Protest in Washington DC

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  1. Nardose
    | #1

    Thank you Andinet Dc and EPRP(D)
    Where are the rest of oppostions.

    Bertu i will be there,

  2. alex
    | #2

    I don’t know how long we have to beg this CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. I don’t know why we don’t bear arm to take action against this lawless gangsters.

    I am ashamed to be Ethiopian let alone from Amara Ethnic group. We all sold our dignity for the TPLF. We will continue to cry till the cow come home but there will be no justice.
    Shame on us all. Shame Shame Shame

  3. Kassaye Abebe G.
    | #3

    Dear Organizers,

    First of all I am happy and will be there in the demonstration.Among other things, sustainable peaceful struggle and commitment is required to bring about change in Ethiopia for human rights, rule of law and democracy.
    We need to proceed hand in hand for our common goals mentioned above.
    We must stand besides those in prison, detention and torture due to their stand and struggle for rule of law,democracy, human rights and freedom.

    We need to expose to the world the aggressive measures against oppositions,supporters,innocents in different pretexts and the legilative measures against civil society Organizations which reveals the truth.
    Keep in touch

  4. Kassaye Abebe G.
    | #4

    Hello Dear Editors,

    Yes!!! we should stand beside our leader W/t Birtukan Mideksa;Artist Ted Afro;and many others who are in official and non official prisons.We should loudly speak for the World the illegal arrest and the injustice commited to them to weaken the opposition parties and to frighten the members and supporters.We should struggle for her unconditional release from prison.We should demonstrate infront of the White house.Birtukan is not only a model leader but also hero beginning from her service in the Judiciary as a Federal court Judge.I witness this because we learned in the same school,we served the public in the same court, we are struggling for the same end that is for rule of law, Justice, human rights, democracy and development in the real sence of the terms.
    I like your call
    Let us speak loudly about the injustice to the world!!!

    Kassaye Abebe

  5. nigisti
    | #5

    ethiopianoch bertu betam tiru enkiskasie new egziabehere yerdachu yetaserutinim egziabeher yegobeghachew deel leethiopia .Nigisti From saudi arabia

    | #6

    We should all show up for this momental day,by the way i thank you so much for the orgnizing comitee, and keep up the good work again.

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