Ethiopian rally in Washington DC demanded freedom for jailed opposition leaders

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Ethiopian Review | Feb. 15, 2007

Hundreds of Ethiopians braved severe cold weather to attend a rally in Washington DC demanding the release of the political prisoners in Ethiopia, including leaders of the Coalition for Unity & Democracy Party (Kinijit), journalists, and members of civic groups.

The rally, organized by Kinijit-DC chapter, was held in front of the U.S. Capitol starting at 9 AM.

The keynote speaker at the rally was Ms. Helen Butler, Coordinator of the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda.

Ms. Butler read a resolution passed by the Martin Luther King Jr Human Rights Symposium.

Other speakers included Ato Berhane Mewa, Secretary General of Kinijit International Leadership, Ato Aklog Lemeneh, Chairman of Kinijit North America, Ato Obang Metho, Executive Director of the Anuak Justice Council, and Ato Yassin Kassim, a representative of the Ethiopian Somali Community.

The speakers appealed to the U.S. Congress to take a stand on the worsening human rights abuse in Ethiopia.

Ato Fekade Shewakena, member of the Kinijit DC Public Relations Committee, told Ethiopian Review after the rally that he doesn’t expect justice from the Woyanne regime, and that the only way to get justice is to get organized and fighting for it.

As the international community, particularly the U.S. Government–which gives hundreds of millions of dollars in assistance to the Woyanne dictatorship–continues to turn its back on democracy and human rights in Ethiopia, Kinijit leaders are redirecting their focus on peaceful popular uprising at home. To that end, the Kinijit leadership last week has called for boycott of schools, Woyanne-controlled businesses, work slowdowns, and other peaceful means of protest.

Due to limited media access, the call by the Kinijit leaders is slow in reaching the people.

The Woyanne kangaroo court will hand down verdicts against Kinijit leaders next Monday, Feb 19.

  1. geremew
    | #2

    Hundreds of confused and die hard supporters doesn’t represent all of us Ethiopians, the majority has woken up from their dream long time ago and went on with their normal life after seeing for them selfs the real identity of the “YE KURT KEN LIJOCH”

    The “hundreds” who participated on this “YETEWERALET TALAK SELAMAWI SELF” must be unemployed or have nothing else to do with their life, because as far as i know, people work more than 10 hours a day in the states.

    Get a life you bunch of loosers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. | #3

    BUNCH OF UNEMPLOYED.KKKKK.any way thank’s GEREMEW. AYE DAISPORA MEN YESHALACHEHUAL ZENDERO every day LEKESO LEKESO SELF SELF.what u thing u gone get from cray’n and march’n ? nothing.. ZERO.MESAKEYA HULA if u don’t like EPRDF pleas do some about them insted cray’n like lil bic..all over da world.any way who car’s aslong us we drive u like lil SCOTTER kkkkk.W4LIFE.

  3. Wey Hagere
    | #4

    We Ethiopians, as history witnesses, have proven to the world that we are freedom seekers and will not stop until we’re free of any opression and brutal action by blood-thirsty individuals. Because we remained free for a long time and we seek the freedom of others, we Ethiopians are called “Agazy” or “Ageazians” in Ge’ez – Meles Zenawi’s personal killers don’t know what it means even if they are called by that name!

    In out quest for freedom – even in the Minelik days against the fascist, we’ve faced internal bandas mostly from Eritrea who betrayed their country and marched to kill their own people. We’re facing the same problems once again as we have heartless bandits who have engaed in a futile fight against us. Two good examples: Geremew and MAMO above this comment. Ethiopia will live as long as God promissed her to exist, that means many generations above our grave, but I will always make sure as of now that I contribute to free Ethiopia in the future even it means doing the impossible like educationg people like Mamo and geremew (dirts).

    Ethiopia’s faith is our strength – we suffer when we hand power to Ethiests – like Mengistu and Meles, we need God-fearing leaders as our people are know world-wide as ethical and lovable. We have confidence in the victory of Good over over evil – we as always will prevail!!

    Long live Bezawi-Israel, our emeye Ethiopia!!

  4. | #5

    KKKK..WE NEED GOD FEARING LEADERS? LIKE WHO? look my poor firend da solution is pack u bag and be ready for action insted cray’n or hide’n in u mama’s sikert.kkkk.this is my adivise for u the way did u mean long live ZENAWI or eals ? W4LIFE.

  5. geremew
    | #6

    Here we go again, the only thing left for people like WEY HAGERE is to pull the “EMEYE ETHIOPIA” card which I consider as YETEBELA EKUB.

    You are in no possition to brand those who don’t agree with you as “bandas” and non Ethiopians, because the gift of being Ethiopian is not given by AGER WEDAD TEBIYE like you instead, it’s a God given gift confirmed with his own words “ABO SHEMANE KODAW LAY YALEWIN NETEBTAB MEKEYER ENDEMAICHALEW HULU ETHIOPIAWIM KODAWIN LIKEYER KETO AYCHALEWUM”…….. I hope I said it right.

    CUD was formed just a few months before the election and tried to play YE FIYEL WETETE…against the giant EPRDF who ANESEM BEZAM knows the DIRTY game of POLITICS. If you don’t understand the rules of the game I’ll try to break it down for you in a very simpel words,,,TILO MALEF which means be stronger, smarter and more experianced than your opponent so you can beat him.

    CUD tried to portray it self as the “invinsible” force with out getting a good cure for its CHILD SICKNESS which reminds of the RAS SAITENA GUTENA me’sale. And when the leaders finally to realized that they have lost big time, they started to say KINIJIT MENFES NEW.

    But for those of us who knew what was been coocked behined the scene it was not only a MENFES infact it was ERKUS MENFES covered by the age old EMIYEN KETIFAT ENADIN slogan.


  6. Insermu Debela
    | #7

    What kind of heads do this mini nazi woyanes have? How can they be irritated when people demand justice for falsely accused people. I never thouht Tigreans are like these. How deperate. Your minority tugish government will not rule Ethio[pia by iron fist. Sooner or later you will loose. We are desent enough to differentiate mercinery Tigrean thugs and the people of Tigrai. We know that the TPLF has ordered to scour openion pages on the internet and spew their venum. sometimes it is one individual with multiple names.

    This tugs forget that their TPLF agazi has killed at least 199 people including 6 poor policemen that were burried in a hurry to hide the truth. This is verified by Meles’s commission itself. I am sure the Tigre tugs will call this also a lie and a KKK product. Desperate woyanes

  7. geremew
    | #8


    We are talking politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, don’t pull the race card here and for your information Agazi is a KIFLE TOR which means it huge and has soldiers from all ethnic groups,,,,,

    When are we going to be able to talk about the reality without pulling the race card????????
    If you consider your self Ethiopian,,,don’t look at your opponent first as Tigrean or what ever but as an Ethiopian just like you. Start there and you will be suprised to see that after all we are all one people with a lot of love for our country but sadly deeply…deeply divided and suspicious of each other because of the decades long pain and missery we inflicted up on each other.

    Don’t see things black and white, try to see them in full colour.

  8. j.p.h
    | #9

    I have read the following poem in some web sits;
    Etenesh is Addis Abeba resident, who tragically lost tow of her children,at the same time by an Agazi killer.Please read on and comment on the poem:

    Enat Etiopia
    “Etenesh”? my sister a good mother of four,
    Why are you left with two, alone without care?
    The second child you had assisted taxi car
    The elder mechanic the main bread winner
    “Blood flowing”? you told us, just like Wild River

    It took you some decades to raise them into men
    Pregnancy problems, dressing them to look fine
    When the time came at last for rewards to be seen
    In a matter of minuets all efforts were cut down
    Slaughtered by laymen expert on the gun
    Your young boys lay dead, let them rest in heaven

    Your love and affection for dear children denied
    Such unbearable grief of millions in that land
    “Emeye”? Ethiopia immersed in deep mud
    Her children stand up to fight back very hard
    Mother land surrounded by scavenger hyenas
    Save her compatriots before she gasps and pass
    Free our “Kaliti”? Lions, and brave Lionesses
    Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, Somalians
    Sidama ,Anuak ,Gurage and Agews
    Stop please dividing and hunt down the hyenas!

    09/07/2007 (from anonymous Ethiopian)

  9. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #10

    The one thing I am sick of is freakin poems. No offense. Emeye this and Emeye that. Folks, again, Minilik is DEAD. He really is. You live in the 18th or on a good day 19th century garbage. The opposition is too unsophisticated for EPRDF. You remind me brick-layers trying to have a discourse with an intellectual. You are so vulgar, highly tribalistic and amazingly enough, drunk in your self-delusional thoughts of “Pure Ethiopians.” Pure you ain’t, Ethiopian we can’t do much about that, you were born there. You can scream for the rest of your lousy brick-laying lives, you will always be Hodam Banda’s in my eye. Ethiopia will go forward. I feel sorry for the likes of Dr.Birhanu Nega and Dr. Yacob who immerssed themselves with the likes of Vagabond Hailu Shawel and Co. I URGE THE ETHIOPIAN GOVERNMENT TO RECONSIDER A LIGHTER SENTENCE TO DR. BIRHANU AND DR. YACOB. THE REST, DO AS YOU PLEASE. HODAM BANDA’S IN D.C., KEEP CRYING YOUR EYES OUT. AS THE PM PUT IT: “ETHIOPIA WILL TAKE HER RIGHTFULL PLACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY.”

  10. Mesfin
    | #11

    The so called “21st-Centurey-Ethiopian” you are a fucked up Tigre. We will teach you the power of peaceful struggle. I know for sure that you are having a nightmare. That is why you keep posting on this site. You so crazy to begin with to think you can hold 77 million people hostage for long time. Your stupidity is driving more and more Ethiopians to the struggle and we will win. The truth always wins and power belongs to the majority. Now, we will have our own television network for 24/7 that is going to mobilize the whole Ethiopian in Diaspora and eventually in Ethiopia. You are firkin Woyanne you are so afraid of free expression and free media. Well, we are going to have it. What are you going to do now? You wicked Nazi woyannes, you should have learnt from the fall of Nazi Germany. You are bringing some nasty game in our country, and you will pay for it. You woyannes are Nazi except you are ugly and stupid.

  11. | #12

    HI WOYZERO MESFIN..were are u sis come out know don’t hide under u momy sikert kkkkkkk. look bro u ain’t scar no boudy up’n here. i relly don’t know why u keep singing da same song over and over agean wazz’up with that ha ? is very simple and clear if u don’t like EPRDF do some thing about’t if knot sheet da hell up and AREFEH TEGEZA ADEGY. kkk. all day every day W4life.

  12. Addis
    | #13

    Warning: Woyane goons are out to dived, discredit and confuse Ethiopians in Diaspora!!!!

    Any posting assaulting, discourage and threatened any Ethiopians from joining the struggle should be seen as an elaborate plan by Woyane goons to save their meal. Ethiopians need to be aware of the millions of dollar these goons are spending to silence Ethiopians in Diaspora.

    The goons are dispatched to pretend as an average Ethiopian and wage a war of division bribery, confusion and suspicion among Ethiopians. Every city should keep an eye on them and warn Ethiopians to their plan.

    The struggle will go on until Woyane surrender and face the full force of the law. Compiling evidence to who is who among the cadres is critical to the struggle.

    Ethiopia will survive the struggle must be waged every where from every direction.

    Long Live Ethiopia

  13. Birinet yemayawkew Netsana kuru Ethiopiawi
    | #14

    Ethiopiam alech ” nefse ye kinijit meriwochin talak tadergachewalech menfresem bemedhanitoche be Hailu Shawelina beguadegnochu dessss yilatal eneho yenen mewared aytewalina kezare jemiro alem be enesu mikniyat yameseginegnal yakebregnalim enesu ende MANDELA na MARTIN LUTHAR talak sra lehizebe netsanet adirgewalina simachew lezelalem behizbe yiwedesal ye 77 million hizben hayil bekindachew aderegu belibachew hasab yemikuraru ende MAMO na yemesaselutin teibitegnochin bedo askeruachew birtu nen yemilu getochachewun ene GEORGE BUSH en kezufalachew yemiyawardubet kenu dersoal yetewaredutinim YE ETHIOPIA HEZBOCH be MIERABAWUYAN sponsored kehone chikona netsa awetuachew be ERDATA DOLAR YETEGEBU ende MAMO yalu kehadiwochin zero agebuachew ……” AAAAAMMMMEEEEEEEENNNNN!!! mechem ye erdata dolar lasekerachewuna ethiopiawinetin be dolar lekeyeru ende MAMO lalu kibir yemibal neger lemayawku bekumachew lemotu tenkesakash eresawoch betalaku abiy tsom egiziabiher ye erdata $$$$$$$$$ DOLAR yedefenewun ayne libonachewun yikfetilachew eyaliku kemetseley kufu neger alilim

  14. Insermu debela
    | #15

    Thanks for a colorful demonstration DC. Desperate Aiga forum- the Tigre bully website has everything wrong and wrote their wishes. It was a fantastic demonstration under murorous cold weather where even the place looked a sky resort. People stood on ice listening to the sounds of freedom songs for our beautiful country.

    The Aiga tugs- Yesbhat nega zemedoch wrote the report before the demonstration. It was a huge tunout for a working day and for a temprature of that kind that people including congressmen said was an amazing demonstration showing the commitment of ethipians for their freedom. Fight on brothers and sisters our struggle is gaining momentum, The succker desperate TPLF guys are desperate. They are hated and despised thoughout Ethipia. They are hunging on their killing machine only.
    If they sentence the leaders of Kinijit to even a miniute. We can also pick up the gun and fight. They will be responsible. They have come here with the support of shabia and try to tell us that Shabia is bad for the Ethiopian oppostion now. Eritreans are our brothers. We have nothing between the quarrel between Tigreans and Eritreans. They should not dragg Ethiopia into their quarrel. The TPLF guys feel inferior to Eritreans and we dont have their complex. That is why they keep Meles another eritrean as their leader. The tigre tugs have not even produced an original tigrean as their leader and yet. They are building their barren land with the wealth of Ormoia and the Amhara people. soon they will have to pay. Hate the bully Tigre guys like those writing on Aiga dont hate the people of tigrai. These senseless and hameful Yesebhat nega zemedoch have no shame telling us Hailu Shawul, Berhanu and Mesfin ar traitors of their country afte having sold our ports to their masters. Their inferiority complex is killing them. lets pray for them to free of their complex and behave like humans. How do they expect us to respect them when they keep justifing the killing of innocents on our streets. Wake up Ethiopia south of tigrai, lets take our country back. strengthen the AFD – it will be the salivation of Ethiopia. Never kneel down keep fighting.

  15. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #16

    Ato Mesfin, finally, your tribalistic I know it all mentality has come to the fore. Wonderful. I wonder, were you suffocating on Tere Siga and a Black Label Johnny Walker when you blurted out all that Tribalistic stuff. Ato Mesfin, you are an easy prey. You are stuck on Minilik freind. Zerafe Zerafe days are over. Again, Minilik is dead. Dead I say. Hodam bandas can cry all day long. You are a delusional anti-Ethiopian bunch. In a world of sophisticated interest articulation, brick layers mentality of Hodam D.C. cab drivers and Tere Siga consuming backward Hodams aren’t going to amount to much. I suggest you start being productive and build a school for your relatives back home. Instead, you drink, get drunk, eat more tere siga, and yell about democracy while your poor relatives starve to death. Dude, ante senefe unproductive Ethiopian, help the rest out by being engaged in helping the poor relative that you have forgotten so much. As to being an f… Tigre, well, I would rather be a Tigre than a Hodam, Tere Siga Consuming, unproductive,lazy, cynical, backward, unsophisticated, vulgar, stuck on Minilik Banda like yourself.

  16. Tedla Asfaw
    | #17

    The Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia demonistration yesterday at a subzero temperature to condemn the racist, minority regime of Melese Zenawi and call for the immediate release of our leaders was covered by VOA Amharic program on their Friday Morning show and similar demonistrations are carried in Europe, Australia, Africa and Northern America to show our solidarity with the jailed leaders and millions who voted for them in May 2005.

    The size of demonistration is not the question and indeed weather has been the factor and in the past we staged huge demonistrations and the Bush crowd in the White House ignored us and kept on siding with Melese and now their relationship is cemented by the Somalia invasion and occupation.

    The USA Congress busy with the Iraq crisis might want to look the other way in poor Ethiopia and Somalia except throwing tons of food aid. However, Somalia’s situation is getting worst and the Ethiopia political problem will soon turn disasterous and our protest should intensify and expose the failed policy of USA for American electorate.

    We should be ready for the coming of Melese in any day, snow, rain or shine and the energy of Diaspora should be spent on fighting the anti-Ethiopia and anti-Africa foreign worshipper Melese Zenawi.

    In this struggle the Somalis are with us because Melese is killing their children and women as we speak and the animosity and the hate agenda it tries to spread has to be tackled in an open and honest debate with our Somali brothers and sisters.

    The future is on our hand not on Bush and his slave Melese Zenawi.


  17. | #18

    We ethiopians in columbus ohio can not particpate in rally that is going on all over the world in releasing all poltical prisners in Ethiopia.We are with you.When time comes , we will do as before. All groups in weyane that are real supporter of weyane may start knwing until you are thrown into prison or until you are killed.Wherever ther is no democracy ihe written law are not appled.The rules and laws are the leaders and its weapans.If you became supporters because of the benefit you made a great mistake .You may get this benfit if you kill your brothers sisters and the innocent ethiopians.Other wise you face the same charges like the present prisners.Therefore lst let stand together exercising democracy.let stand to choose our leaders.let have the power to change our leader at maximum eight years.Lets ONLY and ONLY struggle for the rule of LAW. you can enjoy for the wealth you have. Stop the struggle my party must win.let strugle for the right of the poeple.

  18. geremew
    | #19

    To all ALMOT BAI TEGADAY TEBABOCH,,,,,,mesfin, insermu,addis……

    It gives me great joy to see your blood boiling like this, you have showed us time and time again that your mind is as narrow as your a**@%&!.

    The people of Tigrai are the first line victims of EPRDF’s wrong policy towards Eritrea which made them once again refugees in their own land. They have lost everything even the land of their ancestors is now in question, so, many Tigreans were not happy at all with the POLICY of the government but those Tireans who casted their vote in favour of CUD woke up to the nightmare they tought they burried 16 years ago AND MADE THEM HARD CORE SUPPORTERS OF EPRDF THAN EVER.

    Most of the loosers who now reside in DC were nothing but LEBOCH, GUBEGNOCH…TEBAB ZEREGNOCH in their past life in Addis, When it became harder and harder for them to robe the mass as they used to do, they took off to the states. YE HABTAM LIJ WEDE BOLE….. is a simpel proof that shows who’s kids and family members are now residing in DC or else where.

    I personaly don’t expect these people to like EPRDF because it’s the main reason why they can’t go back to Addis ever again so it was logic for them to cause all the HOYA HOYE we saw so far. Some of them accuse the government of bieng LEMAGNE MENGIST, but weren’t you and YAHUNOCHU YENETSANET TAGAYOCH who robbed the country and fled????????????????????? When this government took power, there was no AMIST SANTIM left in the governments KAZNA.

    DIMET MENKUSA AMELWAN ATERESA,,,,YEMIBALEW TERET is a good exampel of the financial scandal that tore apart what’s left of the “KINIJIT MENFES” I wounder what they would have done to the country if they got the power.

    As far as I know this government is building the country from scratch and the change is there to be seen by the whole world, is it a slow process? yes it is but atleast they are doing somthing than just talking. EPRDF will not be shaken by FESAM CYBER ARBEGNOCH LIKE YOU LOOSERS IN THIS FORUM. ONCE AGAIN, YOU ARE BLAMING THE WEATHER FOR THE LOW TURN UP,,,,MAYBE GOD HIM SELF IS FADE UP WITH YOUR “YE KURA CHUHET”.



  19. Birinet yemayawkew Netsana kuru Ethiopiawi
    | #20

    Geremew yetignaw yesideb school new degree yagegnehew pe tichilibetaleh bezih aynet ato legese zenawinim litaskid new bezih be tor milasihin mechem egziyabher yikir yibelih kemalet min yibalal min albat yehulet ken edme yalewun ye USA chicken eyebelah aymirohin qolefewna new meselegn bezih deha hezib lay yemtashofew ezih ethiopia yalew neger lezer manzerochih asasabi lifeneda yederese adegegna bomb new slezih ejihen bebilewa eyekoretik atisalek aymirohin asibibetina sayzegey leselam yebekulihin astewatsio adirg

  20. geremew
    | #21

    Ato Kuru Ethiopiawi,

    Ke kalat amerareto tilk sew yimeslalu, silezih antu bilwot kir aybelwot,

    Ye Ethiopia hizib erso kemigemetut belay chewa ena bewushet were yemaidenager new, erso yemitayot yetilacha menfes ager bet balew hizb mehal yelem. Yeza hizb chinket man zufan lay tekemete saihon man kezih dihinete awteto tegibe endebela yadergegnal yemil new.


    Ye Ethiopia hizb ers bersu yetgabana yetewalede chewa hizb new, erso endemitayot aynet adegegna bomb binor noro, KEBIR ATEHIDU, LEKSO ATIDRESU, SERG ATIHIDU, ESAT ATICHACHARU SIBAL BESEMA NEBER.



  21. Birinet yemayawkew Netsana kuru Ethiopiawi
    | #22

    Geremew ene maybe ante endegemetkew yene beedme betelek sayhon yante tigabina ebrit ende ye 5 amet lij chekila aymiro setitoh yimeslegnal slezih ahunim yewendiminet mikir yemisetih ” while your right hand is cutting your left one you are loughing on yourself ” ene lelaw demo sle ethiopia hezib mewaled ante lene atnegregnim ante kemitasibew belay awkalehu chicken atabza new yalkuh ene aymirohim endedoro aymiro endaytebina bestemecheresha wuchi nefis gibi nefis endayhon think about it before it is too late , demo sle Tigrewoch aff alegn bleh atikeraker ye Tigray hezib ye ante aynetun awenabaj le $$$ yenatun lij yemiked yihuda 15 amet teshkimo noroal ahun gin kemalim belay angefgifotal bigebah leziyam new leselam techenek ebritihen kenis yalikuh ejen beje endayhon bemechereshiya DOLLARUm bihon yesew heyiwot aytekamina Hiyawum ayaregim tilenew new yeminihedew

  22. geremew
    | #23

    Ato Kuru Ethiopiawi,

    Bemejemeria ene America aydelem yeminorew ena ye dorow neger minalbat erson weyim eza bird lay komew LAM ALEGN BESEMAI yemilutin MISKINOCH yimeleket yihon enji ene enkuan yelehubetim.

    Tinant ye Tigrai hizb be shabia siwerer bemelaw ye Ethiopia gizat yemigegnew wegenu dersolet yechigiru tekafay honual abrewim shabian ashenifewal, Ezi DC area yeneberachihu TEBABOCH gin AHIYA LAHIYA BIRAGET…..bilachu sitashofu neber. Ahun yeza hizb tebekana tekorkuari sitimeslu yasikal.

    Timkihtuna ebritu yene saihon ye KINIJIT DEGAFI TEBIYEWOCH NEW mikniatum lik ahun erso enen endemigemetugn enesum kenesu lela hasab yalew WUGUZ KEME ARIOS argew silemiyayut new. Afachihun moltachu yemetichohulet democracy eko yelelawin wegenon hasab bayikebelutim mesmatina makberin yatekalilal eko, meche new yihe EGNA YELELENIBET TSELOT…….aynet astesasebachu yemilekachu??????

    Ethiopia eko malet Addis abeba bitcha aydelem, ageru tilik, hizbum bezu endemehonu meten chigirum yazan yahil yesefa new, lendezih aynet chigir demo ENE AWKELIHALEW aynet sirat aytekmewim, be hailesilasie gizem bihon be mengistu yayenew ewneta new.

    Erso ahun yeminorubet state ena lela ye america state andand yeteleyaye hig ena demb endalachew yawkalu?????????????? ya malet hageru tekefaflual malet new???? Tilik hager silehonena ye sewu bahilina anuanuar yeteleyaye silehone, hulum state rasun endiastedadir tederege, gin hulum americawian nachew. Yemiasazinew ENEZA CHUHET BITCHA DIASPORAWOCH KEMINORUBET HAGER ENKUAN MEMAR YALCHALU DEDEBOCH NACHEW.

    Ethiopian kahun buhala hizbochuan lezemenat lemotina lesidet yedaregewin yalefebetin aynet ENE AWKILIHALEW SIRAT ATIFELIGIM, ESU YAMETAW TOS YIHEW AHUNIM YANAKISENAL YALEW.



  23. Birinet yemayawkew Netsana kuru Ethiopiawi
    | #24

    sorry hitsan Geremew ahunis azenkulih “MAMO LELA METAWEKIYAW LELA” sibal alsemahim ante yemitikebatirew lela ene lasredah yemokerkut lela ene yetigray lij bihonim endante gin tebibe ye tigray sew yihun enji ye 10 amet lijim beadebabay bigel hager endiyatefa eredawalehu yemil chifin akuam yelegnim ahun wekileh yemitichohilachew INDIVIDUALS lene SIYE ena HAYELOMIM yalibeju “VAMPIROCH ” nachew ene demo ayne yehen hulu ewneta eyaye endemayawuk hogne alashofim mikniyatum BELIJOCHE YEWEDEFIT EDEL LAY MEFIRED ALFELIGIMNA be tigray lij sim ene ZENAWI eyeseru yalutin wunbidina meles bileh lemayet mokir ewnet ye tigray lij kehonik lelaw demo meche new demo ATO ZENAWI le ETHIOPIA andinet weyim LE TIGRAY hezib selamina LIMAT yeserut LEMAGN aydelem wey yeregut yenena ye anten wegenoch SO PLEASE THINK about it before its too late

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