Los Angeles Answering The Call…..

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Los Angeles | February 12, 2007

Several Los Angeles, and surrounding area residents of Ethiopian Americans and friends of Ethiopia, held a candle light vigil at Little Ethiopia in a Fairfax district of Los Angeles. Residents of the Los Angeles and metro area went out in huge numbers answering the call of Kinjit International leadership on Sunday February 11, 2007. English Version Amharic Version

  1. zenawee
    | #1

    ho lalala what is realy especting from prime minister melese zenaew let me tell you what he is doing
    1 he will give a presse stetment and syaing i dont know what this opostion party saing when we beaging them until the 11*th hour they say we dont goin the parlament and when we send them to the jail they saing please relase us and all the amehara and oromo and some gurage nation how is living in the united state of america and erope fiering candel and craying infront of white house and say free our leader .so what is this derama so in my opinoin
    idont have any problem to reslease them but the juge will work his job
    this is what our grate leader melese zenawee saying deathe for opostion party leaders

  2. Assefa (Sweden)
    | #2

    Your crule leader Melese can say just as Sadam used to say but time will come when he face the same as sadam. So let hem say what he want to say

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