African Dictators elect Gaddafi to chair African Union – ADDIS ABABA (Reuters)

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The African Union on Monday elected Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to head the continental organisation at a summit in Ethiopia.


The African Union on Monday elected Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to head the continental organisation at a summit in Ethiopia.

Gaddafi, who has long promoted stronger union within the organisation and poured money into some parts of Africa, was handed the chairman’s gavel by outgoing AU leader Jakaya Kikwete, the Tanzanian president, to warm applause from other leaders.

  1. | #1

    Not africans leaders rather they are killer.
    They have no concern for their people and country.
    My question is where is God?

  2. Dinka
    | #2

    I remember from a report I got during the last days of outgoing Mengistu and incoming of Meles, Gadafi spoke on the arabization of East Africa and one of the account he briefed on was “Mengistu alliened with Israel by sending Felashas and pointed out that it is the works of Amaras” but he said Meles assured him he is on(gadafi’s)side promised him with the extermination of those amaras as you can witness since the begining of the 90th until now that’s what he did to make the matter worse in the near past he ceded our land from Gonder to Gambella keep in mind the ruling party of Sudan is much more pro-Arab than Pan African so my Ethiopian friends don’t you think we should raise this issue.I am sure Meles is excited with joy to continue his distruction.We should not wait until the next election,we must remove Meles from power by any means.Meles has planted many distruction for Ethiopia the nile water(Egypt…Eritrea,Sudan,Somalia)aside all these problems we are divded let alone with ethnic line even with political parties the distructive like EPRP(Hailu,Taye)Lidetu…what the hell!!!

  3. kibret
    | #3

    to Dinka!you wrote diffrent from the given article!!!
    What is your point of view? you mix everything.
    But one thing for sure is The only party in Ethiopia with broad base is the one that lead by Hailu Shawel.
    Eng has a clean and determined person unlike the other opportunist who difrrently creat short term politcal parties and failed.

  4. George
    | #4

    Neither the OAU nor the AU has lived upto its cause. Perhaps Emperor Haile Selassie has made a dent while he was striving to free Africa from colonialism. A handful of African leaders, if any, had done some progress towards that end. In general, you can aptly call it a club of dictators bent on prolonging their luxury lives at the places only at the expense of the impoverished people.

    May be the time has come to turn the tide.

    | #5

    I must say this bunch of African dictators must lost their minds and trying to act as if they know what they are talking about …Most of this blood suckers and war lords been in Power For 15,20,25+ yrs Zenawiand Aforqi of Ethiopia and Eritrea respectively been in Power Since 1991 and they are in BIG TIME looting Spree -I RATHER CALL their organizations (A.D.Z)African Dictators Zoo

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