Woyanne arrests Chairwoman of Andinet Party – Abugida

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Chairwoman of Andinet Party, Wzrt. Birtukan Mideksa was arrested by woyanne security forces at 2:30PM (Local Time) in the afternoon and taken to Kaliti Prison. At the time of the arrest, she was with Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam.


Chairwoman of Andinet Party, Wzrt. Birtukan Mideksa was arrested by woyanne security forces at 2:30PM (Local Time) in the afternoon and taken to Kaliti Prison. At the time of the arrest, she was with Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam.

Her driver and Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam were beaten by woyanne Security forces.

Dr. Yacob Hailemariam takes back his resignation from the leadership of Andinet Party

Enemies of Ethiopia

  1. | #1

    It is a sad news we will stand on be half of her
    all democrat they have to showed up their solidarity this the first chapter of the struggle
    we will win.

  2. One Ethiopia forever
    | #2

    ( Her driver and Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam were beaten by woyanne Security forces. )

    This is outrageous that Abugida has turned into worse journalist then Elias Kifle!

    Prof. Mesfin was not touched and he has just said that GO LISTEN TO THE RADIO NOW .

    Unbelievable waste of news I hear from Diaspora when the Professor himself has denied this charge.

  3. eliyas
    | #3

    she went to jail because she is not a politician. woyane wants to teach her how to be a politician. In ethio when you atempt to be a politician you gotta pass through many things. when such silly things happned, abugida like organization broadcasted a porpoganda which make us funny. Prof Mesfin….big lie. He didnt beaten.

  4. geremew
    | #4

    One Ethiopia forever better named woyanne forver:
    Why don’t you tell us which radio?

  5. wakyo
    | #5

    Elias and Woyanne forever = Two animals in a human skin enjoy your very numberd days

  6. Tsere Woyanew
    | #6

    Woyane may arrest Birtukan today. what Woyane cannot arrest is the fight for freedom from its tyrrany. Ehiopia will bring 1000s of Birtukans who love to be free from oppression, stand for democracy & justice in Ethopia.
    Death for Woyane & all tsere-Ethiopians

  7. hager
    | #7

    VERY VERY SAD news!!!!!what is going on there??
    we have to stand togethewr guys

  8. Feridu
    | #8

    Mindless Woyane supporters are barking like poisoned dog. They canno t even choose the language to express their hatrate. I believe they use the word rape on the opposition party leader as they have practiced on Ethiopians in Ogaden and other places. I fear they may even use it on their mother & sisters if they belong to the opposition side.

  9. wayane Geday
    | #9

    fulke of all wyane

  10. Gebremariam
    | #10

    It is African Nazi’s strategy.
    Supported by AU and Bush. You should stand together. Really opposition parts resign themselves from Parlama seat.

    Woyanne is strognly standing eliminate Ethiopia and Ethiopian people.

  11. Gebremariam
    | #11

    Messege to All opposition parts,

    You are spending time, money as well as life of Ethiopians to bring democracy and Justice in Ethiopia.
    Do not repeat the second Mistake you should stand together and leave the parlama seat and call all Ethiopian people and Internaltional organization to put strong economic and political sanction in Ethiopia as soon as possible. Call all international organization to recognize Meles is leading 21 century Nazi in Ethiopia. So Nazi is common enemy of the world. Therefore Meles is too.

  12. Yonas
    | #12

    Are we for the freedom of the ethiopian people?

    Then it is now time to stand together an be one against the Woyane dictatorship.

    We must stand for the realse of Chairwoman of ANDENT Party Wzrt. Birtukan Mideksa. It is time now to stand together!!! Jonas Germany

  13. Gurezza
    | #13

    It’s not wonder for me her arrest. It was wonder if not.
    Go ahed G7

  14. geremew
    | #14


    Only Whimps(ፈሪ)talks nonsense from thousands miles away.

    G7 has been hijacked by Elias Kiflom and Essayas Afeworki.

  15. Dagimawi
    | #15

    I don’t have a word to express my feeling.
    But,I wanna to tell woyanne and all Tigrean supporter of Woyanne one message: “It is not long that we repeat the History of brundi on You!! And finally BURN the bodies of Meles and all you putting a benzen on your flesh.”
    Wait us “shintam,kimalam Woyanne!!”

  16. Dinka
    | #16

    Woyanay wants every Ethiopian to be a lier,thief and vulgar like them as the say goes
    “Leba hulum leba yemeslewal”These thieves will keep going to the distructive way I am convinced 100% that it is time to move to armed struggle.IT is true Birtukan is arrested and the Prof.being bitten up as usual we in the diasporra must stand up Like Teodros from Quara’like Yohanees from Temben,like Minilik from Shoa it is indeed our united Ethiopians power that will stop Woyanay.
    Woyanay means wonbeday
    Wushma ze diablios(seytan)

  17. | #17

    Our leader Birtukan,
    God will help you!Only him looking after you.

    Did you read what Tamagne said:”God bless me”.
    You try your best it was good but not good enough, beacuse you don’t understand what Agazi means.He is smarter neither you nor Teddy.
    I am allways by your side,”love your enemy”.
    Don’t forget you are mystic fire if some one
    touches you he or she will be burn like hell.
    God bless you!

  18. | #18

    If we are surprised by what Woyane is doing, I am afraid we are being driven by neive and emotinal way of doing things. Ofcourse, we should be worried and take things more seriously as the it becomes more clear that our struggle must be more consistent, strongly unifeid, more ready to pay more sacrifice.

    History is full of lessons that the more dictatorial gegimes get the more frastrated, the more they comit unprecedented criminal actions by violating their own constitution. And that is the great sign of their demise. However, the consequences of their evil acts can only be shorten if only we stand together around the well principled, organized and consistent way of doing things.It must be well understood that we will never be able to attract the international community/diplomatic arena unless we can not only tell but most imprtantly show that we can do it.

  19. Gobena
    | #19

    The day of woyanne is numbered.Please,ethiopian Try your best to support us at least by buying Bomb and bullet.If you can do that it is enough.Leave the Job of punishing Woyanne and tigre for us.
    My other messege is Please Don’t put ethiopian people in to Dilemma by anouncing the so called Peace full struggle.Please don’t forget to help us in bullet and bomb.Then we will show you who woyanne and Tigre is!!
    Death for meles and all his supporter!!!
    Gobena from sudan.

  20. | #20

    Don’t insult Tamagne Beyene youth your own name we know Tamagne is hero he is not like you I know who you are recently you went back home you beg land and you get piece of land in your born area northern ETH.chatam I dont want to menstion your name
    Blood sacure Woyane
    Death for Woyane Freedom for ETH.

  21. Habtegebriel
    | #21

    It is really a very sad news/which we all expected/and it might sparks more anger to all of us.Now and then it is a very clear and great message again from the Woyane regime ,that a peceaful struggle in Ethiopia is impossible,and it is time to take actions against woyanes.It is time to fight by all means against this a fascist regime.We have to say enough for Woyanes.
    God bless Birtukan!
    God bless ethiopia!

  22. Gebremariam
    | #22

    Time will follow soon to see
    the situation of Wonnaye and their supporters.

    The second Nazi never exist.

  23. Tefe
    | #23

    To all woyanne supporters this is the
    time to choose either Ethiopian and people or terrist gov.

  24. Ewnetu
    | #24

    Dear brothers and sisters, there is one person here writing all the hate things with different names (tamagn, kiflom,….). He writes as if he is in sudan, in Ethiopia, in USA….We shouldn’t reply for his comments. Let him enjoy these free opportunity to write what he has been fed. Let us talk about our future and our leaders. He just want to waste our time by responding to him. That is woyaniawi zede.

  25. woyanne killer
    | #25

    Woyannes are ugly creatures!!
    The Ethiopian People will ashes soon….

  26. | #26

    No dought, I will stand on behalf of Wrt, Birtukan Midekisa. woyenne is terrorist,racial,killer, and massacre. Wayenne hates Ethiopia. He doesn’t like the unity and strength of Ethiopia. Wayen should go to his mother land Eriterea. Ethiopians,!! please get strenght and unity to dismiss wyane. This is the time to dismiss woyene for most and time.

  27. Saoul
    | #27

    Dear people it is the beginning of weyanei,so let us strength our our fight with UDJ.She will be realesed soon

  28. ኮስትር
    | #28

    ምነው ጅግና ጠፋ, ጭንቅላት የሚመታ; ቅዘኑ እስኪመጣ ጆሮው ስር ማስገባት ነዉ እንጅ; ይሉኝታ የለዉ; እ/ርን አይፈራ; እዉነተን አይናገር ; ባጭሩ , በረቀቀ ሁኒታ ግንባሩን መሰነጠቅ ያስፍለጋል::

  29. Belaye Zeleke
    | #29

    They can arrest Birtukan but they can never arrest the will of 75 million Ethiopians !

    Personally this is not a sad day rather a day of reflection and a day for renewed commitment against the tribal fanatic TPLF dynasty that has suppressed our people for the last 17 years.

    Indeed, Judge Birtukan is a prominent figure in Ethiopian Politics but there are countless Ethiopians men and women who are ready to fight the divide and concur TPLF mythology. On this day…………..by arresting unarmed woman and beating an old man, Woyane proved that they are powerless while in power, fearful and mentally defeated creatures.

    The Moment To Unite as One Nation- The Moment To Unite as One People – The Moment To Unite as One People Against the TPLF dynasty

    God Bless-Birtukan Mideksa
    God Bless-Teddy Afro

  30. Feker
    | #30

    Hello all Ethiopians please, please don’t insult each other it is not our culture i know “Melese,” bring all this unwanted culture which we don’t have and we don’t know before, so be smart and leave the silly things and the blemings because we are not like them we are respectful people.We are an example for our children so, please just excange good things not(Sedeb).

    I Love Ethiopia all the people of Ethiopia who have a good thought for their country and people.


  31. teodros kiros
    | #31

    Dear Ethiopians.

    There is no time for waiting. We must protest immediately from everycorner of the globe, where is Ethiopians reside.

    The time is now, now, now.

  32. sholla
    | #32

    This is a moment of commitment lets stand up together to fight EPRDF and establish free Ethiopia.

    I Stand up to fight weyanes to the last with any party or Ethiopian!!!

  33. teodros kiros
    | #33

    We must resist the imprisonment of our leaders by any means necessary
    By professor Teodros Kiros

    Enough is enough, the people must say. We cannot take it anymore.

    God, please speak.
    God please speak sense to our leaders, who are taking away our existential rights, to choose our leaders, to organize our people, to fight for their rights. Our rights are being chipped away. Our ears are muffled with unbearable pain. Our eyes are shattered by misery. Our mouths are being denied their rights to speak, through our leaders. Dear God, speak, please speak, and save our historical nation, from entering into a civil war that we cannot afford. We have patiently waited for change. We continue to silently bare the pangs of hunger. Our mothers cannot nurse their babies. Our fathers, permanently unemployed, squander their days at Bars, wishing that the pain will go away by the power of Tej and Tela. Our young bodies bored and hopeless take it on reckless sex, to only discover that our bodies are now ravished by AIDS, and let it be we say, let the body part company from the soul, so that when we are gone, we shall meet God to purify us from pain, hunger and hopelessness.

    I leave the legality of Ms. Birtukan’s right to recant or not recant, to our able lawyers, as important as the question might be. That is not what concerns me here.

    My concern goes deeper, to the marrow of the bones. If our leaders, who are peacefully organizing the people to demand change cannot exercise that right, what rights are then allowed them by the constitution? Should not the rights of the people who are coming in record numbers to listen to their leaders, count for something, or is the democracy that the regime never fails to mention, a democracy that listen only to those who sing its praises?

    I say to the people, this time we must resist the intimidation of our leaders by marching on every street, every road, and every corner within Ethiopia and its Diaspora. \

    Resisting regimes which do not respect our leaders are simultaneously violating our existential and legal rights.

    We will be remiss if we do not resist Ms. Birtukan’s right by the right constitutional measure of protest at the right time, for the right reason, at the right place, and for the absolutely right reason.

    I must add, we must do this in millions, and Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia must take the lead, and put the Ethiopian people toward rendezvous with victory.

  34. Tes
    | #34

    A bunch of Shabeas Above BLA BLA. on a key board for a week and over. Consider your Asmara for a while.Poor Burtuka A baby Politician went to serve her jail time.

  35. Lily
    | #35

    Birtukan the Drama Queen should have listened to Elias Kifle’s advise and stayed in Europe. Now she is sent to jail for a life. What a loser!

  36. enkefu
    | #36

    I am very much angered by the professors who is trying to gain some political advantage over birtukans arrest. he did not even fell ashamed trying to grab the opportunity looking like the macho men who struggled to save the poor sole.

    Come on cannot you see what is going on, the old cronies are using birtukan for their insatiable power mongering.

    They used the chicken birtukan to come out and squeal and moan in here last KALE /KALACHEHU letter, advising here not to stand clearer in her believe. Sending confusing message, in some part as using words which as if she has asked for pardon and in some part stating as if there is legal technicality for accepting the pardon. She should have come out clean and brave avoiding all the old cronies declaring that she did ask for pardon. BEYEKALAT CHEWATA they make her pay dearly.

    Birtuke see you in 35+ life imprisonment = GOD knows what

  37. TigrayPartyDemocraticMovement
    | #37

    Meles & adawa gang will go down 09. they doesn’t repesent tigrain or ethiopian people.

    Tigray Peoples Democratic Movement Fighters – Field Report; SkySat (London) – Interview with Ethiopian Journalists; Tigrayan youth join Tigray People Democratic Movement (TPDM) in droves and More news.

  38. Almaz
    | #38

    it is so sad to read some of morone’s note .The big picutre is Bertukan is in jail again some of you are talking your usual nonsense ideas just like Elias.Shame on you.

  39. Almaz
    | #39

    I wish Bertukan wasn’t involved in politics and just live her life.Ethiopian people don’t deserve this kind of self sucrifies.worejna worada hulu.

  40. | #40

    most of us shout on paltalk and write too much in the internet. Are we fools or what? do you think the TPLF regime can be defeated like this?
    We Better just send atleast $5 to EPPF, the real fighters. http://www.eppfonline.org

  41. | #41


  42. | #42


  43. Selam
    | #43

    Dear Ethiopians,
    I believe the arrest of Birtukan is the beginning of the end of peaceful struggle in Ethiopia. Woyane has made a big mistake by this action and will come to pay a heavy price. Birtukan has every right to challenge not only the condition she is released from jail but also the reason why she was put in jail. If any one doubt peaceful struggle is useless, the likes of Elias & some EPRP ediots, this moment will tell you who Woyane is afraid of. Woyane is afraid of Birtukans & companies peaceful struggle to death. The peaceful method is like a two sided knive, if sucessful peaceful change will replace the tyrant through the ballot box, if failed will bring thousands to the armed struggle. I believe Woyane seems to have chosen the second option and Birtukan’s sacrifice will shut the peaceful door to open wide the armed struggle.

  44. Tasew
    | #44

    silly reasons for division

    “collective leadership” vs “dictatorship” CUD split UJD & AEUP
    “peaceful struggle “vs “armed struggle” UJD split G7 & UJD
    woyane is “the enemy” vs “the adversary ” G7, UJD

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