Hon Bob Rae to Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs on Mrs. Birtukan’s Arrest – Bob Rae

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Dear Minister Cannon

I write to you in support of the Kinijit Organization for Human Rights and Democracy, along with many other organizations, in calling for the safe release of Mrs. Birtukan Mideksa, chairwoman of the United for Democracy and Justice Party in Ethiopia.


Dear Minister Cannon

I write to you in support of the Kinijit Organization for Human Rights and Democracy, along with many other organizations, in calling for the safe release of Mrs. Birtukan Mideksa, chairwoman of the United for Democracy and Justice Party in Ethiopia.

According to UN sources, Ms. Mideksa was arrested on December 29, 2008 by security forces and is still held without charge and in solitary confinement in a prison outside Addis Ababa. In your letter response to an email dated January 7th, you wrote “Canada continues to closely monitor the situation in Ethiopia, and maintains a commitment to the development of a strong democracy.“ Minister Cannon, that is not enough.

I ask you as Canada’s Foreign Minister, and the official Canadian voice to the international community, to call for her immediate release. Ethiopia is signatory to the UN Convention against Torture and other Cruel Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, a commitment which clearly prohibits torture and other cruel, and degrading treatment.

In this case, the Ethiopian government has shown disregard for their commitments to international law. The Ethiopian government’s continued practice of detainment without, trial and harsh domestic repression is both illegal and immoral. I urge you to take action on this issue and speak out on behalf of all Canadians.

Hon Bob Rae

  1. getu
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    Temelkach Says:
    February 4th, 2009 at 6:29 pm
    Hey Wakyo, I am also have the same feeling like Limu and I agree with him 100%.
    But I have a question for you, what is the significance of this meeting? I think all the diaspora already knew about G7 and contributed the money What they planed to achive, because I am one of the contributor.

    By the way, I heared his speach on the meeting in Dallus, it was very intersing, but… instead of speach and meeting we need action!!! Woyane working hard to dismantle Our Emama, Ethiopia.

  2. atuba dolla
    | #2

    International Organizations,varieties of oppositions MPs,leaders, and people have been demanding their respective governments to demand the current illegal and brutal regime,the tplfwoyane to immdediately release unconditionally the illegally jailed Ms. Birtukan Medeksa and other national heroes.Ethiopians of all walks of life,in return have intesified their struggle in freeing the commandable leaders of the citizens of Ethiopia who have been illegally imprisoned in the notorious prisons that are scattered all over Ethiopia.

    As it is known, the Meles Naziawi regime is engulfed with fear since the ivasation and has continued to act insanely to silence Ehiopia’s national heroes who have been standing firm and determined to free their country and millions of citizens from the system the current illegal regime built to suppress democratic movements that have been started by the people through the leadership of the democratically elected leaders of Ethiopia.

    Woyanetplf invaders have come into Ethiopia by means of guns and bullets had built a system to control everything and anything that are existed in Ethiopia,and in mercylessly short time, they built a system through which they had accumelated enoromous wealth leaving the rest of the citizens to suffer continiously,to this day.

    Because their mind and heart are filled with crazy and insane things,any good change for Ehiopia is what they hate most.Now, it has been 19 years since they invaded Ethiopia and murdered citizens of Ethiopia for standing firm in guarding their country.Every single day they act and behave insanely being drunk with the blood of Ethiopians act and speak erratically;this is the sign of being engulfed in utter fear of losing the wealth accumelated and tht fear of being brought to justice for the disgusting crimes that they are still committing.

    To all Ethiopians,the national heroes and Ms.Birtukan Medeksa will always remain inspirational;when the prisons the current murderers built in Ethiopia broke up,the enitre country and millions of Ethiopians will be free.Amen.

  3. desta
    | #3

    Well done Andinet Canada!!! This is the fruit of your continued effort to bring in the most respected and smartest politicians like Honorable Bob Rae aboard the flight to liberate Ethiopia from tyranny.

    Keep up with the task of enlightening Canadian politicians on the plight of Ethiopians. They are indeed heavy weight to flex a muscle and choke woyane with diplomatic pressure until it eventually submits to respect of human rights and free all political prisoners.

  4. Hiwot
    | #4

    Thank you Mr.Rae.I would like to appreciate your effort for the release of innocent Bertukan.The members of the present government don’t care for the people of Ethiopia.At one time they declared their non Ethiopians.What ever they do in that country is to practice their rebellious agenda.Gorella fighters never work on the interest of the people.God Bless Ethiiopia!

  5. Dinka
    | #5

    Way to go Hon.Bob Ray and thank you!
    Free Birtukan,Teddy Afro and others who has spoken against the brutality the present gov’t of Ethiopia is practicing.

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