EU feeds Zenawi a whopping 250 million euros

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ADDIS ABABA (AFP) / January 30, 3009

The European Union has given Ethiopia 251 million euros (322 million dollars) in aid to boost development projects across the Horn of Africa nation, the government said Friday. (more…)

ADDIS ABABA (AFP) / January 30, 3009

The European Union has given Ethiopia 251 million euros (322 million dollars) in aid to boost development projects across the Horn of Africa nation, the government said Friday.

The agreement was signed Thursday by the bloc’s Director of Aid to sub-saharan Africa, Carribean and Pacific regions Gary Quince and Ethiopia’s Finance and Economic Development Minister Sufian Ahmed.

“The grant will be used for development assistance through road sector policy support… forest management and to implement some other development activities,” the finance ministry said in a statement.

The EU is one of the top development contributors to Ethiopia, an impoverished country of 77 million and among the world’s top aid recipients.

  1. tes
    | #1

    The money is good for the fast development of the country.

  2. genna
    | #2

    EU will be rsponsible by supporting terorist rigem days to come we will rise up soon

  3. DuDu Jr.
    | #3

    the monye gose to the road , not for human right or democrecy development so it must be dos’n contradict with the new proclamation which pass by the parlament.

  4. almaz
    | #4

    shame on EU feeding agazzzi baby killer.
    Ethiopian from all poltical party are united against agazzi baby killer.
    down with agazzzi and ethiomedia agazzzi people and supported & EU & USA.
    No one will sae miority agazzzi government.
    down with agazzzi

    | #5


  6. Yeferedal
    | #6

    First of all who helped Zenawi and his cronies to seize power? Is it not the western governments such as European and US as well as Arab countries who are determined not to see sovereign and strong Ethiopia. It is not surprise that EU continues feeding woyane to suppress the struggle for freedom and unity by genuine and independent children of Ethiopia. Zenawi and his criminal gangs are not elected by the Ethiopian but imposed on us by Arabs and some Western countries. They have to support their baby (woayne) to accomplish their plan of weakening and destroying Ethiopian sprit of sovereignty and unity. The main reason for this is simply because our forerunners resisted and defeated European colonizers.

  7. Aklile Mezemir
    | #7

    This feeding of dictators will continue as long as we are silent while our people are starved to death. Let’s get serious, ask ourselves if we are doing all that we can do to expose the atrocities, support those who struggle to end this nightmare.

    Boycott all businesses even remotely connected with woyanes.

  8. mina
    | #8

    All African leaders are heading to Ethiopia capital Addids Ababa for a summit exept Isayas afeworki.

  9. Hailat
    | #9

    this funding concened not only ethiopians but all europeans the EU are in one hand annoncing
    that there is economical crise on the otherhand funding the child killers.all ethiopians living in europe have to exopse the goverment of EU what they are doing.if it is for a good reason well and good but the EU knows that they are funding for bad reason.for which construction for whom company??for chinies use and srow road or to fill the pockets of woyane to buy arms for killing ethiopians children and innocent ppl.pls come on lets fight woyane.

  10. | #10

    I guss the world at this time is very kios place to live.I don’t care Ethiopian government recived 250Euro.We need the money! Ethiopia needs this money! but as any of nation who gave us this much they have a moral responsibility to ask them selves Where will be this money is going?how this money works with out interfere the sovernighty Government of Ethiopia Affaiars.
    my opinon most of Europians they don’t realy care about our fellow Ethiopian their living condition as long as the curent government if he willing to take their pills.they don’t bother him.but if our government starting realaize him self and start compromaize things thise europians powers they turn to Evil!and they start to cut the grass one by one just like Zumabewe”where were these Eropians having pain for the last two decade?now mugabe became against them they starting condemin him!!to late Eropians phashist,
    now Eropians its time for you to look at your forign policy and smell the change.change your map. the African people we tired your game.

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