Candle light vigil in Boston

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Abugida Reporter, Boston | Feb 11, 2007 Ethiopian-Americans in Boston with the collaboration of Amnesty International held a Candle light vigil at Harvard Square, Cambridge MA. The function was held to show solidarity with the Ethiopian people struggle for democracy and freedom, and to demand unconditional release of all prisoner of conscious in Ethiopia. The event was well attended despite the cold weather of Massachusetts.

The vigil commenced by a prayer to remember those who have lost their life and languishing in Qaliti prison. Mr. Aklog Limeneh (Chairman of Kinijit North America and Boston) has also called for reconciliation and demanded for immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners. Representative from Amnesty International Boston Group 15. Mr. Urban Laursten has also assured the crowd that the cause of injustice in Ethiopia is everyone’s and they will work with Ethiopians toward the release of all prisoners of conscious. The Event was also an opportunity to raise awareness about the issues that prisoners face behind Qaliti bars and to continue the struggle for justice in Ethiopia.


  1. Sosena Kebede
    | #1

    Go Boston!!!!!!!

    Blessings to all!

  2. Hana Gobez
    | #2

    Thank you Amensty International Boston chapter for standing up with us for what is rigt. pls,advise the LA chapter for us. After all it should be global!!!!!!!!!
    Boston leading the way!
    Thank you!

  3. samason
    | #3


  4. caro
    | #4

    go bosten go cry , cry to the hell,
    let us cry once all

  5. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #5

    You are wasting your time. It’s all over. I know that is hard to swallow, but it is the reality. International organizations are giving the Ethiopian government more money than ever, foreign leaders are flocking to Ethiopia, investment is at its highest, and over 250,000 Ethiopian are flocking to the motherland annually. That doesn’t sound like a government under siege. Prediction: The Kinijit leaders will go to jail and life will continue as we know it. Why? THE PEOPLE THEY TRUSTED TO GO TO JAIL FOR SHOULDNOT HAVE BEEN TRUSTED TO BACK-UP THEIR LOUND PRONOUNCIATION OF PROTEST TILL THEY ARE FREE. THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN THEM ALREADY. IN THE DIASPORA, JUST LOOK AT HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE TURNING UP FOR THE PROTESTS. LESS THAN 20 IN MOST PLACES. YOU THINK THIS WILL GET IT DONE. DAY DREAMING FOLKS. IT IS ALL OVER. A MISCALCULATION BY THE DIASPORA AND THE GOOD FOLKS IN KAILITI BOUGHT THE GARBAGE BEING SPEWED BY THE SO-CALLED PATRIOTIC ETHIOPIANS. PRIME MINISTER MELES, PLEASE FORGIVE THE KALITI PRISONERS AFTER THEY ARE SENTENCED. THEY WERE MISLED BY HYPOCRITES IN DC.

  6. joro daba
    | #6


    You are so myopic and your dictator, Meles. One thing dictators and their dummy followers never understand is that they think they will rule forever.
    How stupid!

    Joro Daba.

  7. Mesfin
    | #7

    Hey the so called “21st-Century-Ethiopian” the main reason why you post on this site is that you are bothered. No Woyanne is going to have peace up until there is a real democracy in Ethiopia. I am sure you are learning the power of peaceful struggle. Take your lesson man. There is going to be more and more of these in the days to come. It will not stop up until there is a real democracy in Ethiopia. I am sure you know by now that no excessive force can bring peace and respect. If you need peace you need to give peace. If you need respect, you need to give respect.
    Meles repeatedly said that democracy for all Ethiopians is a survival issue. He is right on the talking on that, but he hasn’t walked the walk yet. Now, Meles and his moron Woyannes like you the so called “21st-Century-Ethiopian” should act right now to build the democracy institution in Ethiopia. Those institution may serve to save Meles him self in the long run. After all Meles is not GOD like most you Woyannes think of him. He is one wired looking guy who can’t stop himself from visiting bathroom a couple of times in a day. The rest of you Woyannes should know that Meles is not going to be there forever, and you should don’t relay on him that much and do crazy staff right now. That may hunt you down in the long run.

  8. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #8

    Ato Mesfin, I am just observing the reality. If the imprisonment of the CUD leaders was that significant, HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN 250,000 ETHIOPIANS VISITING BACK HOME. Not even committed enough to stay away FOR ONE YERA MAN. JUST ONE YEAR. SO CALLED ETHIOPIAN-PATRIOTS DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH STAMINA TO BOYCOTT THE GOVERNMENT FOR ONE YEAR. DUDE, THAT IS HARSH REALITY. In fact, after they are in jail, 500,000.00 Ethiopians will go to Ethiopia and dance and party all night for the millenium celebration WHILE THE LEADERS ARE IN JAIL. I , unlike your accusations, wish them to be free. But I am not delusional about the significance of their imprisonment. It is not as significant as you want it to be. You may wish it is, but the facts dispute you on that. I will bet you personally know 20 individuals who have already gone back or are planning to go back. Again, that is the truth. Can you imagine that the cud leaders went to jail at the urging of these individuals who can’t wait to go back and drink till dawn. Well, I wanted them to join the parliament. So I will not have any dilemma when I party all night during the millenium. I have a feeling I will see you there. Assuming you are like the overwhelming majority. You do sound like the majority at the minimum. See you in Addis.

  9. Mesfin
    | #9

    Hey the so called “21st-Century-Ethiopian” yes Ethiopians visit back Ethiopia from all over the world on a regular basis. That only proves that we have country and we love our country. I have visited Ethiopia a couple of times in the last two years, and I will go back in the near future as well. But, it doesn’t mean neither I support Woyanne nor I ignore the struggle. I know that you are playing the typical Woyanne game that is black mailing. That is your trade mark which is stupid. That makes me only to disrespect and hate you even more. There are more than 77 million Ethiopians in Ethiopia as we speak. Does that mean that they are behind Woyanne? Hell no! They are living in their country. They go out peacefully to protest the traitor Woyanne, and the primitive Woyanne shoot them on the head on the day light, Woaynne put the struggle leaders (CUD leaders) in jail, but you know and we all know that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are not going to back to the pre election 97 era. Woyanne has no peace. That is why it can’t stand free opinion, free expression, and free media. That is why it changes the whole country to a police state. For how long Woyanne plans to do that? I will let you figure that”¦ I have never seen Ethiopians rise up before as much as they have been in the last two years, and there is no return up until we reach our objective. That is unity, peace and democracy in Ethiopia. Hey Woyanne the so called “21st-Centurey-Ethiopian”? keep in mind the quest for free speech, free expression, and democracy is so natural. You just can’t stop it. I am even a little bit embarrassed that a rootless, confused and a traitor group has been running our beloved and historical country for so long with out strong opposition. Now, thanks to the CUD leaders the whole Ethiopia is against it and it is a matter of time we run over Woyanne.

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