Ethiopians will celebrate the dawning of a new millennium

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CCEM | February 14th, 2007

The Committee for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium

In a few months, Ethiopians will celebrate the dawning of a new millennium. It is equally exciting and humbling to find oneself at this juncture of Ethiopian history.
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It is exciting because we are part of the unique Ethiopian/human civilization since the time of Lucy/Dinqnesh and are coming up to close another millennium. It is also exciting to know that we are the only nation on earth with our own calendar and the welcoming of another millennium that is intimately ours. Yet again the coming of the new millennium is humbling. It is humbling because although so much has been accomplished in the millennium to pass, Ethiopians face daunting challenges from the onset in the millennium come.
Thus, recognizing that the coming New Year is distinct and needs to be accepted with confidence, a committee is organized in Washington D.C. to celebrate the Year 2000 E.C.
The Committee for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium (CCEM) is comprised of active community members from diverse backgrounds throughout North America in order to lead a nation-wide celebration, reflection and resolution on the welcoming of the Ethiopian Year 2000.

The Committee for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium

  1. | #1

    i don’t know about u losser dispora but i’m addis ..addis..ethio..ethio…KKKKKKKKKKKKKK. don’t heat da player.heat da game. heater…W4LIFE.

  2. Mimi
    | #2

    Way to go! I will be in DC to celebrate the new Ethiopian Millennium with my whole family. I just can’t wait. It is so exciting to be around for the turn of the century and millennium. At the same time is so sad that we are still under a primitive tyranny yolk. I know that the event will reflect on both our long history and the fact that we are way behind in a certain aspect of what a civil society should have.
    I would like to take this opportunity to tank Alem Tsehay Wedajo, Solomon Teklai (Tekalegn), Hiywot Kifle and other Ethiopians who are working on this project.

  3. mamo
    | #3

    hi guys

    i am appreciated all the member who are working on this project .

    Ethiopia, will be glorious again and again by her smart men and women .
    Guys, i wish for ethiopia a good governor not tranny , a good infrastructure, a good educational system , a good farmer supporting systems to get rid of famine and drought which is our century problems and so on. and i also wish a peaceful ,a democrat , equal country for all not for one ethnic.

    God bless our greatland ethiopia .

  4. shotolay
    | #4


    our arebegeoch oredy around addiss to diffet woyane withen short time
    people of ethiopia ready for this opration(AGAME)is in the way.

  5. Dave
    | #5

    Good job guys, that is a way to introduce our mother land to the outside world that Ethiopia is not only a place of endless war and famine, BUT a model of vast history, a home to beautiful and intelligent people.

    At this time, Emama Ethiopia is facing a danger and its people have no any kind of democratic right that it will be necessary to celebrate the millennium in DC, where you can enjoy you human rights (Though I’ll be pleased 1000x if we were lucky to celebrate it a HOME, if things are smooth in Ethiopia- We missed it once and for all- I’m SAD)!!! Where there is no danger of being imprisoned or tortured for exercising you rights! What a blessing to have such concerned people, to take the initiative to organize this.



  6. geremew
    | #6


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    Anyways try not to be mistaken for people who are going to celebrate 9/11 on the streets of America, the real Millenium is in Ethiopia and too bad you and your like are not invited…..uuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See you in the next millenium with your DENKORO ASTESASEB…… looser.

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