-called “the Unofficial Mohamed Al Amoudi” web page ( claims that he donated $20 million is a lot of hot air. Looks like all his other purported donation to regions and groups back home. The bark is louder than the bite at least that is what is being reported by our newfound friend “The Reporter” from Ethiopia. We are always hasty in declaring someone friend or foe.

The fact that government officials in the US have to go through such a grueling process to assume power to serve the people is a good sign. The legislative branch takes its duties seriously. The people’s representatives have a responsibility to make sure that officials understand the gravity of the office they assume in the name of the nation. They are not a rubber stamp to the wishes and demands of the executive body.

What is the significance of this news to us Ethiopians is a good question to ask? That will require us to answer the question why the Sheikh felt compelled to donate such a large sum to the Clinton Foundation. Of course as a rich international mogul he definitely have many reasons to support the foundation. He has business interests across the globe requiring intervention and support from the former President. We are not privy to that.

Our one and only interest is if our country is part of this equation. Did the TPLF regime somehow manage to be part of the understanding in this alliance? Or is it possible that as usual we are making a mountain out of a molehill? We as a people have an inbred love of paranoia.

It is a fact that the individual plays a very significant role in both the economic and the political life of our nation. He has managed to build a formidable economic empire. Some claim it is positive and honorable. They mention the thousands of jobs he has created and his philanthropy that includes gifts to our very own ESFNA. On the other hand there are a lot that are uncomfortable by the cozy relationship between a government and a single corporation. His close relationship with an illegal undemocratic regime is a cause for concern. His investments have emboldened the tyrants to ride rough and practice their apartheid system with impunity. His wealth gives him undue advantage to the up coming new local budding capitalists. Capitalism requires a level playing field. It is futile to ask a small businessman to compete with an international financier. That is not fair. It is unequal competition. The US discovered the pearls of monopoly capitalism and enacted laws to safeguard society from predators. It is old news.

It is also true that the Sheik’s investments are geared towards developing an unsustainable economy. It is good to the TPLF mafia since it generates immediate cash, but our country does not need lavish hotels and Soviet style concrete buildings. Money generated from Ethiopians in the Diaspora and used to build monstrous villas with imported concrete, metal, glass is not our idea of building the future Ethiopia. I am sure our Universities are capable of graduating able Ethiopians that will utilize local material and resources and build beautiful habitats cheaper and better. Our foreign exchange will be used to buy computers, solar panels, tractors, harvesters and other useful products instead of vanity items with little or no vale. The one and only item mentioned by all Ethiopians that visit the homeland is the proliferation of buildings everywhere you go. We now read reports that over 90% is paid for by the Diaspora themselves. Why is Woyane taking credit for that as if it is some accomplishment? Where is the double-digit economic miracle?

It looks like it was all smoke and mirrors like other TPLF pronouncements. It is surprising to all of us that the billionaire friend was using our own money to finance these worthless projects. When our banks lend those millions to Midroc Corporation it dries up the money supply to local small business that is the main engine of economic progress. When Woyane was showcasing the miracle they just forgot to mention it was the product of the dreaded Diaspora. Our investment was fueling the inflation and hurting our own friends and relatives at the same time creating foreign exchange for the regime to buy guns to silence our people. That is what is called being pistol-whipped by your own gun.

The question is what do we do with our newfound knowledge? Our options are one to inform the Obama administration regarding the presumed conflict of interest regarding the Clintons or waste our energy being an alarmist or impinge on her new assignment. I believe we should give her the benefit of doubt but at the same time keep our eyes open to point out any undue influence. Our job is to inform the Obama administration that if the US stands for freedom and democracy then both are lacking in our homeland. Our duty is to unite and present a true picture of the dire situation in Ethiopia for all to see. The war against our Somali citizens, the plight of peasants all over the country, the suppression of freedom of speech and media and the imprisonment of political dissidents should be exposed for all to see.

This brigs us to the case of former Prime Minister the infamous Tamrat Layne’s release from Kaliti prison. He is informing us that he has found religion and will not be part of the political process no more. Our response, “not so fast Ato Tamrat, we are not done yet.” There is this little matter of the Ethiopians you have caused harm and misery. If you remember when our liberators arrived in the capital and set up shop, Ato Meles took the office of the Presidency and Ato Tamrat was crowned 2nd in charge. Ato Meles was representing the Tigrai tribe and Ato Tamrat supposedly stood for the Amharas. Ato Meles has his army while Ato Tamrat has his big mouth. We will not forget his despicable acts in Harar, Arsi and Bale among other Southern regions. Ato Tamrat was inciting the local population to rise up against ‘Neftegnas” the TPLF code word for Amharas, Gurages and others and settle perceived wrongs done against them in the years past. Many of our innocent citizens were murdered and others were forcefully evicted from their ancestral homes with nothing but their cloth on their back. It was done with the tacit approval and support of the TPLF regime. Dr. Asrat paid the ultimate price with his life fighting this catastrophe brought on his people by despicable bastards like Tamrat and company.

It was strange to see Ato Meles telling us he was the son of the “golden” people of Tigrai while Ato Tamrat was seeking others to kill and hurt the Amharas he represented. It is great that he found religion to cleanse his troubled soul, but on the other hand we require a little bit more from Ato Tamrat to put a closure on his crimes. It is not much to ask Ato Tamrat to confess to his crimes and ask for forgiveness from his victims. It will be good for us if all those TPLF converts will give us a little bit detail regarding the skeletons in the closet. If he was to atone for his ugly actions in the past we suggest full confession so we learn and set up safeguard for the future. In the mean time if I was Ato Tamrat I will sleep with my eyes wide open. His past associates are watching him like a hawk regarding the knowledge he has of their illegal deeds. He knows where the bodies are buried, and that is knowledge full of liability. Start praying Ato Tamrat!

  1. Jakob Solomonn
    | #1

    Well written article The demand for atonment must begin from TPLF hard cores like Seye Abraha,and others as for blind and opportunitic followers like tamrat can not teach us more about TPLF as the REAL ONES

  2. atuba dolla
    | #2

    Members of the crimefamily pushed Tamrat Lyane into prison and left him swarmed with moulds,and when symptoms shows up that the captured subjec of no use,they let him walk on a narrow path into his unknown world.

    Tamrat Lyane is one of the criminals that did harm to Ethiopia and Ethiopians;also,sinfull he is,top criminal,filthy rat that nibbled to death innocent lives, that he is canibal ate the lives of citizens alive,born fool and boring with no emotional intelligence and low IQ,not knowing he would be dumped by his recruitors and masters,thought he would grab the life of pie came into Ethiopia via invasion,then thought he was given a rare gift that he became primeninster began spitting out bad words through his stinky mouth,it is good to the sin he made that now he is close to be captured by the people of Ethiopia to receive the ultimate punishment more heavy and intense than Italaian fascists received.

    Tamrat Lyne, is a great fool,and is a man filthier than the prison he rot, Tamrat Lyane, by having acted insanely brought misery and shame to himself. He shall receive the most ultimate punishment toantamount to the wicked and ugly crime that he committed against Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  3. bitu
    | #3

    Oh Al Amoudi, you went from grace to grass.

  4. kiflom
    | #4

    A great person for Ethiopia.A sour for the Dead Eritreans
    Your doom is on the way while you talk about Ethiopia.
    It is simeltenous.Watch

  5. Aregawi
    | #5

    Well said.

    By the way, did you guys notice Ben of Ethiopia first is no longer posting articles from The Reporter because The Reporter critisized Shiek AlAmoudi?

    It is called journalism of children!

  6. wolikati
    | #6

    ጉድ ነው የወያኔ ነገር አቶ ታመራትን ፈቶ ወጣቱን ቴዲ አረ;; ታምራት ያስገደላቸው ወገኖቻችንን ደም መበቀል የሁላችንም ሃላፊነት ነው ይሄም ከታምራት ዋናው አቀነባባሪውን ከወያኔ መንግስት እጅ አይወርድም:; በዚህ ላይ ኤርትራ ውስጥ ያስገደሏአቸው አሉ; ጋምቤላ; ቴቲ; አዋሳ, አዲስ አበባና ወያኔ ገብቶ አኤሌፍን ጋብዞ በደቡብ የተጨፈጨፉ ወገኖቻችን አሉ:: እነኝህ ሁሉ ነጻ ዜጋዎች ተረስተው ይህ ገዳይ ፖሎቲቻል በቃኝ እግዚሃቤርን ተቀብያልሁ የሚለን እኛን ነው እግዝሃቤር ነው ሊያታልል የፈለገው?

    የአላሙዲ ነገር ብዙ ነው; ወያኔ ዜገነትም ሸጦለታል ገንዘቡ ግን እንቬስት የሚደረገው የውጪ ኢንቨስትመንት ተብሎ በሳውዲ ስም ነው; ይህ ነው በአንድ ደንጋይ ሁለት ወፍ የሚባለው::

    አልፎ መጥቶም የአሜሪካንን መንግስት ኮራፕት ለማድረግና ወያኔንን ደህና መንግስት ለማስመሰል ነው ጥረቱ; ለሎቢም የተከፈለው ሪፐብሊካኖችንን ለመግዛት ነበር:; ሁሉም ጉድ ቢወጣ ገና ብዙ አለ:: ጽሁፉ እንደሚለን ምን ማድረግ አልብን? ነው::

    1ኛ ሚዲያ ነን የሚሉ ቡሉ ተባራሪ ወሬ ከሚያወሩ ስራቸውን ቢሰሩ ጥሩ ነው:: ይህም የዚህ ሰወዬን ጉድ የወያኔ ሪፖርተር እስኪያነሳው ድረስ ማንንም መርምሮት አያውቅም; አሁንም ክሊንተንን በተመለከተ ባይውጣ የሚያወራው የለም ነበር; ምን ሆኑ የነጻ ጋዜጠኞች ተኝተዋል? አግር ውስጥ ያሉትን መፍረድ አይቻልም በወያኔ እየተሳደዱና እየተዳከሙ
    2ኛ ይህ ሰው እንደማንኛውም ዜጋ በጋዜጠኞች መጠየቅ አለበት; ጥሪው ቀርቦለት አልመጣም ካለ የወንጅለኝነቱን አምኗአል ማለት ነው:; ባይሆን ገለልተኞች ይጥይቁኝ ቢል ያምርበታል ተደብቆ ግን ሁለት ወዶ አይሆንም
    3ኛ: እያነዳንዱ ኢትዮፕጵያዊ እየሄዱ ሸርተንን ከማድነቅ ጥያቄ ማንሳት ግዴታ አለበት; በየቤቱ ሃሜታ ለሃገር አይጠቅምም::

    አቶ ይልማ ይባርክህ እወነቱ እንዲወጣ መጣር ታልቅነት ነው; በገንዘብ ህሊናን የሸጠ ለሃገርም ለራሱም አይሆንም

  7. Chala
    | #7

    I don’t really get the message; it is full of biased judgment of individuals and unfounded economic analysis. It has started with Almudi and ended with Tamirat, “begeta!!!!” Who wrote this!!!

  8. telling the truth
    | #8

    You need to go to school or learn some other way to understand how the economy works. Reading your article, i can only say you are good in using the english language while the substance of your article is at best minimal

  9. Seifu
    | #9

    Sheik Mohamed Al Amoudi, and Meles Agawa gang part of weyane minority groups who creating hates among tigrays all around ethiopia including our old freinds eritreans. As Result of Meles & his adawa gang, we tigrain are cornered by our enemies. we tigrain are doom to fail. we must stand and speak out.

    Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) is waging an armed struggle to remove the ruling (Meles Zenawi) from power. TPDM is operating in northern Ethiopia. The organization calls on all Ethiopians living in the country and abroad, opposition groups and the Ethiopian soldiers to stand alongside and give them their support in the struggle against the ruling (Meles Zenawi) in Ethiopian.

  10. yikerbelen
    | #10

    He is the fake billionair. He came from his father land with an empty pockets in ethiopia and started to snatch ethiopia’s wealthy like Gold , honey ciment and other natural resources in the name of investor.every thing is ethiopians wealthy. he has never been paying even any taxes for all what he has imported.

  11. | #11

    I would like to say let him do whatever he wants to do; after all it’s his money; BUT wait a minute! THIS GUY AQUIRED BILLIONS OF DOLLARS BY PLACING HIMSELF AT HEART OF POOR ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE AND GANGING WITH LOOTERS OF ETHIOPIA. 1- From get go did al-moudi COME TO ETHIOPIA TO built the SHERATON grand to create more opportunities for Ethiopians or to SNATHC THE HARD CURRENCY FROM THE CHILD MOLESTERS NGO’S, AU’S, UN’S, AND OTHER PAEDOPHILES THAT COME AND GO TO ETHIOPIA AT WILL? 2- is al-moudi love affair and relationship with the looters, killers, backstabbers, and modern slaves of Ethiopia for modernization, democratization, development or destruction of the Ethiopian people; 3- the money that was donated to the Clintonians! what was the whole purpose of the donation? is it to hush America’s lawmakers while their puppets in Addis weyane thugs to suppress, kill, loot, deceit, backstab, create havoc in the region, and………..? My fellow Ethiopian brothers and sisters you don’t have to be a weyane lover or hater to witness the crimes that being committed against this beautiful country/people by these mafiasto family and their backers at the state department. Time will tell the extent of weyane destruction of this beautiful country and especially by Legesse Z., Azeb Mesfin, Seyoum Mesfin, and their corrupt Eritrean masters/advisors. Until then mary christmans to all of you and god save Ethiopia from the mafia of weyane and their backers!

  12. atuba dolla
    | #12

    Al-Moodi, in the end, he will pay the dear price for staining,soiling,contaminating and corrupting the lives of innocent boys and girls of all ages.

    No single Ethiopian expects good things coming out of the presence an alien in Ethiopia. Al-Moodi came into Ethiopia along with the invaders to damage the fabric of the families and communities by doing immoral and distructive things that he mainly planned long before he became the part and parcel of the tplfwoyane invading looters.

    Since he came into Ethiopia he snatched and squeezed the innocence of boys and girls of all ages and left many young girls with multiple unwanted children causing the geatest burden on Ethiopians.

    He shall never be able to escape the jusctice when Ethiopians bring back their country into their hands.

  13. yikerbelen
    | #13

    shiretam arab. enate ena abatu yibelute yaleneberachewu menati deha neberu. zare esu ye ethiopia habte zerefo yibeten.duros ke ke arab ena ke zeregna mene yitebekal

  14. kiflom
    | #14

    Ante shabea you dream is gone by the wind.
    Thanks for the Ethiopia defence force.
    your are now remaining with your weak tangue.
    we wii come and cut it to its final.
    Bunche of above shabeas your isayas is on the verge of collapse
    just watch!

  15. yikerbelen
    | #15

    ayiiiiiiiiii kiflom. that is from there any “ethiopia’s defence force?” do you thing ethiopians are going to die for your stonlt and crused pieces of land? they are waiting for the begnning of the war by soon as the war will start , ethiopians will knock at you ass and go and join ethiopia’s freedom fighters.

  16. Chala
    | #16

    I am writing for Yikerbelen: This media is meant for discussions with reasons. Put forward your premises and conclude. Just don’t write your useless “yebuna were”. I take from your very choice of alias “yikerbelen” you are that sort of guy.

  17. m.g and g.y
    | #17


  18. Tigraypoeple
    | #18

    Watch this vedio
    Sheik terroist fianancier alam arab Amoudi you have no place in ethiopia after meles eritrean.
    Beacuse of meles adawa gangs policy, tigrain are hated all over ethiopia. My sister told me that ethiopia is very close to civil war. all ethiopian will be united and attack tigrain regardless of adawa or mekelle. My fellow tigrain. watch the developement in ethiopia. soon the ethiopian will rise and wipe us out!!!! that is why as tigrain I am speaking out aginst meles & his adawa gang

  19. Sheik_Bake
    | #19

    Watch this vedio
    Sheik terroist fianancier alam arab Amoudi you have no place in ethiopia after meles eritrean.
    Beacuse of meles adawa gangs policy, tigrain are hated all over ethiopia. My sister told me that ethiopia is very close to civil war. all ethiopian will be united and attack tigrain regardless of adawa or mekelle. My fellow tigrain. watch the developement in ethiopia. soon the ethiopian will rise and wipe us out!!!! that is why as tigrain I am speaking out aginst meles & his adawa gang

  20. gemoraw
    | #20

    Al amoudi is one of the presoius person in ethiopia and the world. He is a philantropic guy with a gift of making business and helping others. You guys what u would do if you were him??? because he is such a rich and very smart person there is no way to hang out with you. whatever the case he is making a significant improvement to that land. all the major campanies including the biggest hotel in ethio wich me and you are proud of it when the foreighners come to our poor country is belongs to him. He worked hard and deserved for it. LIKE AMAHARIC RIDDLE SAYS…abiyen ferto imiyen….when one chimpanzee the woyanes mess the country, i dont see the reasom to blame one business man. He is dong what me and you guys might do if we are sourceful like him.



    ethiopians we belive on talk rather than doing somethin.

  21. eliyas
    | #21

    thank you gemoraw. when meles and his folowers only fill their belly stomach, atleast alamoudi is doing something. what i am ashamed here is, the above context is started with the devil TAMIRAT LAYINE and headed to alamoudi. what a clueless missage is this?

    Alamoudi helped the country and himself…the haters are have no places in his mind. but, I will advice you to revenge the evil TAMIRAT LAYINE. I may promise you, I will not stepback to punch or atleast to throw my shoe to Tmirat layine whenever I see him

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