Keeping Ms Birtukan Mideksa & Teddy Afro in our Prayers! – Dr. M Joseph

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Dear Ethiopian netters and friends of Ethiopia around the globe.


Dear Ethiopian netters and friends of Ethiopia around the globe.

In this special Holiday Season of 2008 and 2009, may you and your family be blessed in many wonderful ways! May everyone also remember, in their prayers, Judge Birtukan Mideksa (the UDJ party leader), Artist Teddy Afro (the famous young Ethiopian Singer), and all those who languish in the pest and pet infested Woyane prisons. May we also keep our prayers for those who are suffering and being killed in other parts of Ethiopian regions to free themselves from tyrannical rule. May we also have in our prayers all Ethiopian Martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of their people from the inhumane and barbaric acts of Meles Zenawi, Sebhat Nega and the likes of Bereket Simon. May we also pray that the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice, all other Ministries, the government apparatus, the Federal Police and its Commissioner not to become an evil instrument for the continuation of illegal violations of human rights and extrajudicial killings. Let us pray for them to be on the side of the Ethiopian people rather being evil instruments of Melese and his advisors.

Human beings are the most precious creatures and must be safeguarded and protected. Let us learn how democratic nations have laid down the foundations of good governance, rather than learn how to stay in power up until our death coffins by suppressing every dissent, impeding democratic process in the country.

As the year draws to a close or even has closed by the time you read this , we give honour to our Creator and Heavenly Parent through our many faith and traditions of the West and also that of Ethiopia: Christmas (Gena), Muslim Ashura (7 January), and the festival of all other beliefs. Lets us celebrate, together in our families, wherever we are in a spirit of love for each other, for our country and for the world as peace-loving creatures. The common thread throughout these holidays is the love of God, not hatred, the yearning for Peace not for war, and the importance of family, country and the planet earth.

While for everyone, the holiday season is a time for family gatherings and joy-able occasion, sadly it is the starting and continuation of sufferings for other Heroes and Heroines because they stand for what they believe in. Truly, these courageous Ethiopians like Judge Birtukan and Teddy Afro are a different kind of generation who have no parallel in telling the truth and standing by it. It appears that Zeanawi’s crew members all along don’t like truth and rather hate it to the extreme. May we pray for those in power for God to help them love truth rather than deceptions, imprisonment and Killings!

May we pray to God, for the evil sprit to leave the minds of Meles and his cronies and peace be onto their minds. May we also pray for all the children of Meles and his officials, their wives and relatives to live in a suspicion-free, peaceful, liberated life as any other human being rather than been seen as enemies of the nation, shielded in fenced-villas and alienated from the rest of us Ethiopians fearfully just because they are born to these officials and that they are family members.

Let us keep Judge Birtukan and Teddy Afro in our prayers when we join together with loved ones to strengthen and renew the bonds of love that are most precious to us. May we also reach out to support the families of Birtukan (her daughter) and other exemplary Ethiopian thrown into Atrocious Woyane prisons called Maramia Bet, which I call “Mekramia Bet” and “Mamocha Bet”

We look forward to continuing our struggle with evil-spirited minds throughout the new year of 2009, until the people are free! Please let us keep these sons and daughters of the nation in our prayers at Churches too!

In January 29, 2006 in Boston, USA; Ethiopians there commemorated Birtukan Mideksa Day, honouring the sacrifice she has been paying in Woyane prison since her first imprisonment. If Birtukan, Teddy and other innocent prisoners are not going to be released from prison by Melese in this second round of their imprisonment, we need to stage a peaceful protest demonstration in this same day world wide, spicing it up with our prayers.

Let our love for each other be flavoured Birtukan (orange in English), but not with hatred flavoured with Meles’ aloes. The very love that Teddy has sang for our souls!

May God Save US from “Divide and Conquer” Politics!!

For Teddy’s background information see:

For Judge Birtukan Mideksa’s background information see:

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