Zenawi still hungry for apology from his victims

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(EZ) According to American Embassy sources, members of the families of Brehnau Nega, Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, Hailu Shawel and Yacob Woldemariam were asked to appear at the Embassy last Thursday on short notice. At the meeting, the US Ambassador appeared with Ethiopia’s greatest Athlete, Haile Gebresillasie and Ambassador Bekele. Both have been mediating talks between the jailed Kinijit leaders and the Meles administration.After the family members were briefed about the talks by Haile and Ambassador Bekele, they were told that the government wanted the jailed leaders to apologize for conspiring to overthrow it. A letter of apology drafted by the EPRDF was also shown to them. Ambassador Yamomoto assured the family members that if the prisoners signed the letter, his office would guarantee their release.

Brehnau’s father Ato Nega spoke first. He recalled how he taught his son integrity and dignity when he was a kid and refused to take the letter to his son. “My son was taught of dignity and integrity. He fought for his country when he was not more than 15. He then went to your country and learned about democracy. He returned to Ethiopia to help his country. When EPRDF claimed that there would be democracy, he participated in election and was jailed for that. Am I going to tell him to ditch his self-respect and apologize for the wrong he didn’t commit?” Ato Nega said with tittering, low voice

His mother Woizero Abebech was even more forceful. “My son has told me that he wouldn’t die twice. If he signed this, he would die twice.” Dr. Yacob’s sister Almenesh claimed that Ethiopian politics isn’t a family affair and the families of the jailed leaders have no right to decide on the fate of the nation.

According to the sources, neither Ambassador Yamomoto nor the two Ethiopian mediators acted on bad-faith. “There was an urge and want to help. Yamomoto did not comment a lot. He listened. Haile and ambassador Bekele also talked about saving the country and reconciliation,” one source said.

Ambassador Yamomoto has thrown himself on solving the current political crisis right from the first date of his arrival. American embassy staff said his attitude and approach has been quite contrasting with the former charge d’affaires, Vicki Huddelstone who was acting as Meles’s messenger.

  1. hager
    | #1

    god bless those who are behind bar for us for our freedom which we will never forget

  2. kebede samsson
    | #2

    I Feel happy when i see My elected leaders stand
    up for the truth . we Love them and we Ethiopian remeber them for ever.

  3. Mimi
    | #3

    I am proud of them. They respect themselves, and they bring respect to our country and to our people. In other hand, I am sure Ambassador Yamomoto would know by now, the primitive and evil nature of Meles/weyanne. Once Americans figure it out that Meles is so bad and he can’t be fixed. They may come up with a lot of ways to get ride of him. The last thing that they want is to see destabilized Ethiopia. Once Meles is done with the assignment that he has in Somalia, he needs yet to prove that he is still valid. Creating vibrant democracy in Ethiopia is the best way, even for his own sake, to show his validity. Otherwise, if he keeps being a trouble maker, one would think how to get ride of him.

  4. thoughtful
    | #4

    this whole thing makes me ask my self one question>>>and that is….

    if melese zenawi gets an apology from the jailed oposition leaders, what power doest that give him to release the jailed, if there is a “free and fair” judicial system …..?

    It shows that this damn regim talkes with two tungs and they keep biting it every time..

    nevertheless I am proud to be on the side to the brave Ethiopians.”cud leaders”…

  5. daniel
    | #5

    Its all about the right time to come, i am sure Meles zenawi will regret for such stupid things that that he have done on his on own people. Bless those who fights for the truth, to let us free from agazi’s and hodamoch.
    \ God bless Ethiopia.

  6. TPLF Supporter
    | #6

    The ‘Opposition’/Kinijit:

    1) Former Dergues who want to destroy Tigray and genocide on Tigray people

    2) They want to overthrow this great gov’t by violence, they should admit guilt and NEVER return to politics again, ever!

    3) They are guilty of genocide, this much is known…why should they not pay for it, huh?!?

    4) Meles Zenawi is the greatest leader Tigray let alone Ethiopia had, they should all be so lucky! He makes that Amhara loving so called King Yohannis (which he was probably amhara!) into what he really is! Meles Zenawi is the greatest of ALL time.

    Besides, even if what the oppossition says is true. We all know. WE ALL KNOW…that the Ethiopian people are so gulleble and stupid that even if he’s like Hitler and destroyes and kills millions of them, THEY’LL LOVE AND FORGIVE HIM TOMORROW! They’ll forget and be singing Kumbaya with everyone!

    No wonder Eritreans beat us time and time again!!

  7. dagim
    | #7

    Histroy will remember these brave prisoners of conscience, who sacrified their decent life for their country.
    Hey folks based on the cynical behaviour of Meles and his party we have to suspect something from his latest move. Why he wanted the jailed leaders to admit that they committed a crime? I THINK HE IS LAYING ANOTHER trap for them.
    once they admitted their mistakes it will be easier for him to put them on trail send them back to prison for the second time ,may be after the celebration of the millineum.

    once they admitted their guilt, he can reverse his decision, since they were not formally freed by the court.

  8. CUD
    | #8

    The DAMN TPLF supporter, we know why you are talking nonsense. You are lost. All the plans that Ur stupid brave has calculated has failed and failing. CUD is a collection of great intellectuals who have no agenda of ethinicity. They are not there to filfill their need for a piece of bread like the starved TPLF members. They are there for democracy.

    CUD wins.

    kersam arufeh tekemet.

  9. | #9

    You desgasting TPLF supporter,You have no corage to speek on your own name though this government you are supporting is in power against the will of all Ethiopians including Tigreans who are also sufering under this brutal regime.However, you are right that TPLF is the government and not EPRDF.Go back tu Eritrea you vampire.

    God bless Ethiopia and the CDU leaders.

  10. adie
    | #10

    God bless the families of our heroes. This a true Kalkidan. We believe God is with us. Nothing is constant.Tomorrow is another day. Meles is realy Coward and blind.I am sorry for his clothe relatives specially for his children,they may suffer from his crime history.
    Meles is coward because it takes a bit of courage to see the truth with open eyes and heart.I think he suffers a lot than our courageous Leaders in Kaliti.what a shame is for him and our country.
    God bless Ethiopia and her golden people in Kaliti

  11. | #11

    TPLF supporter….. the readers of this website are not stupid as you are. You are Eritrean, we all know and don’t stumble yourself in our affairs, you need to worry about your sorry az lil country which just happened to be an earthly hell. history will judge both of your keen guys, Meles and Isais, both brutal murdereres… they will end up in the hands of Ethiopians.
    peace to all Ethiopians,

  12. theFre
    | #12

    I am rather puzzeled by the US position for trying to buy-out the ppl vote with a dinner invitation. This whole thing is not only about the jailed and the dictator; it is the people of Ethiopia who rejected dictatorship vurses the tyrany who snaches/robbes voices and takes lifes. If Ambassador Yamamoto believes in real deplomacy and problem resolution, the deal has to be made with the people of Ethiopia. As it is said the issue is far beyond a family matter.

    Americans…if u are listening, please have a value in your foreign deplomacy that u fight for…tastelessness and lack of value undermines crediblity.

  13. | #13

    Thanks a lot for CUD’s family.
    Meles Don’t be foolish! Where ever they are, they stand for liberty and dimocracy. We are very sorry to Ambasador Yamomoto. Infact we are nothing expect form you. Stay calm and see what will do our lord GOD.

    Egziyabher kegna gar new.
    God bless Ethiopia and CUD members

  14. Geftir
    | #14

    Ambassader Yamamoto and the USA government should understand that the current political problem in Ethiopia, with respect to the jailed CUD leaders and all prisoners of conscious, is an issue of the Ethiopian people vs EPRDF. I think, it is also freedom loving people of the world vs EPRDF. The world is coming together, and it time to act in accordance to the principles of democracy. One can not jail people’s elects in the first ever democratic election practiced in the country. it’s a joke; violating the rights of these prisoners is violating the rights of the people of Ethiopia, which I consider are prisoners as well.

  15. Geftir
    | #15

    Ambassader Yamamoto and the U.S government should understand that the current political problem in Ethiopia, with respect to the jailed CUD leaders and all prisoners of conscious, is an issue of the Ethiopian people vs EPRDF. I think, it is also freedom loving people of the world vs EPRDF. The world is coming together, and it time to act in accordance to the principles of democracy for one can not jail people’s elects in the first ever democratic election practiced in the country. It’s a vivid joke! violating the rights of these prisoners is violating the rights of the people of Ethiopia, which I consider are prisoners as well if they cannot freely excercise their rights or live in fear.

  16. tatek
    | #16

    Mr. Yamomoto and Mr. Haile Gebreselase knows that the government and Schawel & Mesfen have made a failed that is why they are trying to meditate.If Schawel & Mesfen are stil not capabel of reconciliation shows
    only that how much power hunger they have and that is not acceptabel.
    Schowl and Mesfen are still playing with ethiopian democracy and the government is ofcourse using it to blackmail them like they have treid it with the government.
    so i hope all come to their sense so that we go on to work .

  17. proud be Ethiopian
    | #17

    I am really happy , those stand for our democracy and Freedom.
    We love you guys,i wish you Good luck.

    God can give you strengh.

  18. saw
    | #18

    i am proud of kinijet leders;mr.yamomoto what you fill if it is happen in you country .what wayane is tring to do is not to be blamed .any way they are true eth.

  19. Ye-Ethiopia lij
    | #19

    Our leaders are not out there for selfish and self-saving ideas unlike most other “politicians” – they’re out there for principles they would be proud to take to their grave!!

  20. caro
    | #20

    A question to all CUD supporters:

    Have you watched the interview Hailu Shawel conducted with BBC’s HardTalk presenter Steven Sacker more than a year ago after the 2005 election? Have you noticed then how poor he was to explain himself and his party’s stand on all spheres? Have you then imagined how dreadful it would be Ethiopia to be led by such people?

    At that time EPRDF had given CUD two options: Either to contest for leadership peacefully and claim it peacefully if they won (without insurrection, that is) or to go to the bush and start armed struggle and claim leadership violently. None of these two options materialized. The reasons being: -
    1.People are fed up with their ethnic cleansing policies and won’t allow them in power.
    2.They don’t have the gut to fight in the bush against EPRDF

  21. Yeruksew
    | #21

    A lot of thanks to dear families of Prisoners.
    What does the American Ambasador have to learn from what the families of Prisoners of Concience said? The facts they uttered are uttered in the name of Ethiopian people. It is no more the affair of those families. Instead, it is the big affair of Ethiopia at large. Gone will be those idiots and narrow minded supporters of EPRDF.

    I don’t have the slightest doubt that Ethiopians will come out victorious in so a short a time. Forget Haile and the rest. It is a short sighted intent to think that the families of our big leaders will agree to what they planned with the American Ambassador. All in vein. Haile and the likeS don’t have the capacity to discern the truth from the untruth. Their asking of the families to agree to the plot of Woyanne suggests to me that they too are convinced of the false charges.

  22. | #22

    GUDU YETAYAL GUDU..AYA HOO. YETAYAL GUDU..kkk. ale SELMON TELAM.any way ther is only one person to crown that’s KING MELES period. ther rest of u losser DISPORA well hell kiss my habesha AZZZZZZZZZZZZ u and u leder’s. opps i said’d again. W4life.

  23. Yohannes Afwork
    | #23

    I am proud of these great sons and doughters of ethiopia. they show the world there is something more important in the world than filling a stomach. Todays tplf people doesn’t know what is sacrifising for the better of the whole society. they even dont have the gut to stand for seye abrha. I will say one day we will see justice and freedom from tyrany in our country.

    God Bless ethiopia
    free all prisoners of concious

  24. | #24

    Meles is shame for ‘tenegna’ tigray people…No mother on earth, dream of her son bieng a president ,and be hated by the most of his nation.Ye wolad gud! She might have been proud in the begning,by the time he arrived in Betemengest”,hoping he woud do what he has promised,But now When he become “Yewelad maferia”What can she do? He is her own son! Lam esat wolda,,,,Endatlesew….honebat.

    CUD families, Ethiopians are proud of your daughters,sons,brother and sisters.God is allways there!ofcourse in the true side.Be patient!proud of Great runners!

  25. kasso
    | #25

    i ma sure that united sate is standing for melese zenawee

  26. Birhanu
    | #26

    I don’t think the whole question is whether the heroes will be released from prison. What’s next then? Is Meles going to address the demands they went to prison for? Those human right demands they demanded in representation of the public. If that is not fulfilled by Meles then we are back to where we started. It means all this time of being jailed didn’t make any worth. What do you think the Heroes in prison would feel?

    If EPRDF promises to fulfill the demands then it is something worth considering. The fact that EPRDF demanded apology and promises to release them shows that the Judiciary system is still under the control of EPRDF. If that’s going to change right after their apology that’s something worth considering. It’s not apology, instead EPRDF is trying to save face for its mistake. That’s what happened when Nelson Mandela was released. They made demanded him to cool down the movement and help them save their face. It wasn’t an apology but something that tried to cover up the accountability for the Apartheid. It would’ve been foolish for Mandela to try to say “you guys have to accept your loses in public and pass me the presidency”. They weren’t considerate enough to accept equality of all men and Mandela didn’t expect them to be good enough to accept their mistakes in public. His priority was saving his people and his country. I believe that our jailed leaders are in the same mind set. They will be willing to help EPRDF save its face, but the very demands that they’ve been jailed for have to be fulfilled. I hope that Mister Yamamato and Dr. Haile G/Selasie are conducting two way reconciliation and not a one directional demand by EPRDF. If they can make this happen, they will be heroes of our country together with our jailed heroes.


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