Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of February 2nd, 2007

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February 2nd, 2007

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. selam
    | #1

    Does it work?

  2. Aweke
    | #2

    dear Abugida
    I saw only news, all programs doesn`t work

  3. | #3

    We are trying to address the issues.

    Thank you for the comments,

    Abugida Media Center.

  4. tezebt
    | #4

    Hi abugida do somthing.we are waiting alot
    I watch news and a small part of sport program
    after that it’s stop.

  5. Raswork
    | #5

    All programs work properlly


  6. | #6

    it’s not working properly yet.it stops in the middle.

  7. solomon debebe
    | #7

    it doesn’t show picture clearley i mean i can listen but i couldn’t see the picture.

  8. BlackLion
    | #8

    I think:- http://www.kinijit.org is the website which was hijacked by the shaleqa´s group.I think this must be corrected.the official website of kinijit international is :-http://www.kinijitethiopia.com/
    And:-http://www.kinijitna.org/-of kinijit north America.
    God bless you Abugida

  9. BlackLion
    | #9

    oh sorry for not listening it good-Ashebir said it right

    | #10

    see how many people around the world watch this web…..??I personally am very proud of all the work you all do for all Ethiopians around the world….I thanku with all my heart and i say keep on doing it …your work is outstanding.Hope the above problem will be fixed soon.

  11. | #11

    Dear Our Viewers,

    Thank you for all your feedbacks.
    We’re still working with Google to solve the problem.

    Abugida Media Center.

  12. Ewnetu
    | #12

    Selam ABUGIDAWOC =Ethiopianoch

    Bertu I just want to say tank you for all of you who made abugida the media for the voicless Ethiopians.

  13. aba mola
    | #13

    it doesn’t still work please try to do something we are waiting for you

  14. | #14

    Still it doesn’t work, but i know you trying the best you can do. By the way i would like to say thank you for your effort.

    Boston Abugida EATN WE LOVE YOU


  15. | #15

    If you’d like to see this video you’ll need to install Macromedia Flash Player 8(Please click here) (please note that we require Flash 8, and an installation of an earlier version like Flash 7 will not work)

    Abugida Media Center.

  16. abe
    | #16

    Ohhhhhhhhh. It stops in the middle. Please try to do samething.

  17. alex
    | #17

    Hi Abugidas. I installed Macromedia Flash Player 8, but i am not able to see the Video up to the End of your programs. Please do something! I am addicted of your TV Programs.


  18. | #18

    ebakachiuh astekakilut ayiseram

  19. Tess
    | #19

    abogidoch your are the best. I wish i could join you I proud of you.
    But one word i want to say that the report for sport could have been better. It is good but as i veiwer i will say the report does not meet abugida standard. I love guys and i am always behind you to support to in any way.


  20. | #20

    i think you doing very good for bigners and i hope you continue doing good jobs for you voice.
    abugida sew aykeda hulun yeminaga be-ewket yemewega beru atetengu eskemenega.

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