Hard Times: A documentary about kinijit leaders before they go to the woyanae prison.

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  1. kolew
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    neftegasss never give up kkkkkk soon you all di in prisonnnnnnn

  2. rasta
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    uuummmmm!!!!!!! I was convinced with the sweet words I heard that time just like my many fellow citizens, but one thing I want to ask the publishers of this site is, what about the dark side of this story? I mean the name callings of sertain ethnic groups, the background of the ” HIZBU YEMERETACHEW MERIOCH”…….????? the list is too long to mention. As far as I know exept the new and young members of CUD, most of the leaders were directly or indirectly responsible for what Ethiopia is today, like for instance, after toppeling the king DERG din’t knew what to do with the arrested members of the cabinet so they turned to the prof. Mesfin to get an advice from someone who was supposed to be “ME’HUR” but the prof’s response was something like EBAB KEMERET DULA BE’EJ. So don’t try to impress the people with sweet words just tell it like it is that is ofcourse if you are a “FREE MEDIA” but I guess not.

  3. | #3

    In the name of the father the holy spirit amen.

    The all mighty God will hear Ethiopia streaching its hands!!

    Ethiopians have decided for freadom for peace for democracy and thus

    for liberity. The power mongers Meles Zenawy and company has thrown

    the elected leaders in preason. The EU is with us but USA is against

    democracy in Ethiopia. They supporing dictatorship in our country.

    It is supports state terorrism. Ethiopians with the help of God the all mighty

    will continue strugling upto victory!!!

    Thank you

  4. | #4

    KKKK..THIS IS LIKE DEAD MAN IS WALKE’N.WHAT IS THIS ALL ABOUT ?TO FREE’D U LEDER’s OR SOMTHING EALS THAT U DRIMe TO HAPPEN? i think u ppl affred cuz u leder’s they maght be a gulity. to be ounest with u those ppl are gulity and they will pay the price. i hop is knot jaill time .so dispora pleas give up on them they are nothing but a bunch of criminals and let them saffer. WOYANY 4LIFE.from know this is my logo.

  5. Wey Hagere
    | #5

    It’s a fight of good against evil…we have confidence in the victory of good against evil since God is on our side. Our people will prevail!!

  6. Debe
    | #6

    kolew,rasta & Mamo how much do you get paid by Meles .I do not think an ethiopian cetizen support weyane unless a benefisher of (frerfare). It may take a time but the moving teeth falldown some day.
    God bless Ethiopia, Electod leaders & people of Ethiopia.

  7. haile
    | #7

    Thanks Abugida. History will tell who stand with the people of Ethiopia
    and who did not. woyane never even have a desire to work for Ethiopians let alone stand with them. The problem of selfish woyane is it is ruling the country and the people it deeply hates. God save Ethiopia. Great job again

  8. kolew
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    diaspora all they know were bichaa were u aint gonna go any where any way a bunch of looserssssssss

  9. kolew
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    diaspora all they know were bichaa u aint gonna go any where any way a bunch of looserssssssss

  10. | #10


  11. Mesfin
    | #11

    Good job abugida!Keep it up. We have been noticing quite a few Woyannes posting on this site lately. That proves two main things. First, you are doing a good job that commands Woyannes to respond. It is bothering them.
    Second, the language that all Woyannes use shows how arrogant they are. I never know there are such arrogant and evil people in Ethiopia. The main point is always good wins the devil. Woyannes are in living hell, but I don’t feel sorry for them just because they choose that way. They dehumanize themselves. For the rest of to work and raise our voice for the truth, for peace and democracy give us a mind peace. Isn’t human instinct to react? That is what we are doing. Meles can’t give or deny us our human rights and freedom. Human rights and freedom are given from the living GOD to all human beings. It is only the devil who try to snatch that away from us.But, we are better than evil. Good will always bits the devil. Meles is only a little man how can’t even stop himself from going to bathroom a couple of times in a day. He is a prisoner of his own deeds. He is nothing before good, he is nothing before us and he is nothing before GOD.

  12. Tigist
    | #12

    Wow, go abugida! Go abugida! Go abugida! The abugida guys, you are a true example of civil people. We just have to keep up the peaceful struggle unwavering, work even harder, use all the technology and modern means that is available on the march towards democracy. There is no doubt that we will prevail.

    With much respect! Tigist!

  13. Tilahun
    | #13

    While diaspora kids (all Kinijit leadership and journalist)were enlightened with wisdom and knowledge in USA, for years Woyane leaders like Meles, Mamo and all his cusins made their paranoid and twisted mind behind stinking wild ass in the cave.YOU BECOME WHAT YOU WERE WOYANE ARE DUMMY ASSES. Whom shall I vote ? Woyane wild ass, Subhuman, ignorant and incompetent or kinijit competent, articulate and civilized. do the math MAMO

  14. Rasta
    | #14

    Dear Mesfin and ur likes,

    Why are you quick to brand me and others who differ with your point of view “WOYANE”??? what you are trying to preach is totally different than what you are showing us which is refusing to respect others who have a different point of view.

    I don’t know how old you are but I know exactly who your “helina esregnoch” are and what they did before, wether you like it or not, they and other top dogs of kinijit were fully responsible for us to be refugees all over the world, and they were the one who robbed and looted the country to her bones and went to the west to save their own family.

    Everybody knows that a lot of things needs to be improved but you can’t do it when you have the ENE YELELEHUBET TSELOT AYSEMRIM….. mentality or while you are still others who differ with you as YE ETHIOPIA TELATOCH. Just open your eyes and try to learn how the parlament of the country you live in works, how they respect their opponents point of view without name calling and demonizing them.

    Ethiopia is a huge country with a comlex soceity which was made one by force not by will, so this ENE AWKELEHALEW mentality is not gonne flow. Kinijit accuses EPRDF for being ZEREGNA & KEFAFAY but it was the likes of your “helina esregnoch” who divided the soceity in different catagories…….like,,, Amara hodam,….Tigre kimalam…Galana segera……weloye….. this has been going on for the past 100 years and you are seeing the effect right now.

    Ethiopia has moved on and the train of development and new hope is accelerating so get on board while you still can or you will be left behined. It’s not a doemsday senario if this people got convicted, democracy is not going to die, and if you people really belive in justice and if the leaders belive that they are innocent, let the judjes do their job and stop intimidating them by saying TARIK YIFAREDACHUAL….YE HAGERACHIN ETA FANTA BEJACHIHU NEW YALEW….bla bla…

  15. Rasta
    | #15


    I’m trying to be honest here, nobody payed me a penny, if you have counter arguement about the things I write I will be more than happy to discuss it with you. If you disagree with one political party, be concrit about it and bring your argument to the forum.

    You are still underestimating EPRDF like your leaders did, for christ sake do you people have any clue that politics is a dirty game and you need to out smart your opponent to bring him down????? Your leaders and MELES started their political carier at the same time but your leaders couldn’t stand the heat so they went out of the kitchen and spent decades in deep freez (North America) when they finaly woke up they tought that things are as they left them.

    By now, you should have seen that the only “YETENEKANEKE, YEBESEBESE ENA YETENEKELE TIRS” is CUD and the phantom “arbegnoch ginbar”.

    EPRDF payed the price which your “ye kurt ken lijoch” run away from after the king was deposed, so rest asure EPRDF is here to stay and will eventually give the power to the younger generation but not to the PEOPLE FROM THE DINOSORS ERA WHO DOMINATED THE ETHIOPIAN POLITICS FOR THE PAST 100 YEARS AND WHOSE MIND SET IS STILL STUCK IN THE PAST.



  16. shotolay
    | #16

    pleas don,t be stress out egnore this woyane supporter they are safering by coronical racist disease
    we have to clean up this we have to change our strategy
    healp those arebegeoch to come up from gonder to addis ababa making short cut war with woyane we don,t need pull artillery or tank the only thing we need very well traind arebegeoch penetrate to 4 killo(minelik house)area/to put one good sniper another one finefine/the reast of area avery woyane leaders drive way and traffic light to take them dowen day light.addiss ababa is open battel filed peopel addiss
    ready for this check avery neighborhood theire is woyane supporter clean up make free your self and your leaders from racist fascist woyane.

  17. Meles Zenawi
    | #17

    Hi Rasta,
    Unlike the other writers(MAMO, KOLEW and so on) I hired you seem to at least be able to talk.
    I could not remember though where I got you from. Is
    What’s up with you guys though with the Rastafarian thing ? You got the screen name “RASTA”, MAMO tries to talk like Rasta and Kolew is same. Are you still subliminally accepting that Haile Selassie(Ras Tefarie) is the man ?
    I will put you all in prison unless you correct this mistakes…you are all dumb and stupid.

    Your Master and Mentor,

    Meles Zenawi aka Yedur Dimet aka Chihuahua

  18. Rasta
    | #18

    Dear Tilahun,

    Thanks to your “intelectual” cliques, 95% of the country stayed behined in education, health care…..and other basic needs because all those neccesities were previlages reserved only for people who got the power back then and their surroundings, the rest of the country stayed poor and uneducated, but woyane didn’t hide behind their mothers dress, ALGA SIR, or did’t run away from the fire like you and your leaders did, instead they sucrificed their youth and a lot of people who at that time had the same chance to escape through Sudan and could have got the same chance to be called today “intelectuals” just like your leaders. Who is the wild ass now????????????????

    Today, more than 85% of Ethiopians are able to get primary education, just this year, about 7 universities will start functioning in different parts of the country bringing the total univerisities accross the nation to more than 15, the development in the infrastructure is there to be seen, remote villages have now for the first time electricity…….the list is long bro.

    It’s rally amaizing that this all can be done by a bunch of “wild asses” but who cares what they are as long us they can bring change to the country.

    Keep it coming bro!

  19. Rasta
    | #19

    Dear Meles Zenawi,

    Do you belive in santa clause?????????? I guess not,
    Rasta is just a nick name but I’m a big fun of raggae. The followers of “rasteferianism” were victims of slavery so they reject everything tought to them by “white” people so they have done a lot of soul searching and finally decided that Hailesilasie is the way to salvation. Some people in India worship Elepahnts, or cows…..so sky is the limit.

  20. | #20

    WOW.. RASTA. U DA MAN BRO you said’ all keep up da good work. any way how u fill’n dipora? wzup un eploiment MESFEN. u need a job ? if u need holla at u boy i’ll hook u up.u know we got’t all in addis.so what don’t be scar me is just a familly thing u help me i’ll help u .kkkk. GET A JOB. MAFERYA..i don’t even kow u . i can’t stand u NEFTGHEA AZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.WOYANY 4LIFE.

  21. Meles Zenawi
    | #21


    I do not believe in Santa. Why should I ?
    What ever you talk here is out of realty. 85% of Ethiopians get primary education ? Gimme a break ….
    Don’t blow white lies in our face.
    You sound like one of those “RASTA Wanna be” confused Ethiopian somewhere in the dirty corner of Amsterdam.
    You seem to have a lot of time in your hands besides smoking Ganja.

    Your Master.

  22. Mesfin
    | #22

    Hi “Rasta” you are a better Woyanne. Defiantly better than “MAMO”, but still both of you guys are Woyannes and that is sad. I noticed that you Woyannes really believe that naturally you are better than the rest of Ethiopians. I really don’t know what to think of that except calling it moron. The truth is Woyanne is the offspring of Shabia. Meles is half Shabia. That is one clear proof of that even Woyannes can see and think of. Both Woyanne and Shabia got the support of the historical Ethiopian enemies such as Sudan and Egypt during their gorilla years. Those Ethiopian enemies knew that seceding Eritrea by itself wouldn’t be enough to weaken Ethiopia. That is why they decided to use the Tigray farmers for their evil purpose. They put Meles Zenawi half Eritrea and half Tigre guy in charge of their project. Now, most of the Ethiopians know that Meles is up to no good for all of us. But there are bunch of Woyannes don’t figure that out yet. That is just because they are stupid. Now, I wouldn’t be surprise that these morons think of themselves as if they are better than everybody else. That only proofs the fact that they are way morons than we expected.
    Now, let me back to you “Rasta”. on one of your posts you said “EPRDF is here to stay and will eventually give the power to the younger generation but not to the PEOPLE FROM THE DINOSORS ERA WHO DOMINATED THE ETHIOPIAN POLITICS FOR THE PAST 100 YEARS AND WHOSE MIND SET IS STILL STUCK IN THE PAST.” That is exactly what Woyanne thinks. If that is the case, why is that Meles keep talking about democracy all the time? Why is that you “Rasta” bother to post your nonsense propaganda on this site. If Woyanne is there to stay regardless of what most of the Ethiopian people think of it, why do you bother about what we think? Why do you keep talking about dialog? You said yourself that Woyanne is there to stay and give power to the younger woyanne generation. Now, I think what you want the rest of Ethiopians to do is just accept Woyannes as almighty figures and submit for them. Wow, I don’t know, if I should laugh or cry. “Rasta” think about it. I am one Ethiopian, do you really think I would see Woyannes the way you want me to see them and submit for them? Most Ethiopians shares my feelings and perception of Woyannes. I will let you do the math. One more thing! At one point “Rasta” you ask me how old I was. I am 24; I have long time to kick woyanne yet. I mean if “Woyannes are there to stay”? If you noticed the younger generation is rising up plays a valid role in our struggle to build a united and democratic Ethiopia. I know that is Woyannes nightmare. We are too many. Woyanne can’t arrest or kill all of us. No way, democracy, unity, and love prevail over evil. And, I am sure that Woyannes are not there to stay. They are primitives and don’t belong to the civilized world. They just can’t survive in it. All we need to do is mobilize our people. That is underway. I am sure “Rasta”? you heard about the ETN. That is just one tool among others we use to mobilize our people. Then it is going to be up to Woyannes whether to live with the rest of Ethiopians with respect in a truly democratic society or else.

  23. rasta
    | #23

    Dear Meles,

    The reason I ask you if you belive in santa was because you asked me if I belive in Hailesilasie, which I don’t and about the increasing number of childeren attending primary school is not a myth eventhough it’s hard for you to swallow, go and do some search for reports of the world bank and institutions like that and you will find the answer OR BLOW SOME GANJA LIKE ME SO YOU CAN ALSO BE ABLE TO SEE THINGS MORE CLEARLY.


  24. rasta
    | #24

    Dear Mesfin,

    I rade your comment over and over again but you still don’t seem to get my point, but I’ll try to respond anyway. You see CUD leaders are in jail today because they were playing the game of MY WAY OR THE HIGH WAY, wether we like it or not EPRDF is a huge party which represents a good deal of the Ethiopian soceity and you can’t just erase it from the political arena, does EPRDF made mistakes? yes they did but have some balls to give them credit for what they achieved so far.
    When I say EPRDF is here to stay, I ment they will not disapear from Ethiopian politics just like that, this people payed alot to get where they are and they were brave enough to adress the delicate issues of our country which are poverty, unequality of different ethnic groups, the rights of people to develope their culture and own language and so on.

    I’m not saying that we don’t need change but that change is worth nothing if it’s comming from poeple or party dominated by ex-dergs because as far as I know, they were the one who messed up Ethiopia and who helped creating parties like TPLF,OLF, afar netsa awchi ginbar…… because they were only serving a sertain ethnic groups.

    So if you consider your self a democratic person, be man enough to respect other peoples point of view eventhough you don’t agree with it, ONLY AND ONLY WHEN YOU LEARN TO DO THAT YOU CAN TALK ABOUT DEMOCRACY BUT IF YOU ARE STILL LIMITED TO NAME CALLING AND CONSIDERING SOMEONE WITH A DIFFERENT OPPINION AS YOUR ENEMY, IT WILL BE LIKE “WUHA BIWEKTUT EMBOCH ALE”.

    So come out of your shell and write what you really really think not what other people think.

    P.S. about ur age, you was born a bit too late to witness the game Hailu Shawel, Prof. Mesfin, Negede Gobeze and other top dogs of CUD were playing with the life of innocent youngsters just like you who tought back then that they were going to bring them some change.

  25. | #25

    without mentioning names without deep research and proof supporter of woyane and the Nazi-TPLF regime are come from one ethinc group which is by far less than 5% of the ethiopian people case one,May 2005 was a turning point in whicn all most all eligeble voters decided against the inhuman tyranny,as an oromo I know the hearts and minds of the oromo people and had a proof the overwhilming majority cast thier vote for Kinjit and ONCO,These had been the truth and would be the only truth,NO ONE CAN CHANGE THE OUT COME! guys it’s waste of time to reply for moron and traitor woyane’s nonsense,we are the majority and with enough resources to subdue them, our only choice had been very peaceful for the sake of national unity but woyane’s heart is made out of plasic so our tactic and strategy must follow any thing possible to get rid of dictatorship, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  26. Mesfin
    | #26

    Hi Rasta, now I feel like I can have an honest dialog with you. Some of your comments give a little sense. That is a good and first step we all Ethiopians should take for peace, unity and democracy in Ethiopia.
    Your first point was “You see CUD leaders are in jail today because they were playing the game of MY WAY OR THE HIGH WAY, whether we like it or not EPRDF is a huge party which represents a good deal of the Ethiopian society and you can’t just erase it from the political arena, does EPRDF made mistakes? yes they did but have some balls to give them credit for what they achieved so far.”
    First of all you know and we all know that the CUD leaders didn’t play the game of “My way or the high way” as you suggested. They won the 97 election. Meles rigged the election and claimed himself as a winner. The CUD leaders didn’t want to struggle for power. Instead they come up with 8 logical preconditions to enter the Parliament. Those conditions included to have free electronic and press media in Ethiopia, to have an independent election commission and legal system. You can check the Kinijitethiopia.org site to see all the 8 conditions that the CUD leaders set forward as a condition to participate in the parliament. Now, that is not “My way or the high way” for any honest person with logical mind. Meles rigged the election and wanted them to be a part of do nothing Parliament as puppets. They say no to that, and Meles put them in jail. That is a raw fact. The CUD leaders are our heroes for that. What they did and what they have been doing inspire millions and millions of Ethiopians to stretch towards achieving unity and democracy in Ethiopia. I am very happy to be one of the millions of Ethiopians on this historical ride.

    The other point of yours that I would like to address is “about ur age, you was born a bit too late to witness the game Hailu Shawel, Prof. Mesfin, Negede Gobeze and other top dogs of CUD were playing with the life of innocent youngsters just like you who tought back then that they were going to bring them some change.” All I say to this is, nice try. Do you really think any serious Ethiopian would buy this bull crap? Think again man! Focus on the real thing and try to get a real solution. It is time to stop this nonsense and get the solution. If the CUD leaders did what you said they did, let the Ethiopia people be the judge. Have real free election and accuse them in election campaign and accept the verdict of the Ethiopian people. We all know for sure that the CUD leaders didn’t order the Agazi Army to shoot peaceful protesters on the head in the day light in Addis. Meles did. He came on ETV to announce that all the local and the Federal police were under his direct command just days before the massacre took place in Addis Ababa. This is another raw fact for the whole world to see and that you just can’t hide.

    Finally, one of your arguments were “I’m not saying that we don’t need change but that change is worth nothing if it’s comming from poeple or party dominated by ex-dergs because as far as I know, they were the one who messed up Ethiopia and who helped creating parties like TPLF,OLF, afar netsa awchi ginbar”¦”¦ because they were only serving a sertain ethnic groups” That is your opinion and you are entitles to it. But don’t you think the rest of the Ethiopians should cast their opinion too. Don’t you think they should able to elect their leaders base on what they know and believe? Do you think Woyanne telling the vast majority of the Ethiopian people what is good and bad for them will resolve any thing? I don’t think so Rasta. Think about it for a while. Even Meles said repeatedly that “We need democracy to survive” That is true. Real democracy is the ultimate solution for the complex problem that Ethiopia has, but Meles needs to walk the walk for real. He has been doing the talking for dame 16 years. It is time for him to walk. Talk is chip. Any one can talk, but the walk needs courage. Meles needs to have courage to face the verdict of the Ethiopian people. That is if he has any courage at all. All what he has been doing is hiding in Minilik Palace, and serves Ethiopian’s enemies purpose. All what Meles has been doing gives sense only; If he is working for Shabia. For the rest of us whether we are Tigre, Gurage, Oromo, Welayita or Amhara, Meles is our common enemy. He is working to destroy our common home that we call Ethiopia.

  27. | #27

    kkkkk….AKAKI ZERAFE..ZERAFF..WOFF..WOFF..DISPORA MAD DOG. U PPL ARE CRAZY..CRAZY. for rell.why is MESFEN he tary to tech me about EPRDF b/c he like’s me ?or my be he think he know’s about me more than my self? KEGHENA BELAY FUCHET AFEE MAMOTEMETE NEW ALE YAGERY SEW.kkk.bro u relly kirak me up.look bro u sound like u gerat grand father.is over son O.V.E.R. finsh zero. nara..THIS IS DA NEW MELLINEM. WE ARE STRONG THAN EVER BIFOR WE DON’T GIVE DAME ABOUT U NO MORE. U THINK ABATEH YESETUN WERS MESELHE? NO way. we pay huge price for this day. ther is no free ride . so pleas think bifor u open u derity mouth by the way take a bath or do some thing with u self like doin’ u self .cuz u sthink.kkk. weak up mesfen . dud did u know that u got PLAYD big time?. we coud’e been a good coupl but u habesha azz is pushe’n . any way good luke for every thing u wish for it. i ain’t got nothing but love for u MAFERYA. W4LIFE.

  28. Meles Zenawi
    | #28


    You are confused.
    Ganja is not doing you any favor but messing you up. Don’t brag about it!!
    I prescribe you bring the “Ganja” dose down by half. Then, we can communicate.

    Mamo, Kolew and the other woyanae(forgot his damn name) are way back in time. They must be guys from the stone age.
    GOD really cried when he was asked “When will woyanaes understand freedom and democracy?”. These guys are so dumb that they will never.

  29. | #29

    Hey you “Derek” woyannes?What happened to your government financed websites and newspaper like Addis Zemen,Ethio Radio and Ethio Tv? I understand that you guys have no body to listen to your “Gegem yale wushet” and inhuman comments.Deep in your heart, you all know what has been done by your uncle or petfather meles is not right unless you are born deaf and blind or DUMMY! So why you guys start to let the productive part of your brain work than stressing your evil mind? You know that Ethiopian people “AKKKKKKK entef” endalachu. So my dear woyaness brother….you beter belive in god and in what is fair than Meles and tenkol.God is watching! It is absloute true that what is built based on the right way will eleminate itself.So Move on! No more Derkena!Kinijit Menfes new! If you realy ignore your ignorace and open your heart for the truth,I gurantee you guys yeh menfes enante layem yewerdal.Think about it woyannes!

  30. | #30

    correction to my previous comment.Please read the 5th sentence from the bottom as “What is not built on the right way will eliminate itself.Sorry guys.

  31. Aman
    | #31

    I just watch the film & to be honest am an Eritrean guy but when i watch the film i got some un usual feeling & that remind me my fothers words he was telling me that his grand pa origionaly came from Gonder and i amazed if the feeling that i had came from that generation .Anyways what i am willing to say is not about my history but ,What is the benifeciary to damt Agame to put in gail these kind of bright brains in jail??,Well if you askme just hate & hate & that is un speakable crime toward humanity &thanx keep going your struggle to get back your right day a night & my Allah be with you ,,bye

  32. | #32

    HI HIRUT..I READ U COMMENT ABOUT WOYANY u see babay girl WESHET IS GOOD TO GET SOMETHING THAT U WANT. BUT SINCE WOYANY GOT EVERY THING THEY WANT WHAT MAKE’S SAID GEGEM YALEWESHET? u see what i’m sain. u also talk’n about GOD is wachen. yes GOD is wachen is been wachen for long time . so what u are tak’n about we are all ready know u well that u ppl are hangger for a POWER that’s all u ppl want u don’t give dame about the rest of poor ethio ppl but u self. that’s way we call’d U HODAME’S . u fill me. u know what i want u to do ? stop tak’n senseles and pray for better day it maghet help us and pleas learn from u past mistak.W4L

  33. | #33

    HI HIRUT..I READ U COMMENT ABOUT WOYANY u see babay girl WESHET IS GOOD TO GET SOMETHING THAT U WANT. BUT SINCE WOYANY GOT EVERY THIING WHAT MAKE’S SAID GEGEM YALEWESHET? u see what i’m sain. u also talk’n about GOD is wachen. yes GOD is wachen is been wachen for long time . so what u are tak’n about we all ready know u well. that u ppl are hangger for a POWER that’s all u ppl want .u don’t give dame about the rest of poor ethio ppl. but u self. that’s way we call’d U HODAME’S . u fill me. u know what i want u to do ? stop tak’n senseles and pray for better day it maghet help us and pleas learn from u past mistak.W4L

  34. Mimi
    | #34

    MAMO have you ever been in school? I think you should work on your writing skills before you say something on this site. What you are trying to say is very low even for Woyanne. But, I would like to thank you for helping me to see how Woyannes think. It makes me throw up. One more thing, I heard that Meles is half Eritrean. Did you know that? If you do, what do you think of it? I can’t wait to read your respond on this, but make sure that your statements are clear.

    Thank you MAMO!

  35. Tilahun
    | #35

    Dear Rasta
    Stop reading woyane’s fabricated propaganda to ABUGIDA. We are educated and we check facts no offense. You wrote ” Today, more than 85% of Ethiopians are able to get primary EDUCATION. You are a lier like your brother Meles. WEROBELA KETAFI

    check http://www.wfp.org/newsroom/in-depth/Ethiopia.asp?

    and you read


    With half Ethiopia’s population aged under 15, education is vital to development. But Ethiopian education is one of the most underdeveloped in the world with just 29% attending primary school in 199/95.

    WFP Response: use free school lunches to encourage parents to send their children to school.


    Drought and conflict in the 1990s created a wave of immigration from Ethiopia’s countryside into towns and cities. Some four million migrants settled in makeshift shanty towns.

    WFP Response: food aid targets the “poorest of the poor” to improve basic living conditions and nutrition levels..

    Woyane are not capable of decerning truth why because they are dummy asses you heard it.Open your mind and be willing to double check facts. Their resources are not reliable It is all fabricated

    Now who is not telling the truth the wild ass Woyane or WFP (world food program)of United Nation

    If you do not provide a proof beyond reasonable doubt for out right lie you posted on the people of Ethiopia I need your total admission of guilt with all due respect from you RASTA

    Keep coming

    | #36

    wake up TIGRAY , silence is not an option , following MELES is like the way the entire germany followed HITLER AND THE RESULT IS 30 MILLIONS OF GERMAN LIFE LOST FOR ONE MAN IDEOLOGY.


  37. kolew
    | #37

    DIASPORA KKKKK ONLY TALK KKK i hate abugida a bunch of looserss got together and call them selfs media kkkk funny what a loosers kkkkk inde wereachihuma diro neber iko yenegesachihuttttt kkkkkk

  38. | #38

    Hi My stupid woyane brother Mamo!
    since you are one minded,filled with ketfet and unfairness you didn’t even understand what I mean when I said god is watching and gegem yale yewoyane wushet.Do you want to see god is watching ?? be patient It wouldn’t be far away….ofcourse….If you drop your guns headed on the ppl of Ethiopia for 14 long years then you know what is gonna happen.You would be jobless since writing stupid comments on Abugida is the only job you got to earn your AMBASHA.Like my sis mimi said having you here confirm to us that woyanes are lifetime stupid people.we are in another century…so drop the gun and let your brain work.You don’t have to be forever woyane…degmo lezich 1 AMBASHA lemimolat hodeh.Drop the gun get civilized and let your mind rest.oh,I’m going to school I’m still learning…unlike you.un woyane friends have a good day.Kinijit menfes new,Kinjit mekebaber new ,kinjit feker new,kinjit machenefna meshenfin yemikebel derejet new,kinijit yetefera sayhon yetewedede derjit new.!!del le Ethiopians!!!

  39. jhonny
    | #39

    I Love you Abugida!!!!!!!!

    Keep on teaching the truth and the real history with facts nd evidences. Especially we in deaspra had no chance to see what was going on clarity but confusion.Due to your efforts we can now understand through what our leaders passed and why WEYANES are doing this repression.They cant reverse the revoulution what ever they try. Their stuges are working hard to divide the deaspra ,but we could see from how ethiopians had and will stand together from your documentary!

    TKU TKU TKU Abugida

  40. | #40


  41. | #41

    LOOK MAMA HIRUT.. U TO OLD FOR ME SO GO FIND U OWN AGE. U TOO BLIND TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON ROUND U B***** my be mimi sinse i hird here u know we can do dame thing every singl day plus is a pay day do da mathes.kkkkkkkkkkk. what a lossr’s ppl. thank’s god i’m knot one of u ppl.W4LIFE.

  42. | #42

    Hey Mamo kilo!!

    I’m so glad to know you are fendata neger…you might be one of the fendata federal polices in Addis…Maybe meles himself/But his English is not so bad as yours. so you can’t be him/.

    Anyways,dedeb ena Fara be anegageru yastawekal.Ofcourse,You can’t tell that since I’m talking about you.How on earth couldn’t you guys learn “Manner” and “being resonable”.That is something you have to learn from your enviroment and time…It is not something you can get it just by carring a gun.

    May be we have to talk to some scientists to help us mixing the ingredients of “seneserat and good moral” in your Ambasha. Chigru eko you quit on Ambasha for 14 years…May be we will mix that in your “Zegni” or in the bullet you might have get it in your head one day.The disadvantage of mixing it in the bullet is …That will be already to late to learn.You muscle head woyaness should learn how to LEARN alive….that is what you missed…to accept reality and give up,and love and beloved. Only then woyaness be comfortable with their neighbours and friends.Then you don’t have to carry a clash or a mini bomb wherever you go. Only then, your leaders and you can walk without any fear in any crowd place like merkato piasa or meskel adebabay or jalmeda Like the kinijit’s leaders used everyday to do….Only then, you trust your friends and live peacefully without arguments and haterade.Think about it Mamo…I know your heart is blessing me..but this “Yemayemot feyel Melaseh” is destroying you. ETHIOPIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA for ever.I don’t mean to heart you Mamo kilo.I just want to greet all my Ethiopian friends who read this.
    Have a good boring day Mamo!

  43. Tigist
    | #43

    Hi Hirutti, you don’t have any idea how happy I am after your respond to the stupid Woyanne guy. It is so funny. I just hope that some one will tell him what exactly you said. That might help him a little bit. Keep it up Hirutti…Good job!

    Your sister Tigist!

  44. | #44

    Hi dear Ethiopians!

    Abugida is our “MEDA” so woyannes can shit in Eth.goverment sites and Media…this is a site for understanding loving people not for woyanes…I know they are writing disgusting ,since it is the only thing they are gifted from god….Oh one more thng…Lies and Derkena!!!!UUUUUU

    Tigist thanks for replying….”Leban leba kalalut….” so we have to keep telling them again and again It is hurting them a lot and loosing their soul.
    Ewenet Yamal!Wushet Yaselefelefal!

  45. | #45

    Very interesting read.

  46. | #46

    This is what I was looking for. Thanks.

  47. | #47

    I really liked your article. Excellent work !

  48. | #48

    I understand, point made. Thank You

  49. | #49

    I enjoyed reading this article. It seems that you are a great source of information. Keep them coming.

  50. | #50

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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