Video of Candle Light Vigil in Boston

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  1. | #1

    Thank you , Abugida for your holly deed. I love Abugida very much.

  2. Mimi
    | #2

    I love you abugida! You are amazing. You inspire me to do more and more for the struggle and for my country.

    Thank you so much!

  3. | #3

    MMMM.. IF U ASK ME ABOUT THIS VIDIO WHAT DO I THINK. I THINK IT’S TWO THUMPS DOWN AND BORING. dispora come up with new move or drama tell then aryose.W4L.

  4. Debe
    | #4

    Mr. MMMMMM You beter to be ZEMMMMMMMMM
    The time is around the corner do not jup for nothing. You do not have any reason to be here after all.
    Viva Abogida and Bostons Ethiopian. Keep up the good one. We are proud of you. We all stand for the main three reason.

    1 Freedome go to jail.
    2 Truth go to jail.
    3 People die with 18 cenetry style killer dictators.

  5. Tigist
    | #5

    Good job abugida! we are proud of you. Keep it up! we are following your lead. You are one of the most organized Kinijit chapters.

    We love you!

  6. Tilahun
    | #6

    Notorious Kality prison

    In my child hood the word Kality associated with any one with criminal record. When I here the word my spine chills.It often worries me the treatment the prisoners endure during their stay, not that any thing is wrong with “you do crime do the time”. But the extra judicial abuse of the prisoners by the guards were horrible and known fact in the last 3o years. It is heart breaking to see the Kinijit leaders, human wright advocates and journalists mingled with those chilling criminal record prisoners. The travesty of justice at its best got the enlightened and the best of the best of our nation. Let there be no doubt justice will be served in due course and the prisoners of Conscience will be set free and People of Ethiopia will see the light sooner than later . let ‘s Keep up the fight. This is how I fight. I Will send 10 post card to Kality Prison.

    The message on the card is just good wishes for the prisoners, Then address it to the prisoners you want from the attached list below.

    You can say

    EG: wishing you the best during this horrible time
    Thinking of you all the time.
    You are in our prayers
    Stay Strong
    God is with you

    The address on the card would be
    Name of the prisoner
    Kaliti Prison
    Addis Ababa

    List of prisoner of Conscience

    1 Dr Yaekob H/Mariam-
    2 Ato Aschalew Ketema-
    3 Dr. Tadewos Bogale
    4 Ato Gebretsadik H/Mariam-
    5 Ato Assefa H/wold-
    6 Ato Beruk Kebede _
    7 Ato Tamrat Tarekegne ““
    8 Cap. Alemayehu Yeneneh-
    9 Ato Habtamu G/Hiwot ““
    10 Ato Asrat Tase
    11 Col. Tamru Gulilat ““
    12 Ato Bekele Girma ““
    13 Ato Melaku Fentaye-
    14 Ato Tadewos Beyene-
    15 Cap. Girma Amare-
    16 Ato Alemayehu Mesele ““
    17 Ato Wosenseged G/kidan ““
    18 Ato Andualem Ayele-
    19 Ato Wonakseged Zeleke ““
    20 Ato Nardos Meaza-
    21 Ato Dawit Fasil ““
    22 Ato Zekarias Tesfaye-
    23 Ato Mesfin Tesfaye-
    24 Ato Dawit Kebede-
    25 Ato Mesfin Debisa-
    26 W/t Kidist Bekele-
    27 Ato Waltanigus Asnake-
    28 Ato Mulu Gashu-
    29 Ato Anteneh Getnet-
    30 Ato Mamushet Amare
    31 Ato Alemayehu Yeneneh
    32 Capt. Getachew Mengistie
    33 Ato Abayneh Birhanu
    34 Eng. Gizachew Shiferaw
    35 W/t Birtukan Midekssa
    36 W/o Nigist G/Hiwot
    37 Ato Sileshi Andargie
    38 Dr. Befikadu Degifie
    39 Colonel Tamiru
    40 Ato Bediru Adem
    41 Ato Debebe Eshetu
    42 Ato G/Tsadik H/Mariam
    43 Ato Muluneh Eyuel
    44 Dr. Hailu Araya
    45 Prof. Mesfin W/Mariam
    46 Ato Eskindir Nega
    47 Ato Hailu Shawel
    48 Dr. Berhanu Nega
    49 Ato Tamrat
    50 Ato Melaku
    51 W/t. Seblework
    52 Ato Sisay Agena
    53 W/o Serkalem Fasil
    54 Ato Dereje Habtowolde
    55 Ato Seleshi Tena
    56 Ato Yeneneh Mulatu
    57 Ato Anteneh Mulugeta
    58 Ato Feleke Tibebu
    59 Ato Dawit
    60 Ato Fasil Yenealem
    61 Ato Wonakseged Atnafu
    62 Ato Daniel Bekele
    63 Ato Netsanet Demssie
    64 Ato Kassahun Kebede
    65 Ato Andualem Aragie
    66 Ato Berhane Moguessie

    How would you fight ?

    Please forward the after you read.

  7. zeheg
    | #7

    Queen Birtukan Midekssa

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