Abugida Ethiopian American Television Network – Week of February 23rd, 2007

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February 23rd, 2007

Watch this week’s Abugida TV Program

  1. mohamed
    | #1

    good job Abugida,

  2. sami
    | #2

    A Very interesting interview with the best professor. Plese put it in a way that can be shared to poeple who do not have access to the website.

  3. | #3


  4. Tigist
    | #4

    Good job abugida! Especially the interview that Asheber had with Professor Al was very interesting and refreshing.

    Keep it up!

  5. Netsanet
    | #5

    Well done ABUGIDA and Thank you our hero Professor, you are really doing a very very great job.

    Mamo kilu, Such an impressive motivating interview with the distingushed professor makes you mad . ya. We know that.

    Try to return to your normal mind and think of good things.

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  7. Akalu
    | #7

    I am very happy that I have a brother and our mother has a very capeable and god sent child who does not rest until he sees the rays of democracy sparkle in our country. Prf. Al keep the good work.

  8. kemal
    | #8

    dear abugida, i enjoy watching ur program however it would be nice if u could play more musics and short comedys. it will add flaver to ur program.

    keep up the good work we are with u 100%

  9. j.p.h
    | #9

    Honorable professor Almariam,
    you are a true defender of the million voiceless in Ethiopia!
    Our mother land is under iron fist of ruthless dictator,
    and you are a brave child of her.
    We all compatriots around the world support your sacred initiatives.
    God bless you on your just struggle in bringing about freedom, democracy and rule of law in our country Ethiopia!

    Thank you Abugidas for this outstanding interview!

  10. Abraham Ketema
    | #10

    Great job abugida TV, right on.
    Bless it,

  11. | #11

    It is a good start. Sombody has to start it somewhere and shut the woyane dogs mouth. If the Americans like meles, they can bring him here to america and give him one state to lead, but not at the price of ethiopian people. Ethiopia was a democracy before America was a country.

  12. Solomon
    | #12

    Well done Abugida I think you are doing a great job and Iw ould Like to express my apprecaition to Professor Alemayehu.

  13. Tafesse Yirdaw
    | #13

    Your TV program is so fabulous. I am enjoying it very much. Keep your effort up!!!
    Let GOD be on your side!!!

  14. Tesfu
    | #14

    Good job abugida! Especially the interview that Asheber had with Professor Alemayehu was very interesting and refreshing. Go aheadddd ABUGIDA

  15. Rasselase Niguse
    | #15

    ABUGIDA Good job. what a wonderfull activities u doin. Special appreciation goes to the Professor and heros like him working day and night for Ethiopia

  16. Yosef W. Degefi
    | #16

    Abugida well done. keep it up. One comment, it wiil be good if you change the entrance clasical music before the NEWS.

  17. hassen
    | #17

    keep on it

  18. dk
    | #18


    Thank You

  19. | #19

    Abugida TV ye-meyastemer ena meyaznana program new yalachehu
    betam new menamsgnew gefubet bertu.

  20. | #20

    letmesegenu yegebal bertu.
    thank you

  21. | #21

    I am writing to you from West Africa. I am a regular follower of your program on my computer. However, when I am trying to download the weekly posted broadcast the transmission is inturrupted and the page is comming with errors. Could you please advise.
    With warm regrds and appreciatons

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