U.S. Congresswoman Demand the Release of Ethiopian Political Prisoners

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  1. | #1

    The prisond leaders are

    . highly respected by all citizen of Ethiopia
    . kind inteligent and
    . elected democraticaly
    . liveing and working in USA and all over the world
    . most of the prisnors rere teachers of the prime minister
    . engineers,Doctors and profesors
    . lawyers

    The last resons why the dictators prisond them was

    . after the prime minisre stil Ethiopian voices asked free election board
    . finally to inter the parliament asked 8 points
    . Free polic/military
    . free court
    . free economy and free movement
    . privatization of land and house,,, because every yhing in Meles rehiom is as dictator Mengidtu Hailemariam ..it is only a personal change , from one dictator to amother
    . multi-party system
    . free televission and radio
    . free expretion and human rights**********mainly
    . Good relation upto federation and democratic unity with Eriteria to solve the ountries port broblem
    . HR5680 must pass USA parliament for the well being of Ethiopians futurity and above all for the democratic good furure of the dictator-rlers family members childs child.

    Dear Madam congres womwen for this job those prisoned people ,they could have got prize or award from USA as a countrt of a founder of democracy as a country of ABRAHAM LINKOLN and GEORGE WASHINGTON.U.S. As the kind Congresswoman is doing I Demand the Release of Ethiopian Political Prisoners

  2. teddy
    | #2

    we need support
    Ethiopian people

  3. Mimi
    | #3

    Eventhough the main struggle is determind by the concistancey and full scale peaceful struggle of the Ethiopian people getting support from congresswomen and congresmen is vital. In peacful struggle, diplomacy is a key.

    Thank you Madame Congresswoman.

  4. DeGafe
    | #4

    congresswoman, we thank you for understanding the plight of inocent Ethiopians and standing beside us to strengthen our struggle for democracy, freedom, and unification.

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