The Cheese Slid Out Of The Cracker – Joe Michael

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The Ethiopian Review editor seems like he is about to awfully collapse. Once again he rubbed his leg against the well known poison ivy that has been sickening the entire horn of Africa. (more…)

The Ethiopian Review editor seems like he is about to awfully collapse. Once again he rubbed his leg against the well known poison ivy that has been sickening the entire horn of Africa. The editor had chosen the dictator of dictators, the most brutal, and well-known Ethiopian enemy Essayas Afeworki as his person of the year.

How is it possible for a dear to protect itself from wolves by becoming friend with hyenas? How in the world one proves itself as true Ethiopian by associating itself with Ethiopian Enemies?

There is no question that Ethiopians are suffering under the dictatorship of EPRDF. However, it is unambiguous that no matter how much they are oppressed, Ethiopians will never standby the dim-witted Eritrean leaders against their own country. Not in a million years. Evidently, the Eritrean leaders are vicariously liable for all the problems Ethiopia is facing. How quickly the ER editor forgot that many innocent Ethiopians were killed by the Eritrean government?

It is disgusting for the ER editor to even think about making Essayas his person of the year. In addition to masterminding the current political madness in Ethiopia, the Eritrean government is also responsible for uncountable crimes it committed against Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Eritrea turns every stone it could to make sure Ethiopia remains divided and failed. We all know that Eritrea will never solve Ethiopian problems. In fact they always wish to see Ethiopia collapsed. It is simply imprudent to show appreciation for their wrongdoing.

The ER might think that it is contributing to the struggle for freedom, democracy, and justice by associating itself with Ethiopian enemies. However, it is wide of the mark, and extremely baloney. Not only we say that the cheese has melted, it is in fact slid out of the cracker.

While we reject the act, yet again we call on the ER to distance itself from the hyenas if it wants to survive. Ethiopians will never run to criminals cages to save themselves. No misery, however dreadful, can force Ethiopians to fall onto the hands of enemies who always want to see them suffering.

  1. ራስ
    | #1

    የኤልያስ ግዛዊ ፖለትካ EPPF ነው;;የትጥቅ ትግል በወሬ የሚሽነገል አይድል በልብ እንጂ ወሬ ስልችቶናል በተግባር እስቲ ያሳይ;;

  2. ራስ
    | #2

    አስመራ ባድሜን ማስለቀቅ ያቃታት ስለ ኢትዮጵያ ዲሞክራሲ ተቆርቃሪ መምስል ዘይገርም አንቲ ጋል?

  3. alex
    | #3


    Thank you so much. You said it all; I always think I would write something in response to some writing and I suddenly see all what I have in my mind written and published. This is what happened in relation to Elias’ crazy vote of 2008–Isayas Afeworki.

    If you see ER, you will never and never get any article or news about the dictator in Eritrea. And no news has never been posted in the ER about all those innocent Eritreans who died in the Red See on there way to escape the dictator or the poverty that Isayas brought to the Eritreans.

    One single advice to all Ethiopian News outlet websites is that “PLEASE AVOID ER’s LINK FROM YOU SITES!!”

    JOE, again, thank you so much.

  4. Alem
    | #4

    To G7,

    It is time to distance you from Elias. He is liability for your organization. The step you took concerning Birtukan is timely and appropriate. However; Elias my put your well crafted strategy in disarray.

    Birtukan arrest will mark a milestone in the struggle. If the Tigrean community keeps silent as usual, no other choices but create an official alliance with all, including Esias. Ethiopians people were ready to endorse anything that stands against TPLF at the time when they gun-downed by TPLF on their own back yards. The confusion created inside Kinijit paralysed a timely action against TPLF. I think, the moment is arrived for you to articulate your cause. Don’t be shy away or don’t be cautious of paranoid magnitude.

    TPLF leader, Sibehat Nega openly admitted TPLF is more pro Eritrea than Shabia itself.
    That is why I am saying TPLF is more lethal to Ethiopia than Shabia. Don’t be deceived just because TPLF speak Ethiopian language while looting our resources.

  5. | #5

    elias kiflom keep toking about your uncle and your master one day you will be like you friend
    Solomon Teka. you think you are news men you are full of abash.

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