Canadian MPs write letter to their Prime Minster asking to condemn Zenawi’s Regime.

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The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, P.e., M.P.

Prime Minister of Canada
3l3-S Centre Block,
House of Commons,
Ottawa, ON KIA OA6

Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper:


The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, P.e., M.P.

Prime Minister of Canada
3l3-S Centre Block,
House of Commons,
Ottawa, ON KIA OA6

Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

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Ethiopia faces many challenges as a nation. Its people are struggling under the repressive rule of a government that is doing everything in its power to shut down the opposition parties as well as criminalize any NGO or group, whose mandate is to protect human rights.

Recently, the Ethiopian government passed the Charities and Societies Proclamation law (CSO law), designed to strictly control and monitor civil society in an atmosphere of increasing intolerance of the work of human rights defenders and civil society organizations. Previous drafts of the CSO law imposed strict government controls and harsh criminal penalties on non-governmental organizations.

Groups targeted by this new legislation are:

• any Ethiopian organizations where more than ten per cent of their funding comes from the international community; and

• foreign NGOs whose mandate is to protect human rights, including campaigning for gender equality, rights of the child and disabled persons;

The law also allows for government surveillance of civil organizations as well as extremely harsh
penalties of imprisonment for even minor infractions.

As you may know, human rights in Ethiopia has taken a drastic downturn since the 2005 elections that
saw nearly two hundred demonstrators killed as well as the arrest and imprisonment of opposition party
leaders, parliamentarians, journalists, and human rights defenders.

Despite the fact that many of those who were arrested were subsequently released, the leader of the Unity
for Democracy and Justice Party and former judge, Birtukan Medeksa, was recently arrested again and
informed by the Ministry of Justice that her life sentence will stand.

The Government of Canada has a responsible to stand up against such egregious violations of human
rights and the freedom of the press. As a world leader in human rights, Canada must condemn the
Ethiopian government for its abuses and pressure the international community into action.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Hon.Mana Minna, P.C., M.P.
Beaches-East York

cc: Minister of Foreign Affairs
cc: SOCEPP Canada


Judy Wasylycia-Leis
MP for Winnipeg North
January 15, 2009

Dear Prime Minister Harper and Hon. Lawrence Canon, Minister ofForeign Affairs:

I am very concerned about the December 29, 2008 arrest of Birtukan Mideksa, Chairperson ofthe Unity for Democracy and Justice Party in Ethiopia. Reports indicate Mideksa has begun a life sentence in prison after the pardon she obtained in 2007 was revoked. I understand she was arrested after publicly stating that she had never voiced remorse or acknowledged any mistake to obtain her pardon in 2007.

I understand that Birtukan Mideksa is in solitary confinement and at risk of torture or other ill-treatment. I am very much concerned that she has been detained for the peaceful exercise ofher right to freedom of expression and association, and that this arrest was motivated solely for political reasons.

Ms. Mideksa must be given access to legal representation ofher own choosing and any medical assistance she may require, particularly in the light ofher hunger strike. She must be released immediately and unconditionally, unless she is charged with a recognizable criminal offence.

I urge you to call on the Ethiopian government to respect human and democratic rights, beginning with the release ofpolitical prisoners. I look forward to hearing your response on this critical situation. .


Judy Wasylycia-Leis, ME
Winnipeg North .

Cc: Solomon Workneh, Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners

  1. RedStar
  2. Joseph
    | #2

    Grand thank you goes to these MPs, who stood for truth and naturally given human rights taken off those decent Ethiopianst by the tyrannical ruler, Meles and co.

    Meles is even willing to criminalize Ethiopians, who fled his regime because of his brutal rule, labeling everyone as “the extemist Diaspora”.

    One can easily see how vicious he and his cronnies are when they accuse Ethiopians living abroad for nothing but protesting against the murdurous acts committed everyday under Woyane’s rule.

    Dear truth loving folks, just think!

    The Diaspora have no guns to murder innocent Ethiopians, have no prison to send decent human beings to, haven’t stolen election in May 2005, do NOT own Ethiopian National assets in their family circles, do NOT deceive donor community by pretending to be democratic and etc.

    The Diaspora only want to see Ethiopia to be run by a democratically elected government by the people for the people so that a lasting peace and stability flowers in the country.

    The Woyane advocates and Meles talk about order and law, and constitutional government, constitutional rights and etc. Meles uses this instruments as a cover for their own personal and group advantage. The constitution, though its paragraphs were taken from the constitutions of other democratic countries here & there, is being used as tool to do everything evil they want to do: to kill, to arrest, to robe, to deceive, you name it the list goes on…

    In actual fact Ethiopians have no constitution, but Meles and co have one that keeps them in power up until the last nail of their coffin.

  3. | #3

    I thank the MPs most profoundly

  4. BIRI
    | #4


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