Zenawi’s invasion of Somalia Unleashed Radical Somali Youth Worldwide, says CIA Chief – By Duncan Gardham, Security Correspondent (telegraph.co.uk)

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A 21-year-old student from Ealing, West London has blown himself up as a suicide bomber in the war-torn country in the first reported incident of its kind. (more…)

A 21-year-old student from Ealing, West London has blown himself up as a suicide bomber in the war-torn country in the first reported incident of its kind.

Jonathan Evans, the head of MI5, voiced his concerns over increasing numbers of young men travelling to the East African country in an interview with the Daily Telegraph last month.

He talked of “networks that help individuals go and take part or provide support to extremist gangs in Somalia” and may return to attack Britain.

Michael Hayden, the outgoing head of the CIA, has said that the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia has “catalysed” expatriates around the world.

An audio message from Osama bin Laden last month urged Muslims to send money or go to Somalia to fight.

The student abandoned a course in business studies at Oxford Brookes University to join up with al-Shabaab [the Youth], an Islamic militia fighting the Somali government, according to Channel 4 news.

He crossed the border from Kenya and blew himself up at a checkpoint in the southern town of Baidoa in October 2007.

Ali Mohamed Ghedi, the Somali Prime Minister was staying at a hotel nearby and escaped unharmed but jihadi websites claimed that 20 Ethiopian soldiers were killed.

The man left a suicide video in which he said: “Oh my people, know that I am doing this martyrdom operation for the sake Allah.

“I advise you to migrate to Somalia and wage war against your enemies. Death in honour is better than life in humiliation.”

Sheikh Ahmed Aabi, a moderate Somali leader in north London, said he knew of the case and had heard of other young men travelling to Somalia to join radical groups.

“I’m hearing it from parents,” he said. “They say [their children] are joining the jihad. I am hearing there are a lot of people.

“This is a big problem facing our community.”

Peter Neumann, a terrorism expert at King’s College London, said: “The numbers I hear [going from Britain to Somalia] are 50, 60, or 70 but in reality we don’t know.

“You don’t need big numbers for terrorism. Somalia will never become another Pakistan but that does not mean it is not a threat.”

One young man outside a west London mosque was adamant it was his right to go to Somalia to fight.

He said: “If American troops can go from Arizona to Iraq then someone can leave this area and go to Somalia.”

While travel to and from Pakistan remains the major concern for the security services, Britain is also home to the largest Somali community in Europe, estimated at over 100,000.

Two of the failed July 21 bombers, Yassin Omar and Ramzi Mohammed, arrived in Britain from Somalia as refugees although they were radicalised after their arrival.

Ethiopian troops invaded in December 2006 to oust a government formed by the Islamic Courts Union and withdrew only last month.

Al-Shabaab, designated as a terrorist group in the US, aims to introduce sharia law to Somalia and took control of Baidoa last month.

  1. wagazzzi
    | #1

    It is time that USA & EU change policy of weyane minority crime gang.
    death to weyane agazzi babay killer

  2. Aksumawit
    | #2

    Those so called tplf’s..it is time to go..Just leave us alone.In the name of Tigrians..don’t shame upon us. We ethiopians will fight you with our bro and sisters until you all dead. Victory le Ethiopia.
    Meles Zenawi..and his few servants are murders. The days is running for vitory.
    God bless Ethiopia

  3. Jungle Boy
    | #3

    It is not just the invasion, but the brutality of the tyrant Meles Zenawi’s purposely trained militia’s actions that is driving the Somali youngsters nuts. Meles trains his militia to rape, torture and humiliate their victims. I can’t imagine how I would react if a Somali dictator came and raped children in my country. EU should stop this murderous man called Meles Zenawi before he commits further mass suffering.

  4. mateos
    | #4

    There is no doubt the two+ butchers of Ethiopian people aloong their, backers western donors, and their Eritrean masters/advisors are responsible for all of these unnecessary bloodshed, hatred, divide and rule that is taken place in the entire horn of Africa. The people of the horn of Africa should breath the fresh air of peace and tranquility because for too long WE WERE THE VICTIMS OF THE VICIOUS COLD WAR ERA; however, Legesse and Mebrahtu G/hiwot had a dream while they were in aiga jugle: 1- TO BE LEADERS OF ETHIOPIA, 2- TO BE MODERN SLAVES OF THE WEST, 3- TO FRAGMENT ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS FOR THEIR OWN GOOD AND THEIR GANGHO AGAZZI KILLERS, 4- “TO AVENGE AND REVENGE AGAINST THEIR GOD FATHER” FOR REASONS THAT WE KNOW OR WE DO NO KNOW AND WHERE THE NEW GENERATION OF ETHIOPIANS AND ERITREANS HAVE NOTHING TO DO AS TO WHAT HAD BEEN SAID DONE DURING THEIR DAYS IN THE BUSH’S, 5- TO LOOT ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIANS SO THEY CAN BECOME BEGGERS OF THE WEYANE MAFIA FAMILY. People as the times go by now we can safely conclude as to who the prime buthers of Ethiopian people are: MEBRAHTU G/HIWOT (aka Bereket Simon) AND LEGESSE Z! God save Ethiopia from the evil dreams of the weyane mafia family!

  5. LILI
    | #5

    there is no a single Ethiopian who scream loud to death until now for the invasion of somalia after all the war is over unless he or she is ————-.
    We know each other!

  6. atuba dolla
    | #6

    A one time barefoot robber is now rich and a criminal;it is true.Many years ago,Meles Naziawi,as he was known by his other name,Legesse Zinawi lived in Somalia to persue his plan of distruction on the country he is now ruling and looting for the last twenty years in collaboration with members of his crimefamily.

    In Somalia,he spent most of his time in recruiting enemies for the sake of harming Ethiopia and to disstablise the hole region while paving a way to grabbing power for which he is now brutally famous and a criminal.will he be captured or not is not a question,it is just a matter of time that he will be facing justice for all those crimes he and his crimefamily,together committed.

    The story of the ill-situation in somalia is the story of the circumstances created by the brutal members of the infamous crimefamily.Everybody knows about it,including the crimefamily itself that the tplfwoyanae invaders came into Ethiopia barefoot and utterly broke but with a lot of guns and bullets to murder Ethiopians;by far,the most weird criminal enemeies that Ethiopia has faced is the enemy that lauched war against millions of Ethiopia since 1991 and beyond and before that. However,this criminal enemy has been defeated to its utter and disgusting shame in 2005 and lost the election to the mighty Ethiopians;it was then,the enemy launched another brutal war against national heroes and citizens that the enemy murdered many Ethiopians as it is still being done all over Ethiopia.Again,will the criminals be captured dead or alive is not a question,it is just a matter of time that all members of the crimefamily shall be captured collectively and be chained together and walk toghether to the ultimeate justice to receive the ultimate punishments that no other enemies received.

    Historically and objectively these happened:The Ottomans, the Dervish,the Egyptians,and Italian Masters were beaten and defeated to death one by one;never came back again.None of the defeated enemeies had received proper burial;why? because they were invaders;so are the tplfwoyane crimefamily.Again and again, it is just a matter of time that the current enemy shall be defeated to its utter shame and shall be forced to joing the other historically known enemies either in grave or in prision. Being in a grave is being in prision because both are restricted to one tiny spot where the crimefamily shall belong to in the very near future. will members of the crimefamily escape with the loot? the answer is no and no.

  7. danuel
    | #7

    the weyane minority leader are faberating to be ethopian
    that they are not ethiopian. the weyane agazzzi babay killer are ethiopian.
    we all ethiopian must stand together.
    aganist agazzzi babay killer
    tigraian are not ethiopian.
    they are tigrain meles & his tigrain fans are not ethiopian. they are ruling ethiopian people by gun. ሎኦቲንግ እትሂኦፒአ ቶ ትሀ ቦነ

  8. nunuye
    | #8

    stop and think for a second. As long as we do not have any reliable political organization to replace the current government please stop your political games, we don’t want for Ethiopia to be like Somalia with bloodshed and without government. Let’s get modern and learn from Obama, we can work together to bring a change, but not with war or hatred.

  9. Anonymous
    | #9

    የኦባማና ባይድን አመራራር ምን ያህል ሎጅክን, ጀስትን እንዳሚከተል አስመከረ!!!

  10. ራስ
    | #10

    የኦባማና ባይድን አመራራር ምን ያህል ሎጅክን, ጀስትን እንዳሚከተል አስመከረ!!!

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