OBAMA – by Sahlu Bekele, Toronto

February 19th, 2009 Print Print Email Email

It’s the content of your character

Neither your origin nor your color

That should really matter
Were the words of the Doctor

It’s your hope not your despair
Your tolerance not your fear
That shifts history’s gear
Are the words of Obama
The great man of all time
Who filled our hearts
With hope and joy
Who filled our minds
With empowerment and inspiration
Who taught us a lesson
That is ever living
In the mind in the being

Our will to embrace change
Our desire to transcend
Our devotion to a cause
Our input to society
Our initiative to act
Taking a big challenge
And facing the unknown
These are the values we should own

When he captured
The will of the people
When he sensed public heat
When he said, “Yes, We Can!”
“We Need Change!”
Change has come
To the US, to the world
Its arrival swift and bold
And that’s how the story will be told

The dreams of Doctor King
That traveled forty years
Through thick and thin
With sacrifice, with passion
A long tiresome journey
That seemed unendurable
Has come to an end
And here is the dream
With Obama as a beam

America has waken up
America is listening
Willing to change
With the right messenger
To fix the future
Across colors across culture
What a blessing what a venture

The man has become the bridge
To shrink the gap
To connect the map
To unite, to revamp
To lay down the ramp

Things happen for a reason
Here comes the man of any season
Obama the great
Obama the blessed
Let leaders learn from his deed
Let the youth follow his foot steps
For a purpose for success

The feeling was tough
The emotions so high
When Obama spread a wave of sigh
Our nerves acted strange
We cried for happiness
And we wept for joy
Beyond description
Above words
Who can forget November four
The day of victory
Who can forget January twenty
The day of glory
For millions here
For billions there
For humanity every where
Obama shall care

He delivered the message
And he did his job
It’s us now to take the turn
And to do what we can
Because he showed us that we can
When we stand as one
When we set the mind to run
That anything is possible
Goals are achievable
Adversaries are approachable
The public is unredeemable
Peace is negotiable
Justice is attainable
Freedom is inevitable
Democracy is workable
Equality is desirable
Growth is reliable
Trust is invaluable
And the world is livable
As long as one discovers
The true spirit of freedom
In fighting dogma and serfdom

Long live Obama
You have given us happiness
In our political life
What we lacked back at home
What we struggled for so long
The power of the people
That never been realized
The lives of many that was short lived
The tears of mothers
The brutality of dictators
Is giving way to a new era
Where humans will be humans
And treated as such
And you have told them
To unclench their fist
If they could listen
And make a U turn
Or crash at a dead end
Thanks to you Mr. President
YOU have done what WE couldn’t

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Very intersting. Let’s not forget every thing is in Gods hand not Mr p
    We have to pray hard and united as one.

    May God Bless Ethiopia.

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