Kinijit Vancouver opened its Office

February 6th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

Kinijit Vancouver successfully opened its Kinijit Office and had a successful dinner

and fundraising event. The opening of this office represents an important milestone

for Kinijit Vancouver as we now have an office specific for Kinijit and its
missions. The official opening of Kinijit Vancouver Office took place on the 3rd of
February, 2007. Local Kinijit Vancouver members and guests from Seattle were
present. It was a big day for Kinijit Vancouver and finally saw us move into our own
premises.In addition to the office opening, Vancouver Kinijit had a successful dinner and
fundraising event. Kinijit Vancouver would like to thank all people who came to the
office opening and the successful dinner and fundraising event and support us during
this dangerous time that our leaders are waiting for ridicules charges by Woyane

Kinijit Vancouver Office is located:
2859 Commercial Dr.
Commercial & 12th, 2nd Floor,
Vancouver, Canada

Kinijit is a Spirit of Unity, Freedom and Love!

  1. | #1

    MMMM..WITH MY MONEY? WERE IS MY MONEY? god i need my money.can some boudy call my lewyer…pleas call or do something.KINJIT I HOP U TRIP AND FAELL.ohhh..OPEN..CLOSE..THE SAME MASHELLA DIFFRENT BEKOLO = to dengola cuz meheret zeyebela ale yagery sew. W4L.

  2. Mussie Bekele
    | #2

    rent for the office is very low and is funded by Vancouver kinijit members ,plus the will pay it self as it is rented for events,
    so if you have an event and need a hall call us , you will
    get a discount (maybe)

    and good luck with your lawyer ,wish you all the best

  3. | #3

    THNK’S MUSSIE the way VANCOVER KINJIT IS DIFFRENT from DC KINJIT imean TAXI DRIVER’S ? if yes is u answer i guss i’m’ a good hand i thank u for u quik respond.if u don’t mind can i call u SUPER MAN? hold on.hold up i think i got playd are u MUSSIE from EPPF? u bastard i need my money know hery’up .look bro i’m knot ancle sam u can’t get a dime out of me give me my money$$$$$$$$$$$$WEROBELA HULA.W4LIFE.

  4. almaze
    | #4

    Vancouver Job well done!!! congra!!!!

  5. Mussie Bekele
    | #5

    what does W4LIFE mean WEROBELA 4 life or Woyanne 4 life
    why are you asking $ you didn’t give , you sound like
    you are in DC what do you care about Vancouver.
    this show that you are Woyanne 4 life shame on you

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