Somalia Back to Chaos

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BBC | February 20th, 2007 – Somali government forces and TPLF troops have shelled areas of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu after their positions came under fire from insurgents.

At least 12 people, mostly civilians, were killed in the exchanges – the heaviest since the government took Mogadishu from Islamists last year.

Unknown gunmen launch almost daily attacks in the city.

Some Islamists, who last year were controlled much of southern Somalia, have vowed to start a guerrilla war.

The government blames the attacks on Islamist fighters and on Monday set up a special unit to target “terrorists”.

Dozens of people have been killed during attacks this year.

Horror-filled night

Both the insurgents’s mortars and the government’s artillery response landed on residential areas, causing civilians casualties.

Insurgents attacked the city’s main sea port, the presidential palace known as Villa Somalia and two government and TPLF military barracks with mortars during the night, says the BBC’s Mohammed Olad Hassan in Mogadishu.

Troops responded with artillery leaving at least 10 civilians dead, including women and children, and at least 40 others wounded, witnesses and local residents said.

Several houses were also destroyed, although details are still emerging.

“Four people including my four-year-old son have died, when four mortars hit our area,” said southern Mogadishu resident Mohamed Abdi Farh.

Doctors and nurses at two of Mogadishu’s main hospitals said more than 40 people were taken to hospital only on Tuesday morning.

“About 33 people, six of them children, were brought here, all of them this morning because they had no access to the hospital in the night,” said Medina Hospital director Sheikh Doon Salad Ilmi.

Hundreds of Mogadishu residents poured onto the streets in search of concrete buildings for cover as the pop of artillery gunfire and the boom of explosives echoed across the capital, our correspondent said.

“We spent the whole night under this concrete wall because I did not know where to run,” said Ruqiyo Madobe Ahmed, 34, a mother of four.

“From 2000 (1700 GMT) to dawn this morning, we have remained alert, fearing that the attacks could escalate,” said southern Mogadishu resident Jamaal Abdi-nasir.

Residents say it was the most horrific night they had had since the government troops took over control of Mogadishu.

“In terms of the extent of the explosion and the number of attacks, I think we have experienced the worst violence,” said Hodan Wali Nuure, a mother of a six-year-old boy, who was wounded by shrapnel from a nearby explosion.

AU peacekeepers

The African Union is planning to send a peacekeeping force to Somalia to replace the TPLF soldiers who have started to withdraw after helping the government oust the Islamists.

After 16 years without an effective national government, Mogadishu is awash with weapons.

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  2. Mimi
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    Wow, look these stupie woyanes! They are trapping themselfs from every corner. As long as evil Meles is on power, there is no peace in the horn of Africa countries. I also get the following news from EMF:

    EMF) — Three Ethiopian high ranking army officers and Top military experts defect the Meles Zenawi regime last week and went out of the country, EMF sources said from Nairobi. The defects include Bereket Abera, electrical communication engineer and lecturer at National Defense University in Debrezeit, Gezahegn Abebe, Armament Design Engineer and Bemnet Abebe, Military automotive engineer. The three military experts say there is increasing discontent and growing political dissent among Ethiopia’s officer corps, since the rigged may 2005 election. EMF correspondent from Nairobi has more, stay tuned. Meanwhile Addis Ababa looks like virtually military zone since Monday, source said from Addis Ababa. The people didn’t pay attention to the regime’s Millennium celebration trick saying it is aimed at diverting attention from the real political crisis. Report also confirms that federals are hunting people who read Dr. Yakob’s letter which is said to have been highly circulated in various Ethiopian cities.

  3. j.p.h
    | #3

    Mimi thank you for appreciating the poem I’ve read in some web sits the other day, and forwarded to this one .Again I have read the following.
    I hope you will enjoy it!
    But sorry,if “Mamo”? also wants to Enjoy it,
    please don’t deny him the satisfaction.

    Dictator’s Curriculum vitae
    What is the wealth for? and all ground forces?
    When you are always in fear, tremor, and sleeplessness?
    Not trusting ones shadow, hated by the masses?
    Far from loved once hiding from place to place?
    That is not life at all call it hell “Ayte”? please.

    Robbing the whole country massacring people,
    Dividing, deceiving, lying to no avail
    For just keeping power by any means evil
    Against once conscious if he has got at all
    To imprison justice was not the way to heal.

    With blood bath of the young, old, even children,
    How can one feel just free, and enjoy the daily sun?
    The nightmare in the dark and nicest blue moon,
    Trembling day and night with your future unknown,
    Don’t think you jailed people you are one in prison.

    The innocent leaders who languish for a cause,
    Despite physically suffering in dungeons,
    It is meant for liberty and freedom to millions,
    Feeling warm by spirit crystal clear consciousness,
    Sleeping well without fear and terrible nightmares,
    Contrary to you they share love with masses.

    What is life after all when you can’t see people?
    Deprived from “?Timket, Genna”?, and the rest “BeAl”??
    Fearing his body guard who holds the best rifle,
    Hero on the outside but known coward for real,
    Believing in the gun will not save you from hell.

    The lives you took by force from Amhara and Tigre,
    Oromo slaughters and the Somali war,
    The Sidamo killings and Anuak massacre,
    Christians Muslim brothers who lived together,
    Deliberately made to hate each other,
    But world knows the hyena, the ruthless dictator
    Your evil plans have failed truth will rule for ever.

    The lives of hundred thousand soldiers
    University students the brave martyrs
    “Etenesh’s”? tow children innocent youngsters,
    “ShiBire Desalegn”? who paid ultimate price,
    “Yalem Zuria’s”? mother was murdered in her house
    Those are some to mention about atrocities.
    No way you can go free by-passing these dear souls

    Curriculum vitae of Ruthless tyrant and tell
    The pain inflicted on the country and its people
    Let God give his verdict it’s beyond us all
    Dictator’s time is up, Ethiopia should prevail!

    (19/02/2007 Anonymous Ethiopian)

  4. Mimi
    | #4

    Wow j.p.h, you deliver again. I bet you it is a reflection of meles’s life. He is probably angry by now that we all know that his life is shallow and hell. Regarding MAMO, I am not sure, if MAMO is cabale of comprehending such kind of poam. Probably, he is staring at it right now, and as usual he will go to say the “KKKKKKK Wathzzz up da Diaspora….” thing. Well, don’t blame MAMO. He is tera weyane.

  5. JAKOB
    | #5

    J.p.h.:Wow What Wonderful Poetry -As for your suggestions to give a chance for This MEhayem Weyanea Jellea MAMMO to read and absorb the message it will be challenge for him than an offer-Coz its a bit hard For his NARROW ETHNO-FACIST BRAIN-

  6. masinquo dulla
    | #6

    Mamo use your brain do’t fuck around i know you are so termite for our people mamo don’t be animal think like human

  7. | #7

    J.P.h,it’s wonderful job simply you wrote the CV of dictator Melese may be he can use it to get his next job in Guantanama-bay,could you please keep documented copy of the poem, who knows one day we need it for other purpose,keep it up !

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