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An Ethiopian Heroine

This is a personal appeal, which I hope will be supported by all Ethiopians from whatever political or civic persuasion. It is a straight forward matter of human rights violation and the uncouth behavior by a fascist regime. Woyzero Birtukan Medekssa did not commit any crime or transgression of any law in the Ethiopian Legal nomenclature, but to stand for her rights as a citizen.

She was arrested and detained for 18 months with the other leaders of Kinijit, and subsequently has been elected President UDJ, a party that advocates PEACEFUL struggle, in what is supposed to be a free democratic process in Ethiopia. In the interview she gave to a community in Europe, her statement was conform to the conciliation agreement made trough the Group of Elders.

Her real crime was

a) to have refused to play in the Woyane Kangaroo Court and Justice system, from which she resigned her Judgeship and

b) to have become a popular leader, and an eventual threat to Meles’s political shenanigans.

Her arbitrary and illegal arrest, and a sentence to life imprisonment, a condemnation rarely given even to perpetrators of most vile crimes. Thousands other prisoners of conscience have been objects of the same abuses and violations of their basic rights by the EPRDF regime. Birtukan Merdeksa’s ordeal is symbol of the painful and criminally ruthless governance under which the Ethiopian people suffer.

I suggest that she be awarded the Nobel Prize as a peaceful activist and prisoner of conscience, not only on her behalf but also for the thousands of Ethiopian men and women that are languishing in Meles’s jail, without recourse of any justice. Ms Aung San Suu Kyi of Maynmar (Burma) received the Nobel Prize for the same reason andcause .

Please join me in this endeavor which is of concern for all of us who seek freedom and peace in Ethiopia.

Imru Zelleke

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