Zenawi Panicks Over Al Bashir’s Arrest Warrant – Joe Michael

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Ethiopian leaders are screaming loud at ICC against the recent warrant it issued to the Sudan leader. They alleged that the warrant would destabilize peace in Sudan. The truth is – they don’t care about Sudan at all. They are against the warrant because they are worried about themselves knowing that they are next.


Al Bashir has committed serious crimes in Darfur. More than 300,000 people have been killed; human beings were cut into pieces and burned alive; thousands of young women have been raped; millions of houses have been burned and the people were forced to leave, etc. The ICC has more than enough evidence that can attest the direct involvement of Al Bashir in these crimes. Legally, Al Bashir was supposed to be arrested and brought to justice long time ago.

Billions of people around the world condemned Al Bashir’s atrocities. The free world appealed to the United Nation through uncountable petitions and protests. Even as we speak, Darfur remains to be one of the dangerous places on earth for human beings. People are still dying, woman are getting raped. However, slowly, but surely, justice to those millions of Darfur victims is around the corner.

In light of such clear crime and atrocities in Darfur, the Ethiopian government, a government that has been committing similar crimes against its people became the first government to condemn Al Bashir’s arrest warrant. The condemnation is not a surprise either to the international community or to the Ethiopians who have been victimized by their government. Naturally, criminals never want to see other criminals brought to justice.

Since the EPRDF government took power in 1991, thousands of Ethiopians have been killed, arrested and tortured because they opposed the government. The government has also been engaged in several domestic and regional wars and committed serious war crimes. They burned villages, raped women, and murdered innocent civilians. Several political prisoners, including the main opposition party leader are still in jail in solitary confinements.

The shameless Ethiopian leaders have no motive for peace what so ever when they rejected Al Bashir’s arrest warrant. They are only trying to circumvent their own arrest warrants. What they should know, however, is regardless of what is going to happen to Al Bashir, they too are evidently criminals and justice will hunt them down.

  1. Gobzenew
    | #1

    Yes we can jail this crook and murder into a cage very soon. By the way, I was speechless when I saw the picture except for thinking they did a great job.

    Death to Meles and to his dear friend Al Bashir

    | #2

    I have no dought WHEN Crime Meles AND His Buchla bring to juctice. The days are not far…by the way whoever post this nice picture..Thank you.
    Free Ethiopia!

    | #3

    When the dust settles and the forced demonstrations and rally s are over, Bashir will find himself in awkward position. Who is going to respect a wanted man? Someone, amongst his close circle of friends is going to grab this opportunity and kick him to the curb. He has to look over his shoulder all the time and if he slips up_ he will find himself at the Hague. The strong nationalist fervor in Serbia did not save Milosevic from the International Court. The Serbian people and landscape are better protective of their own than the Sudanese desert and people. And yet, Milosevic and his lieutenants were hunted down one by one to face justice. Sooner or later,Bashir will be caught and the Sudanese people can’t help but dance in the streets of Khartoum. By the way, Bashir’s response for his arrest warrant is expelling aid workers endangering thousands of citizens. What a stupid, moron and empty headed dictator he is! just like his counter part east of the border.

  4. Jungle Boy
    | #4

    The Gambella Genocide, The Ogaden ongoing systematic rape, torture, lynching and killings, The Somali Massacres and war crimes, the over all crimes against humanity in Ethiopia deserve justice.

  5. mateos
    | #5

    I just hope Legesse and his junta will be brought to Ethiopian people courts; sending them to Hague is a blessing. Let them rot in the murder and torture houses they built with in Ethiopia. The days of all innocent Ethiopian blood that was spilled by these junta are approaching- – BE IT LEGESSE, BE IT MEBRAHTU G/HIWOT (AKA BEREKET SIMON), BE IT AZEB MESFIN, BE IT SEYOUM MESFIN, BE IT ALL THE WEYANE MAFIA FAMILY WILL BE APPREHENDED. Their street smart politics and brutality will end soon. There will be peace and prosperity in Ethiopia as well as the entire horn of Africa. Peace

    | #6

    I don’t know how ICC is working but why did the atrocities taking place in Darfur took so long without bringing the perpetrators to justice?
    On the other hand what lately ICC has done in bringing Milosevic and Karagij of previous Yugoslavia, Charles Tailor of Liberia and some Rwanda’s Genocide criminals to justice has brought a positive happenings not only ICC but to all humanity! Our planet is not clean still from criminal “Government personnel” starting from the “Heads of states”. This needs no less effort than cleaning our planet from garbage like plastic (chemicals which brought us the thinning of the “ozone layer”) or the Global warming etc… The next thing that ICC is advised to do is to continue to clean up our planet from such atrocious garbage of the planet earth – tyrannies of the east Africa – Meles Zenawi(with Bereket,Sebhat…),Isayas Afworki and gradually the world as a whole! There are ample evident recorded in the Human Rights reports since long time.GO, GO ICC GO!
    The “Butchers of East Africa” are at large, ICC GO!
    Meles and his Dogs should be brought to justice!

    Mother Ethiopia will soon be free from criminal perpetrators of atrocities!

  7. Beneberu
    | #7

    All the attrocities, killikngs, arrests,and abuse on Ethiopia people by the TPLF gangs will end and justice will prevail. The killings in Gambella, Ogaden, Oromia, Amhara, Addis, Bedeno, evrywhere in Ethiopia is currently documented and the Meles Chinawi mafia gang will be the next target by ICC.

    Long Live Ethiopia

  8. Robele Ababya
    | #8

    ICC is a beacon of hope for international justice. Meles and his cohorts must be brought to justice. The martyrs are crying for justice and it is upto us the living that justice is done.

  9. sami
    | #9

    hhahahhah funny pict— but try to help eppf guys lets fight our enemeys were becha ma manene gedele gobez

  10. tadesse
    | #10

    I DONT LIKE THIS photo.He(obama) dont care About ethiopia now.

  11. kochena
    | #11

    We should celesbret, we should praise our lord, A lord who keeps our land and our people. We should celebret becouse almighty God is in our side. He always gives us hope, He always tells us “It is all about time, you people of Ethiopia, “The sun will rise high and longer, this is me the almighty God, the sun will rise again. people will be blessed, a country where every one lives in piece and HARMONY” where you people of Ethiopia will not think about atrocities and evils.

    God bless Ethiopia!!

    God bless the people!!

  12. Ototo Gormolo
    | #12

    Wow, this is a great news that every society languishing under the burdensome yoke of dictatorship and despotism like us in Ethiopia should be rejoicing about. The days of Meles and his cohorts are numbered. There isn’t an iota of doubt in my mind that Meles’s fate is similar to that of Al-Bashir’s. Look what the recent US State department annual report on the human rights abuses committed by Meles in Ethiopia has brought to light. This abuse is not the first, neither will it be the last so long as Meles stays in power. The only relief our people will get is when Meles is caught by the collar and jettisoned to the ICC in the Hague.

    God bless Ethiopia, and death to Meles and Woyane.


  13. wase
    | #13

    Dear Abugida,

    Re Photo Montage

    This time, you’ve done a really outstanding job, Abugida. On behalf of the suffering Ethiopian people, I offer you my highest respect and appreciation for your continued absolutely superb work. Keep it up!

  14. Aar Mohammed
    | #14

    Although the timing and the motives are questionalable, Al-Bashir must face justice. Other leaders such as Meles should be brought to justice for the thousands of innocent people they have killed, tortured or otherwise humiliated. There are thousands of people who can provide enough evidence for Meles to be charged.I am one of them as my close relatives have been victimized and some of them killed by his government

  15. Binyam
    | #15

    Ethiopian legal experts have to be busy collecting evidence against the brutal dictator Zenawi as it is for sure he will be brought to the world court. Things are going in the right direction to bring both Mengistu and Meles to justice, very soon.

  16. ትእግስት
    | #16

    It is good news. At least the people of Darfur will have some justice. Meles Zenawi has collaborated with Al-Bashir. Is the ICC to be silent about this? Zenawi’s government and his henchmen should be brought to justice for their collaboration with Al-Bashir and co. Had Zenawi opposed or advised Al-Bashir to restrain from the massacre of 300000 africans, we might have had many Darfurians saved.

    Meles Zenawi as responsible as Al-Bashir for the human tragedy in Darfur.

  17. Geremew
    | #17

    መለስ ሌባው –

    ውይ! ስታሳዘዝን : እኔ አፈር በሆንኩ! የትኛው ጥፋትህ ይሆን ለዚህ ያበቃህ?

  18. ኢትዮ
    | #18

    ወይኔ ማሙሽ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. mudeser
    | #19

    WHERE is this murdere TAIL WHERE IS IT?

  20. Voice from Mekdela
    | #20

    Get ready message for the dictators in Addis. Do you think you can can escape the ICC arrest warrant? No, because here your crimes

    1. The Ogaden Genocide
    2. The Gambella massacre
    3. The Addis massacre
    4. The Sidamam massacre
    5. The Arsi massacre
    6. The Bedeno massacre
    7. The killings in Gondar town
    8. The killings in Sodo town
    9. The massacre in Tepi
    10. The Ambo massacre
    11. The massacre in Somalia
    12. The terrorism and seige in Ormia, Tigrai and Ogaden
    13. Illegal mass detention, human right violations, and looting of the entire country.

    14. The blood of Ethiopian kids (thousands) in the useless war.

    15. More

    You have the blood on your hands. These are crimes againest the peoples of one great nation. We Ethiopians passed through historically painful time due to your arrogance and trust for power. Obviously, you and your friends in total are not more than 500 in total. But, because you are arrogant and dictator, 80 million ppl has suffered for 18 years. ICC arrest is the least you could pay. The day is getting closer.

    I pray to see your days in a cell. Who is man enough that seeks gratification by sending a humble young women separated from her 3 years old daughter???

  21. Sharki
    | #21

    Why are you people so naive. Since when does the west care about human right. All the problems we witness in the Sudan is a sol creation of the west to still the wealth of the country. Plus this sort of justice only applies to poor countries not the wealthy countries. The destiny of Ethiopia is on the hand of her children. Legese Zenawi came with the barrel of gun and he must go by the barrel of gun. He must taste the justice of Ethiopia none of the outside world gives a hut at the miss justice comitted by Legese the chiwawa of Adwa. Why is Ethiopian anticipating justice from some one els. The government of Ethiopia is loyal only to his handler to the like of Yamamoto who is doing his poletical internship and Jadaye Fraizer and so on… Please people don’t was your time fantasizing as if justice will come to you like manna from heaven. The Ghebrehiwet Mebrahtu aka Bereket Simn and Legese Zenawi can only survive creating ethnic discord among the peaceful and loving people of Ethiopia. Rice in unison by uniting the people of the Ethiopia and confront the cancer at hand by eradicating once for all.

  22. Tiblets
    | #22

    This is the beginning of the end of african dictators.

  23. jabesa
    | #23

    the killer wayane leaders are back to court soon

  24. jabesa
    | #24

    mrs meles serander to icc the evil blood sheider.

  25. jabesa
    | #25

    ten of thousand ethiopians are killed without kindness for nothing since dargi leave the country.ethiopia is divided in to 9 unite was disapeared. the country of ethiopians are runed by tplf leaders.citizens are no have right to do some thing or to say something.ethiopia the land of pomise left behind by evil leaders.i was thinking much what is the next.please get up together to do some thing for our country for our nation.

  26. jabesa
    | #26

    good see you weyzero meles in ic court.

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