Zenawi moving up on the world worst dictator list.

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Let us not loose sight of the fact that Zenawi terrorized and abused the right of his own people.

Abugida thinks this dictator should be top on the list.

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  1. Tasew
    | #1

    How come a man who killed children and a mother infront of her children did not appear at the very top of the Hitlers list? I think they should revise their ranking.

  2. tezebt
    | #2

    A man who killed his own peopel, prisond thousands
    in the 21century no compitant with out hitler.

  3. | #3

    Dear editors
    If there is any number more than the
    number 1, I will give it to him.
    His repression and killing by his
    tug security forces continues every day.
    This ugly “BULGY EYED” tug will decease soon.

  4. alemayehu tadesse
    | #4

    Many previous dictators like stalin ,hitler and others on one way or on the other way they love their people .They did not make their people to be racists between each other rather they are enforcing their people to be against the people of other nations,like jews in Germany.But our prime minister makes the people of amhara to be racist agianst his/her lovely brothers from oromia or tigray,the people of tigray agianst amhara and oromo ,the people of oromia against amhara and tigraea….through their ugly political propogandas and to get a vote .I think this is the first prime minister in this world to send well armed military force agianst the innocent civilians and killing many in the street.i think this is the first prime minister in this world who loves his throne/chair ver much.i think this is the first prime minister who makes the people directionless.i think this is the first prime minister in the world who hate professionals,scholars ,social scinetists(Drs,professors).i think this is the first prime minister in this world having many tongues.if we don`t say this person dictator ,no need of the word dictator in this world.
    alemayehu tadesse

  5. Erimas
    | #5

    A man who killed his own peopel as well innocent civilians and killing many of on the street. Thousands by own different opinion or poltical different in the 21century no compitant with out hitler.
    God Bless those who lost there life and suffer by this kind of poltical or opinion in the 21 century.

    Peace,love and hope for who fight there right to live in this planet at a peaceful place.

  6. Hadere Sefer
    | #6

    The list is not accurate when meles is not on the top and Bush is not in the list.

  7. Tigist
    | #7

    Meles is not only rootless dictator, take a good look to his face, he looks like he is possessed with evil sprit. There is something in his eyes that makes him look wired.

  8. alamirew wube
    | #8

    “Hadere Sefer Says:
    February 12th, 2007 at 2:50 am
    The list is not accurate when meles is not on the top and Bush is not in the list.”

    Good point!

    I think the previous dictionary meanings of “dictator” and ” terrorist” are no more applicable now adays as a result of the actions of the

    I think now I understood fully what the meaning of “dictator” means in the eyes of Americans. The meaning is, ” some one who opposes the oppresive external policy of Americans on other nations and some one who don’t obey to being bend down to be a puppet of America” The named website is using this definition for its “dictators” vote. Imagine Ethiopans,…according to the website vote, Mugabe, who didn’t kill almost nobody got 7th rank and Meles who killed many thousands got rank 17th. Isn’t it jock? Americans wanted to take the oil in sudan and to use as a weapon fabrictaed the so called “darfur genocide” and the above amrican website gave Sudans leader 1st rank. You can notice how far the joke goes. LALAWEKESH TATEGHN Alu.

  9. Yohannes
    | #9

    Many of these interesting comments shall also be given to parade.com as we shall show our concern for the ranking and they shall know and unravel the real nature of our tyrannt, not No. 17 but the worst of all on this planet.

  10. ethio
    | #10

    you can vote brothers and sisters. see on the right side of the web. Dictator Meles is leading the worst vote. At least we can show for those visiting the site.

  11. caro
    | #11

    It seem as if the diaspora is disapointed that meles rigime dosen´t kill so much as they would like to see and hear. just for the sake of to say how dictator meles is and ofcourse blackmail eprdf.
    you must have gone crazy , i will not happen .MELESEN EGODALHU BELA EMSWAN BENCHET. that is your pilosophy.go to hell.it will not happen.
    by the way i am tired of your hate propaganda .
    how much of schoud be loced in kality so that we sart working for democracy.
    meles give you even YE MARIAM MENGED to usa so that he dosen´t want to see you at all , let alone do you harm .
    he knows you can only talk and talk.

  12. tewodros
    | #12

    comment on caro
    Caro,please clean ur mind.Don`t think like the dictators.Please think about the bloods of many children and olds in the street of addis.Their blood will not be in vain.one day the truth will come and u might be sorry with what u said now.We should think like an ethiopian ,please caro don`t be narrow minded politician.politics makes people blind like u if u only stick ur self with the ideology of dicatators.come on and shout for the unity and strength of our people ,our beloved nation .do u know the history of ethiopia,We had lived centuries with harmony even if ethiopia is the home of many languages and ethinic groups …but today Meles destructed all the history of us….we are now enemies each other.i think mengistu hailemariam has a good side in this aspect even if he was a killer of a century ,he always struggled for the unity of ethiopia and he devoted his time thinking about the prosperity of all the people of ethiopia,not one ethinic group like the carzy meles.So read history,be rational,look what is happening in addis and other regions except one.any ways Meles creates a damage over our haromoey today and this has a long run impact in our economy and socio-political condition after years,decades,centuries.

  13. | #14

    Please visit the web and cast your vote!


  14. geremew
    | #15

    People People people why are we turning a blind eye to the people who sent the youth to the streets of Addis deliberately arming some of them with pistols, gejeras and hand granades??????????????????? the leader of CUD was saying openly that “TEN OR FIFTIEN THOUSAND PEOPLE MAY DIE BUT WE WILL GET THE POWER” Isn’t this gambling with peoples life? pushing them to confront the govenment that way??? knowing what the outcome would be, democracy or no democracy any goverment in the world have the responsiblity to maintain the law and order of the country.The intented “civil disobediance” was hijacked and deliverately manipulated by people who were pulling the strings behind the top CUD officials and used it to accomplish their own thirst for power ARAT NETIB!!!

    Don’t try to portray the man who salvaged the country from desintigrating, it was wrong and unacceptable to use this much force, it is sad that once again innocent poeple have to be the sucrifice goats for the sake of few peoples personal intention and interest.

    The Europeans and Americans are not dumbs to treat Meles this way because works speak for them selfs. He is not a murderer as many “chuhetam Diaspora” tries to portray him infact, he is a leader who should have had right after Hailesilasie…….I wonder where we have been by now……..

    Call a spade a spade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. eyobe
    | #16

    meles got dealt a loosing hand from the people of Ethiopia and will not relinquish his post by any other means other than force. He simply has a mentality from the stone ages “He got to where he is by forece and will not leave it with out one”. So, we shouldn’t expect him to do so by elections, as much as we all want to see it. Especailly now it is shame on us to expect anything from him, he knows he got no where to go if he looses power. So a wise man once said “full me once shame on you, full me twice shame on me”

  16. caro
    | #17

    The ethiopian ppl. have never had peace.Unless the ethiopian ppl. for are only 500 , how have the chance to enjoy their life in the time of H.I.M
    and Derge era. The ethiopian ppl. have sufferd throught eth., and that for the last 100 years severly.Now it is time to respect , compute and love each other.If you wants to tell me Eprdf bring this problem , you know that you are lying .How we go forwords and with which party is another question.
    as long as you respect the democratic way of solving ouer problem , we can always talk. Eprdf has brought as this chance an the ppl of ethiopia are working on it. We can contribute a lot if we stop inselting each other and come with best soltion to that problem.
    One thing i can tell you knigitt ( cud ) is not an alternativ.They are retarded are to old to be a democrat ( we know them and sow them ).
    with best regards

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