Ethiopians question legacy of Blair in Africa

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By Wondimu Mekonnen | February 10, 2007

As the Ethiopian dictatorial regime’s Kangaroo Court “D­Day”? approaches to legalize the illegal act of transgression against the basic human rights of the leaders of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP), journalists and other civic organizations incarcerated in Kaliti prison, Ethiopians living in London flocked to Downing Street once more. [ Read Full Report Here ]

  1. caro
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    Meles Zenawi, a one-time trainee doctor, entered Addis Ababa at the head of a rebel army in 1991 after two decades in the bush to overthrow Ethiopia’s blood-thirsty Marxist dictator, Col Mengistu Haile-Mariam. Since then he has made enormous progress, instituting democracy, devolving power to the federal regions, restoring independence to the judiciary and pushing equal rights and opportunities for women.

    He is a pragmatist. In power he jettisoned his previous Albanian-style Marxism and embraced the pro-market reforms recommended by the World Bank. He liberalised agriculture and fulfilled the conditions to qualify Ethiopia for massive debt cancellation.

    But the economic prescriptions of “the Washington consensus”? have, over the last 20 years, failed to generate the economic growth promised in Africa. Seeing that he has resisted pressures for land reform and refused to privatise the national airline or telecomms industry.

    Instead he has developed an imaginative compromise designed to reform the predatory nature of African government and address the continent’s macroeconomic imbalances ““ but at the same time to create “a strong developmental state”? which will “not intervene in the market in a wanton fashion”? but acts to address “pervasive market failures”?.

    To that end he has just secured from China $1.5bn of investment in telecomms. Mobile phones are proving “a licence to print money in Africa”?, he says. “The issue is how do you use that money. Do you use it to build less profitable but in [the] long term more important infrastructure?”?

    Thanks to his army’s recent victory over a coalition of Islamists in Somalia, Mr Meles is back in the good books of the US and UK who are restoring their aid. For all his failings Mr Meles is still one of Africa’s best hopes for the future.
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  2. Wey Hagere
    | #2

    “#17 Worst Dictator in the World

    Meles Zenawi
    Age: 51.
    In power since 1995.
    Last year’s rank: 18

    A former medical student, Meles Zenawi began his political career by joining a Stalinist guerilla group in 1974. Twenty-one years later he gained power after overthrowing Ethiopia’s much-reviled dictator, Mengistu Haile Mariam. In order to satisfy Western demands for a multi-party democracy, Meles created puppet parties for each of the nation’s major ethnic groups, while the real parties boycotted his elections. In 1998, he subjected his people to an unnecessary border war with Eritrea that caused thousands of deaths. He agreed to international arbitration to settle the border, but when the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission ruled against him, Meles refused to abide by the decision and kept for Ethiopia land that belonged to Eritrea.”

    The above is what world knows unless they actively ignore the truth like Meles’ blood thirsty, ethnocneteric and/or blind supporters. Our people will prevail as they have never lost even hundred years ago against a far more technologically advanced Italy. Ethiopia’s faith is her strength next to our people’s unity. They can kill us but they will never kill Ethiopia and our people’s quest for a democratic state where “no one is wronged” as profit Mohamed had imagined our mother land. BUT IT REQUIRES US TO FIGHT IN A PEACEFUL WAY TOWARD AN ETHIOPIA WE WILL BE PROUD TO HAND OVER TO OUR CHILDREN IF NOT AT LEAST LESS ASHAMED!!!

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