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By Mesfin Mekonen :Washington DC – It has been over eighteen months since mass arrests of Ethiopian citizens for publicly expressing their dissatisfaction with and opposition to the Meles regime. The release of these innocent people has been rumored for many months but still they still languish in misery in disease-ridden prisons. Our first priority must be helping these political prisoners, Journalists and civic group. We need to keep reminding the international community, the media, and Congress of the necessity to get the political prisoners freed.The prospects for getting legislation enacted this that will commit the U.S. government to supporting human rights and civil society in Ethiopia are good. A new version of HR5680 will be introduced in the House soon.

It will be a bipartisan bill, and with a sufficient demonstration of
commitment from the Ethiopian community, it could be enacted. The battle in the Senate will be more difficult, but if the House acts, it should be possible to achieve victory in the Senate as well.

As soon as legislation is introduced, it will be critically important to
launch a vigorous advocacy campaign.

  1. Mesfin
    | #1

    It is good to hear that Ato.Mesfin Mekonen. We all are behind you. Ethiopians are together more than ever for the 21st Century battle. More and more Ethiopians are joining the struggle as they learn the Nazi nature of Woyanne. There is no question that we will bit them up in the peaceful struggle that Woyanne doesn’t understand.

  2. j.p.h
    | #2

    I have read the poem labeled below in some web sits,
    Please read on and comment on it:

    The true judgment day

    “Birtuye Mideksa”? the freedom spirit
    The Known competent judge rejecting a bandit
    Has changed roles for now to save the people’s right
    Decided by her self, to face the very same court
    Preferring liberty, leaving aside comfort

    Lioness among lions in the “kaliti”? prison
    Suffering day and night in terrible dungeon
    Bearing yolk of injustice continued and done
    Courage to all you there,
    the truth will come out soon

    “Ayresashim libe”? our sweetest “Orange”?
    “Sew mersat Ayawkim”? was the song of the age
    Give my greetings please to the engineer and judge
    The professors, journalists,
    all skills on the stage

    Tell me judge “Birtukan”? the meaning of “treason”?
    Does that mean “genocide”?, send “Yakob”? to prison?
    The honorable lawyer selected by UN?
    Rwanda’s genocide, observer in person?

    Or send me “Birtuye”? holly book from a town
    That teaches about freedom at early stage of dawn
    Promoting peace and love “Berhanu”? is well known
    He gave his health and time like the Hero “Mesfin”?
    Fathers of knowledge and every Ethiopian

    The truth will come out free,
    or injustice should prevail?
    In any case be sure and believe in people
    All of us are with you despite some times we fail
    Forget the “world powers”? that support the evil

    Wishing you all strength in those difficult days
    Through spirit we send you our warmest hugs
    True judgment day is near without any questions
    When we all Ethiopians will share the happiness!

    (An Ethiopian – living in UE)

  3. Tigist
    | #3

    What a great poem! Keeps the struggle alive… Let us keep contributing and take the struggle to the next level. We need to…

    Keep it up!

  4. | #4

    Dear mesfin
    Profoundly speaking what you have done with the EAC
    to strength the 5680 bill is awesome.
    We will stand with you and all our elected leaders
    will be free with the help of God.
    Keep up the good work

  5. | #5

    “Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”?
    In another attempt to divert attention away from the current political crisies in Ethiopia, camp Woyane is sending members of “Kinijit”? who sit in parliament to cause confusion in the Diaspora. As you will hear in the audio below Dr. Bezabeh’s comment is the same as Meles Zenaw when asked what he thinks about the trial of the leaders in prison, he comments “that is up to the court to decide.” This mission smells like Woyane!! Listen with caution!! (fast forward to 13 min)

  6. Cara
    | #6

    Ok! the so called Diaspora in u.s.a have a problem and are trying to
    reach their government (U.S government in washington D.C)in the case hr 5680.it is rheir democratic right but have noting to do with ethiopia.
    or what !

  7. Mandefrote
    | #7

    i hope all those called leaders dye soon they should burn them alife. and one day the diaspora in u.s.a burn in hell GOD BLESSSE WOYANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tigist
    | #8

    Wow the so called “Mandefrote” it sounds like you are very frustrated Woyanne. I can tell that you have no peace. Well, you’re not going to have one up until the Nazi Woyanne is gone. If you keep support Nazi Woyanne, you will prolong your nightmare. If you think the rest of Ethiopians are going to let Nazi Woyanne does whatever it wants, you need to think again. The Ethiopian movement for peace, unity and democracy in Ethiopia is going on with momentum. Apparently that is bothering you. As long as Nazi Woyanne accepts the majority Ethiopians wish for their country, the movement will keep going and eventually it prevails.

  9. Mandefrote
    | #9

    tigist who is the winner us the woyane u and who evere go cry in washingtion kiss the white ass one thing sure u will never see day u looking for u will be dead in western country cleaning after the white man

  10. joro daba
    | #10


    You are an idiot. Nothing I can say ….

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