Call for Immediate and Unconditional Release of Judge Birtukan Mediksa: Chairwoman of the main opposition party (UDJP) in Ethiopia – ANDINET NORTH AMERICA ASSOCIATION OF SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS (Press Release)

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We just learned that Mrs. Bitrukan Medekasa has been arrested and taken to prison by Ethiopian secuirty forces from her party’s headquarter.


We just learned that Mrs. Bitrukan Medekasa has been arrested and taken to prison by Ethiopian secuirty forces from her party’s headquarter.

Her colleague, Professor Mesfin Woldemariam and her driver who were with her at the time were physically assulated by the secuirty officers. It is reported that the elder Proessor Mesfin is taken to the hospital.

Mrs. Birtukan Mediksa has endured a barrage of intimidation propganda campaign by the Ethiopian government controlled media and has been under constant secuirty servillaince restricting her movement since last week. The harassement and now the arrest of Jusge Birtukan Medekas is all aimed at preventing her from doing her activity as a leader of the most popular and oppositon party.

Her arrest is a powerful reminder of the unrelenting repression in Ethiopia and we call upon all Human Rights Organizations, Democratic Governments to pressure the governement of Ethiopia to release judge Birtukan Medikas immediately and with out any condition.

Please listen to the audio report of the event as reported by VOA.

  1. Tedla Asfaw
    | #1

    We are sacrificing our heroes by standing divided. I call the Ethiopian Diaspora to learn from our own failure, “Ye Kilel Astesasabe” and stand as one to defeat TPLF.

    Sad to see some postings in Amharic a promotion of TPLF’s “Sex,lies and video tape” “Ale Neger Bene Birtukan Mender ” to blackmail Judge Birtukan Medeksa and ask those who post it to remove it immediately out of Ethiopian decency. This is not different than working as propaganda chief of TPLF.

    If some try to convince us that she is jailed to cover her “shortcoming”, I say go to hell. This is just blind hate in the name of love for once kilil/organization.

    Yes, I do not agree with Judge Birtukan Medeksa’s “peaceful struggle” but I am in no way to insult her by going so low and in fact I am not brave enough to challenge empty handed like she did but I respect her and support her.

    The other sheep on the waiting list are many to become the next victims and if this is not uniting them then what ??

    I call Eng. Hailu Shawel to officially stand with Judge Birtukan and also call for Ato Seye, Ato Negasso Gidada recently participated on the Andenet meeting join in a protest no matter what and if they have to go to jail let it be.

    I am not Andenet or AEUP or whatever organization, I am Ethiopian ready to support all brave women and men of my country and at this time I am one hundred percent behind the honorable Judge Birtukan and call for her immediate release.

    We are coming also in force wherever we are and demand for her release immediately and the boycott of TPLF and its airlines have to continue and all scheduled new year celebration has to be canceled too.

    Kaleshe Kalachene

  2. teodros kiros
    | #2

    I am outraged and made my protest offfical by sending an article to Ethiomedia, Abugida and Tecola Hagos. I am really upset, and I am calling for massive protest in millions immediately, and we must all be prepared to be imprisoned for a just cause.
    Teodros Kiros

  3. | #3

    we expected that but we shall win.Andnet is our leaders and we wante to leade us futurity.

  4. Bety
    | #4

    talkers, are you stil believing in peacefull struggle. let this stupid to stay in kalit so that she will not devided. now we have a great opportunity to support Ginbote 7 and others an armed fighters. i hope many of we will not go to state department and barking like a Dog.

    We Will Support An Armed Struggle In Ethiopia.
    Death to woyane and it’s supporters!

  5. Bety
    | #5

    talkers, are you stil believing in peacefull struggle. let this stupid to stay in kalit so that she will not devided us. now we have a great opportunity to support Ginbote 7 and others. i hope many of learned a big mistake we have made when we support peacefull struggle. i hope We will not go to state department and barking like a Dog.

    We Will Support An Armed Struggle In Ethiopia.
    Death to woyane and it’s supporters!

  6. teodros kiros
    | #6

    We must resist the imprisonment of our leaders by any means necessary
    By professor Teodros Kiros

    Enough is enough, the people must say. We cannot take it anymore.

    God, please speak.
    God please speak sense to our leaders, who are taking away our existential rights, to choose our leaders, to organize our people, to fight for their rights. Our rights are being chipped away. Our ears are muffled with unbearable pain. Our eyes are shattered by misery. Our mouths are being denied their rights to speak, through our leaders. Dear God, speak, please speak, and save our historical nation, from entering into a civil war that we cannot afford. We have patiently waited for change. We continue to silently bare the pangs of hunger. Our mothers cannot nurse their babies. Our fathers, permanently unemployed, squander their days at Bars, wishing that the pain will go away by the power of Tej and Tela. Our young bodies bored and hopeless take it on reckless sex, to only discover that our bodies are now ravished by AIDS, and let it be we say, let the body part company from the soul, so that when we are gone, we shall meet God to purify us from pain, hunger and hopelessness.

    I leave the legality of Ms. Birtukan’s right to recant or not recant, to our able lawyers, as important as the question might be. That is not what concerns me here.

    My concern goes deeper, to the marrow of the bones. If our leaders, who are peacefully organizing the people to demand change cannot exercise that right, what rights are then allowed them by the constitution? Should not the rights of the people who are coming in record numbers to listen to their leaders, count for something, or is the democracy that the regime never fails to mention, a democracy that listen only to those who sing its praises?

    I say to the people, this time we must resist the intimidation of our leaders by marching on every street, every road, and every corner within Ethiopia and its Diaspora. \

    Resisting regimes which do not respect our leaders are simultaneously violating our existential and legal rights.

    We will be remiss if we do not resist Ms. Birtukan’s right by the right constitutional measure of protest at the right time, for the right reason, at the right place, and for the absolutely right reason.

    I must add, we must do this in millions, and Solidarity Movement for a New Ethiopia must take the lead, and put the Ethiopian people toward rendezvous with victory.

  7. YeMekelle-Lij
    | #7

    የሚያሳዝን ነገር:: መለስና በረከት ኢትዮጵያን ለማጥፋት ከተነሱ ይኽው 34 ዓመታቸው ነው::
    ኢትዮጵያን መታደግ ለምንፈልግ ግን የሚገባንን አልተወጣንም::
    ለማፍረስ ሲያብሩ እኛ የአገራችን አንድነትና ለመብታችን መቆም እንዴት ያቅተን?

  8. atuba dolla
    | #8

    The rejected brutal regime controlled and run by the boss of the crimfamily,Meles Naziawi in its desperate move took a wicked and dispecable action against the democratic leader, Birtukan Medeksa.

    The democratic leader, Birtukan Medeksa stood firm and determined to take her people to the ultimate victory by keeping her promes and leadership resopnsibility leading to the irreversbale vitctory which millions of Ethioopians are ready to defend their leader,democracy, and their country from the destructive activities of the current failed regime.

    Millions of Ethiopians are ready to battle and win the war which the crimefamily of Meles Naziawi launched against Ethiopians and Ethiopia before and after invasion.

    Clearly, at this very vivid situation, Meles Naziawi is ready pack and leave Somalia chiefly because his invading tplfwoyane soldiers are dead and wounded and are lost alive in the street of Moqadishu, where once upon a time, the crimefamily boss roamed around and chewed khat,sipped tea and masticated roughages from his belly into his mouth.

    In the year 2005, Ethiopians defeated the murderous regime by voiting out the enemy from the suface of Ethiopia. This and the same victory is being repeated on a daily basis leading to the final exit of the enemy and to the complete liberation of Ethiopia,where the mighty unity of Ethopians for prosperity and harmony shall bring out the fruit of the ongoing battle aginst the tplfwoyane invading forces.

    For millions of Ethiopians, the fate of the Meles Naziawi’s criminal regime that came into Ethiopia to ruin Ethiopia is inevitable.

    As the war against the invdares began with greater determination to win,Ethiopia shall never be short of producing men and women of greater charcter and tenacity.

    The criminals and their regime shall rot and fall to the ground;it will collapse.

  9. ewnetu
    | #9

    ato tedla, Egzer yakbriwot. I agree with u. Peaceful struggle might not work in Ethiopia. but we shouldn’t stand against our brave leaders who sacrified for two yrs in jial for our common country. All are our braves. Ato Hailu, Wrt Birtukan, Dr. Berahnu…Though all are in different line, all are struggling our country. We may debate about the meanses later but it is not time to divide and give way for woyane. Lets stand together!!!

    Enakebrishalen Birtukan

  10. medhanit
    | #10

    Hey guys keebab enkulal ergib ayetebekm…….don´t fool your self !!!In Era of Woyane peaceful struggle never,never works…….even if they win,he will not give the power (Look what happend in 2005),do u think woyane changed his behavioue in 5 years,U fool !

  11. Tes
    | #11

    Shabeas bark again for a while

  12. Fasil
    | #12

    Dear all,

    Set aside our differences and lets unite! Lets all of us come together-AEUP, UDJP, Ginbot 7 Movement, and all who are against Woyane. “Neg Bene Newu”.

    United we stand, Divided we fall.

    God Bless Ethiopia!

  13. medhanit
    | #13

    hahahaha tes the Woyane,this time no body will be fool.U can´t divide us by saying shabia blabla…tenekakitenal Ahun…….you,UDJ Guys,how many times,you will release press,due you think woyane give up by press release…what meles said to Dr.Negaso ÿemogn lekiso..meliso melalso…always,press release hahahahahahaha….Go G7…even it is devil,it is better to support any armed struggle to fight woyane….In this world,there is no permanent wodaje or enemy so,it is not a shame if G7 open office in Asmara ………We know,Meles had a TPLF office in Somalia at that time,when somalia invades ethiopia…….So,TPLF (tes) Guys don´t fool us always,yes,if we get the opportunity,we will fight u together with shabia..No body is as cruel enemy as woyane to ethiopia…..Merzegna woyane…….Ebab…Chinkilatin billo megelagel neber………..It is not a show of bravery hitting an 80 years olg shimagle….bagerachin shimagile yikeber neber……Go G7 my 500 dollar is yours

  14. Araya
    | #14

    Birtukan Mediksa is our herio. She is the first liberty lady of ethiopia.
    Meles in is in hospital after knock out by tigrain peopele.
    Free Tigray

  15. Tigist
    | #15

    yes, my 500 dollar is G7′s too.

  16. | #16

    This young intelligent and charismatic leader is paying a heavy sacrifice for her principles. Let us respect the method of struggle of opposition fores committed to unity in diversity and focus on bringing the tyrant Meles and his TPLF party to the negotiating table.

  17. Ethuiopian
    | #17

    Right now it is very very clear that we must support Genbot 7. We will do financial support!!! and that will bring the end of this terror!!!

  18. Belay Zeleke
    | #18


  19. Tasew
    | #19

    “Woyanne is not the enemy” – Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam

  20. Wogeen
    | #20

    The down fall of the Derg regim is a good example that explains army is not strong solution to the freedom.
    Let’s unite first avoid the silly diffrences and be one and stand for the peaceful solution to the freedom of our people.
    It’s true that our enemies are not them but us.

  21. | #21

    Hey, Hey please let us respect the sacrifices Bertukan is willing to make for her country and her people. She is so brave I can’t imagine as women how much damage and harm can happen to her life. She is young lady with a bright future. But she is willing to sacrifice every thing for her country. Even in the last 24 hours I can imagine what they can do to her? But because she knows what democracy means she is willing to take all the pain and risk to strugle for democracy. Ok all of us are living a comfetable life some where in a democratic country and just blabla, what is wrong with us people. We don’t have any heart to go and fight but we are ok to discourage others. Yes Unity is the only power, let us not divide and give opportunity to bloody Woyane.

  22. TigrayPeopleDemocraticparty
    | #22

    Agazzi baby killer soon will resign or force to resign by Tigray Peoples Democratic Movement Fighters.

    Agazzi 4 million people against 80 million ethiopian. democracy now. Tigrain people are corner from all direction as result of agazzie foot solders. what is the future of tigray ??????????

    Free Librity lady
    Please, unite all the tigrain against meles.
    let’s join ethiopian people against meles.
    The future of tigrain is doom with meles.
    we have no future against 80 million ethiopian.
    We have to give ethiopian power, they are majority.
    in an interview they conducted with the Eritrean News Agency, Mr. Asmelash Abraha, director general of Television Department, and Mr. Girmai Berhe, director general of Radio Department, said that the strenuous efforts made to build media outlets serving the truth and justice which are acceptable at the regional and international level have registered noticeable outcome.

    They also explained that stepped-up endeavors are being exerted to develop programs and that the Eritrean media has become a reliable reference to the parties that cherish truth and justice. Mr. Asmelash and Mr. Girmai pointed out that vigorous efforts are being made to develop human resource capacity, upgrade technical competence, expand infrastructure facilities and programs so as to attain the desired goal of broadcasting competitive and qualitative programs that meet regional and international standard.

    Mr. Asmelash Abraha

    They further indicated that the national media is accomplishing effective tasks in conveying the message of peace and development cooperation, which the people and Government of Eritrea uphold, to the people in the surroundings, as well as in advocating truth and justice. In this respect, the department heads explained that diligent endeavors are being made to enhance the viability and contribution of the national media in reinforcing the development drive, combating cultural invasion and psychological warfare in line with its correct path that has enabled the media outlets to be acceptable, influential and credible at the regional level.

    They went on to say that the national media is presently broadcasting in all the languages of the country and a number of others in the surrounding countries through introducing up-to-date technology, putting in place advanced infrastructure facilities and expanding airtime coverage, as well as increasing the days of publication. Besides, progress has been made as regards developing manpower capacity to effectively utilize the newly introduced technology, they added.

    Mr. Girmai Berhe

    Noting that the Ministry of Information is giving top priority to the development of human resource, the department heads stated that efforts are being exerted to set up a competent Journalism Training Center. Moreover, they pointed out that expansion of coverage and airtime would visibly increase in the year 2009, and that new programs focusing on education, the youth and development matters would be introduced. Likewise, additional programs on entertainment and panel discussion would be launched, thus leading to 24-hour airtime increase in the national media, Mr. Asmelash and Mr. Girmai elaborated.

    They further indicated that the bilateral understanding and cooperation with various media organizations and countries would be reinforced as regards program exchange, training and technical cooperation.

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