PRESS RELEASE: FREE BIRTUKAN MIDEKSA – Ethiopian Women for Peace and Development (EWPD)

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Ms Birtukan Mideksa, Chairperson of Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) party has been arrested and imprisoned for the second time by the Ethiopian Government since December 2008. (more…)

Ms Birtukan Mideksa, Chairperson of Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJ) party has been arrested and imprisoned for the second time by the Ethiopian Government since December 2008. She is at the notorious Kaliti prison in a solitary confinement. According to the US Department’s Human Right Report, she was jailed, “for accurately telling European media organization that she had not requested from the government a pardon” for her release from prison in 2007. Amnesty International also has stated that Ms Birtukan Mideksa is a political prisoner.

Ms Birtukan Mideksa is a former judge and a single mother of a four years old daughter. She has been an ardent advocate of a peaceful democratic struggle for good governance and for the respect of human rights in Ethiopia. She was a Vice Chairperson of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) party until she was imprisoned for two years after the 2005 disputed national elections in Ethiopia. We, members of the Ethiopian Women for Peace and Development, appeal to

• the international community to pressure the Ethiopian government to release Ms Birtukan Mideksa;

• President Obama’s administration to urge the Ethiopian government for the immediate and unconditional release of Ms Birtukan Medeksa and all other political prisoners including Teddy Afro, a famous Ethiopian artist; and

• all Peace-loving Americans to call their congressional representatives and to question the US foreign policy toward Ethiopia.

In the absence of human rights, there will not be peace and development.

Ethiopian Women for Peace and Development (EWPD)
5505 Connecticut Avenue, #259, Washington, DC 20015 *

  1. Robele Ababya
    | #1

    It is a maatter of honor and civic duty to stand up and condemn rampant violation of human rights in Ethiopia. This Press Release has just done that once again. The icon Judge Birtukan is the first lady-leader of a popular party even in Africa. Ethiopians should take pride in her strength of character setting an eternal example for the present and succeeding generations. Birtukan refused to lie; the authors of this Press Release and all Ethiopians owe a debt of gratitude to Birtukan.
    Please contact me for contributions to support her family

  2. እምነት
    | #2

    አንድ ነገር ልበላችሁ ቀደም ሲል ከጣሊያን ወረራ ጋር በተያያዘ ሁኔታ በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ሁለት ልጆች ተወለዱ አንዱ የአባት አንዱ ደግሞ የጠላት አገልጋይ ሆኑ እና ከድል በሃላ ጠላትን ሲያገለግል የነበረው የእናት ጡት ነካሽ በለመደው ተሽሎክልኮ ቦታ በመያዝ ነጻ ያወጣዉን ወንድሙን ያንገላታ ጀመር ዛሬም የእነሱ የልጅ ልጅ የሆኑት የአባታቸውን ፈቃድ እህትና ወንድምን አንገላቶ አስሮ ደብድቦ ከርስን ሞሙላት ስለሆነ የፈቀዳቸውን አልቀረም ሆኖም ዳኛ የሆነው ህዝብ እስኪወስንና እስኪፈርድባቸው ድረስ ነው አሁን በተለያየ መከራ ውስጥ የሚያልፉት እውነተኛ የቁርጥ ቀን ኢትዮጵያውያን ልጆች እውነት ነጻ ታወጣቸዋለችና ይጽናኑ

  3. democracy Ethiopia
    | #3

    In unknown day,hour,minute and second all 80 million peolpe in a well organizedlly form is beter to say “”"hoblo megelagel”"

  4. daniel
    | #4

    Our hero Birtkan is in prison for all of us. she is in prison for democracy and freedom…The truth shall win. Meles and his bandas time is coming. Look what is happing to your friend in sudan. You are next. Free ethiopia.

  5. Abiy Mulissa
    | #5

    )))))))))))))))))))EQUIVOCAL STATMENT((((((((((((((((((((((
    I watched Dr Yacob H/M statment from tv,a party without leader.Also how
    Ato Debebe Eshetu try to show his disagreement in publice.There is no back bitting from Profesor Mesfin W/M,he exposed the truth.I want to thank him about his letter to tell Ethiopian people.
    Politicians,including Dr Yakob H/M are often masters of equivocation.Where have you been when the Ethiopian people desprately want to know about the impreasonent Birtukan????
    As we know the party comitte public relation person was Ato Debebe why
    do you need to give statmen inplace of him?????Do you think without a leader any group can function properly?????If your answer is “yes” then you are on the wrong direction,that is why you will show us many more mess.
    Dr Messy,please to save our party give prioryty for Birtukan Midekessa and let Ato Debebe do his job.Even debebe has a good expriance to tackel their evil,not you.Blive me you don’t need to be a lawyer to chalenge Weyane,you you can be an advisor not a fighter.Please forget
    your Equivocal statement just listen to them.

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