Candle light vigil in Boston

February 12th, 2007 Print Print Email Email

Abugida Reporter, Boston | Feb 11, 2007 Ethiopian-Americans in Boston with the collaboration of Amnesty International held a Candle light vigil at Harvard Square, Cambridge MA. The function was held to show solidarity with the Ethiopian people struggle for democracy and freedom, and to demand unconditional release of all prisoner of conscious in Ethiopia. The event was well attended despite the cold weather of Massachusetts.

The vigil commenced by a prayer to remember those who have lost their life and languishing in Qaliti prison. Mr. Aklog Limeneh (Chairman of Kinijit North America and Boston) has also called for reconciliation and demanded for immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners. Representative from Amnesty International Boston Group 15. Mr. Urban Laursten has also assured the crowd that the cause of injustice in Ethiopia is everyone’s and they will work with Ethiopians toward the release of all prisoners of conscious. The Event was also an opportunity to raise awareness about the issues that prisoners face behind Qaliti bars and to continue the struggle for justice in Ethiopia.


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