More arrests and tortures at Mae’kelawi

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Feb 8 (EZ): A man identified by this blogger’s police sources as Dr. Lakew Alemu was arrested and taken to Mae’kelawi two days ago. He was returning home from work. According to the sources, the man was arrested in connection to his activism for Kinijit. Preliminary accounts indicate that he works at the Economic Commission for Africa.Meanwhile, further names of Kinijit prisoners who have been jailed and tortured at Maekelawi has been obtained by this blogger.

The following is the list with their addresses and employment

Temesgen Shemere…….(Awasa, CUD election candidate, Tortured)
Wolde Dana… (Wolayita Sodo… CUD election candidate, Tortured)
Ashebir Gebre….(Awasa, Policeman, Tortured)
Lij Alem Takele… (Dila, Tortured))
Addis Aman… (Sodo Zuriya, private employee, Tortured)
Tilahun Ayalew….(West Gojam, Teacher, Tortured))
Abebe Shumye… (Gonder, works at Dashen Beer, Tortured)
Zekiyos Ashebo. … (Awasa, Works at Justice Bureau, Tortured)
Shimeles Capitone…. (Addis Ababa, works at Lufthansa, Tortured)
Tsegaye Ayele… (Gonder, X-ray technician, Torture status not known)
Anteneh Getnet Mulatu… (Addis Ababa, Teacher, Tortured)
Binyam Melaku… (Awassa, Student, Tortured)
Belay Kefyalew….(Gonder, Trader, Tortured)

  1. | #1

    ABUGIDA CAN U PLEAS ADD BY DA NAME OF MESEFEN JOB..UNEPLOIMENT. AGE..EARLY 40 late 50. gender. fimal. don’t forget his from gonder ketema bedughena aweraja.kkkk. u ppl are funy u know that u are so PHONEY too. LONG LIVE P.M MELES DA SON OF KING YOHANES.w4life

  2. Mimi
    | #2

    Here you go again! This is another proof of the fact that Woyannes are Nazis. They want to get rid of Every Ethiopian one or the other way. Now, the question is whether we should do something to survive as people or let them kill us one at a time? I know I made my mind up on that. I am convicted more than ever. When we are convicted, things start to happen. The choices are clear to me. What about you Ethiopians?

  3. theFre
    | #3

    Mamo…Our country could not stride forward because it is carrying a shit load as dump and irrelevant as you are…I know we the ppl of Ethiopia would come out of this oppression and vulgar governence…but then…I wish I will not facing ppl like you b/c I donot want to sin…u know what I am saying.. u lumpen…

  4. | #4

    I feel sad for those heartless TPLF supporters who live the life a beast or a wild animal,I couldn’t understand these people why they enjoy torturing and killing innocent people just who stand for truth and Liberty?any one can tell me why people like Melese Zenawi,Idi Amin,Mussoloni and Hitler cameout to be very cruel and inhuman?can some one give me a brief account of their philosophy of life and politics ?someone told me that a killer born to be a killer,I said to him it’s rather nurture and environment which turn people’s gen to crime,what about the political leaders like Zenawi?why he born to hate the rest of us?what’s hatred?why this guy keep killing us for nearly 16 years,I lost every one in my extended family to TPLF gangs in the E.Oromia Region, it’s just one example othewise for me all Ethiopians are suffering under the brutal dictator,

  5. tadesse
    | #5

    Another lie from…how many times will you get caught lying??
    meles zenawi is the best leader in ethiopian history. don’t be jealous

  6. ross
    | #6

    tadesse do you think he is the best leader ?i wonder for how long and where he would go ?you stupid man .you doma. p.s he will pay big time including his family

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