World Wide Protest

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  2. Sami
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    Yes, let us do it. Evil Meles should know that he will go to hell for what he has done to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. He is not God as stupid Weyannes think he is. Hope will rise and Meles and his darkness will loose eventually.

    Hell to Meles and all Weyannes!

    Blessings to all Ethiopians and Ethiopia!

  3. Abiy Ethiopiawe
    | #3

    Diamond coordination!!!

    I hope this action is Plan “A”.I will be there on Plan “B” too and so on.

    Ethiopia will count your life saver actions as a Black dimond.

    God bless Ethiopia!!!

  4. Hiwot
    | #4

    I wish there is one in San Diego or LA.Berta Yagere hezebe!

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    ኢት ኢስ ጐድ ፎር ትሀም አንድ ኢ አም ሃፕፕይ ፎር ትሀም ትሂንክ ዮኡ ጎድ ኢ ዋስ ሃፕፕይ ፎር ትሀም .

    ታኢንክ ጎድ

  6. Hadidu
    | #6

    The action, which the Ethiopians took after the election of 1997 (demonstrations, petitions and so many protests) were the basic instruments to shock the regime of Meles Zenawi from its root. But, due to an unknown reason these actions were forgotten for so many years.
    Any way we are very lucky, that again we already got this possibility – to assist our beloved country in what we are able to do.

    Thanks God,


  7. betty
    | #7

    I protest in spirit with youall my peoples God bless you and your efforts.

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    i think this protest will announce our strong unity to get ride of the evil agazi regime from our people, we should all consider that we are under the minority tigrean apartheid system, so that considering to this we have to come to demonistration on january 14 at least to pay the minimum price for our struggle.

  9. Efrem
    | #9

    Dear Ethiopians,

    holding a demonstation is a good idea ,but not

    enough ,if you want to kick Woyane out you need weapons otherwise they will rule you
    till next Millenium.Just an Advise from a

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    Efrem, yes i am absolutely agree with your comment, but we still need the demonistration to remind the world that how the agazi regime victimized our innocent people. My friend we are already started armed struggle which we called ginbot 7, so we are under the way to collect supporter and fight woyane for ones and all, i bet you woyanee time is counting a day.

  11. elmo
    | #11

    Well… not so fast!

    Please don’t get me wrong, and I agree with the world wide demonstrations and such. The effects of these demonstrations are minimal and woyane could care less.

    I’d like to see this go further. If any good is expected for the Ethiopian people, the rejection “must come” from the inside. Those of us who are scattered around the world must “UNIFY” to become the backbones of any movement that rises and give support.

    Ethiopians must be able to stand up and say ENOUGH!!! Strikes…peaceful demonstarations…boycotting businesses that support the few elite. (A perfect example here is to remember how in late November ’08, Anti-govt protesters in Bankok, Thailand sealed off roads and the international airport.)

    This rejection will require a great amount of sacrifice and dedication. People will be shot and killed,tortured and jailed. It will also force the MSM around the world to open up a window where the true colors of this arrogant regime can be shown to the world! IT IS THE ONLY WAY AND IT MUST BE DONE!

    So movements from inside Ethiopia must make that call…Are they ready?

  12. Yohannes
    | #12

    Meles doesn’t respond to demonstration but real action by the people in Ethiopia. What a waste, travelling to D.C, spend for transportation, hotel and a lot more. Why not put the money to work fighting the real fight, right where they are,in Addis. I don’t know about you guys, I want to see an uprising right there where thes gangsters steal and abuse the Ethiopian people.

  13. EmbignSatenaw
    | #13

    yes we have got to protest! Let our united effort make a change. Damn Meles should NO MORE brutalize our people and send anyone he likes to jail. It has to stop NOW, RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

    I will be travelling to Stockholm.

    God Bless Ethiopia but not Weyane!

  14. | #14

    Yes it should be stopped.Let cry to God and did what expected from us.And lets be one in one and holds hand to hand.
    Ethiopia tabetsha edewiha hab egziabher.
    Dear peace lovers ,it was my pleasure to participate on this historical movement,but due to some reason i am unable to do so.BUT my full sprit is wz u all and i will pray for your success.
    Let peace and love of God be un to u all and ON ETHIOPIA.

  15. JY
    | #15

    Thankyou “Abugida” so much for the call and I will be at the state department on the given date and time.

  16. geremew
    | #16

    A rat can kill 50 & what ever rats then i do not surpris whether you are rulled by strong minority tigrians

  17. geremew
    | #17

    Do’t kill your time guys for useles. some gus living by your money by keep talking on medias.but I am not mean that weyane is the right party for ethiopia.

    | #18

    geremew,,don’t waste your time by wasting here too,nobody will listen to you even if you said i am not supporting woyane, we could smell who you are even if you didn’t tell us who you are,kkk…by the way you didn’t gave us any fact why and the solution just you said don’t support, please be realistic

  19. | #19

    I strongly support. Yes, evil Meles has to go.

  20. Mamo Kejela
    | #20

    Just pray to win not ……till God Give you the answer!!!

  21. | #21

    How about in the arab countries could we protest such a stupid criminal dictater and anti democratic melese group.

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    please we are spirituly with you for the protest however we are phisicaly not available during the protest that time we would like to ask you say the people there go a head and we are at the side of you!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Aklile Mezemir
    | #23

    I fought as a youngster for Democracy in Ethiopia & I will continue until I see an elected government. If I pass away before I see that atleast my kids will always be proud that their dad was in the right side of history.

    Keep fighting and there is no shame to speaking up aginest evil.

    Death to Woyannes and Hodaders

  24. Mesay Bekele
    | #24

    Hi All
    Woyane shouldn’t held in bar our leader( Birtukan Mideksa) and innocent people like the prominent singer Teddy Afro and so many others. This is clearly a revenge, Dictatorship and anti democratic act. I am against it as so many of you. We will ask the government of United State to stop such undemocratic acts in Ethiopia. Together we request the American Government to give order to Meles Zenawi regime to release the political prisoners, and to stop arresting the people who are innocent in Ethiopia. Divided we fail. United we Strong. Enough is enough to the regime. God bless Ethiopia. See you there.

  25. Yinegal
    | #25

    Shouldn’t be enough to look solution from westerns. I am sick and tired of lookin their face always. But and a big but if that is the only most short cut we have to tackle these Albanyians let’s do it. I don’t think they care any way. They are on the way to chnage their frienship toward Chineese recently. So I don’t think we will get ears to listen. Not to discourage though just to share what I think. Let’s do all what we can do. “Ka le menager dejazmacinet yikeral”.

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