TPLF world of political intolerance, greed & no compassion – By Robele Ababya

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The invading TPLF regime has this time gone mad as demonstrated by its imprisoning of Judge Birtukan for telling the truth and Teddy Afro for making a clarion call for peace, love and reconciliation. (more…)

The invading TPLF regime has this time gone mad as demonstrated by its imprisoning of Judge Birtukan for telling the truth and Teddy Afro for making a clarion call for peace, love and reconciliation. These extraordinarily talented young Ethiopians are cruelly languishing in the infamous Kaliti dungeon with their immense talent and creative enthusiasm locked up and wasted. The irony of this saga is that the Meles regime is contemptuously denying the Ethiopian people their right to know the truth and desire for peaceful transfer of power.


Regime with no constructive vision

The invading army of TPLF entered Addis Ababa to the cool reception of its citizens. As if to revenge the unwelcome Woyane held its celebration at the Ghion Hotel where exclusively Tigrean folklore dance dominated the floor – the celebrants jumping up and down with their Kalashnikov guns with which they killed peasants held up in the air. The point is that the occasion glaringly exposed the hidden agenda of the racist invaders that was to unfold in the subsequent evil deeds of TPLF leaders.

The true nature of TPLF manifested itself rather soon; Meles openly solicited the world community to recognize the separation of Eritrea. In that act of betrayal the tyrant left Ethiopia landlocked. I do not think of any greater harm to our much cherished pride in our valor in the defense and preservation of our vital interest. The subsequent rampant series of heinous crimes had their beginning in the giving away without fight of our basic right of access to Red Sea, our natural frontier for defense and economic lifeline.

The spate of its evil deeds must never be forgotten; these include: genocide against the Anuak people of Ethiopia (Gambella) and the Amhara ethnic group in Arbagugu; crimes against humanity; war crimes in the illegally invaded Somalia – the first such act in the long history of Ethiopia; carpet bombing and other disproportionate use of fire power in the Ogaden; murder, torture and forcible displacement of citizens. These are well-documented crimes that surely make Meles well-deserved candidate for trial in the ICC.

The TPLF masterminded the air raid that very unfortunately and sadly killed innocent civilians in Hawzeen; it was a fratricidal war between ironically two Marxist antagonists. The victor TPLF erected a divisive monument for those whose death it masterminded in the first place. The point is that it is rather for the martyrs in the aftermath of the historic election of 15 May 2005 and the victims of genocide of the Anuak and the Amhara ethnic groups that erecting a monument would be just and proper..

Further ado in discovering the hidden agenda of the repressive regime is immaterial for we had in my opinion known what evil TPLF was right from the start in May 1991. Therefore we should devote less time on the debate about the pros and cons of new information about the early history of the main actors in the ruling regime and concentrate on the burning issue of immediate and unconditional release of Birtukan Medksa, Teddy Afro and all political prisoners.

War between ideological twins
The Derg and TPLF chose Stalinism as their ideological weapon in furthering the ‘cause’ of the international proletariat including the Ethiopian working class. Yet they fought each other so ruthlessly causing colossal loss of young lives not to mention the gross mismanagement of the national economy and stupendous amount of resources spent on the military with taxes collected from the poor peasants that forcibly gave their children as fodder to the war machine of the Stalinist warlords.

The Derg boasted over ten million members of its Ethiopian Workers Party (EWP). TPLF/ERDF reportedly has over four million members. But God only knows whether the political parties of both carried out the affairs of their respective parties with dues collected from their members. I know the Derg used mainly the resources of tax payers because I was branded an enemy when I refused to authorize institutional resources to party functionaries embedded in the organization under my supervision. It is popularly known that the totalitarian TPLF regime is both the ruling party and the government. So there is reason to believe that party functionaries of the TPLF squander the resources of the tax payer.

The EWP was unpopular and its self-seeking members were embroiled with internal power struggle. As a result the Mengistu regime fell – not because of lack of weapons or the will to fight on the part of soldiers but because of corruption in high places.

The same fate is awaiting TPLF just around the corner for it is in its nature that history repeats itself. The millions of party functionaries of the TPLF have voracious appetites for the best part of the resources produced by the toiling masses; corruption is rampant. Greed and fierce competition among its ranks will surely bring down the repressive regime.

The Communist Party of the defunct USSR claimed millions of membership; it boasted that it Young Communist League embraced 95% of the young people. This did not save the USSR from disintegrating.

So, Ethiopian opposition forces should not fear the big number of party functionaries embedded in the TPLF regime. Meles would soon find this number a liability if had not realized so already.

Appeal to international democratic community
In one of my articles I stated that the highest achievement of the industrialized democracies lies in tolerance for political dissention. Freedom of expression and freedom of conscience are sacrosanct protected by the highest laws of their respective countries.

The other brilliant achievement for which they should be credited is the establishment of the ICC. This is laudable achievement and a beacon of hope that the world will eventually rid itself of dictators terrorizing their own people. Meles Zenawi of TPLF is a case in point.

The achievements above said outshines the Ethiopian ancient civilization, which was in place while barbarians were causing havoc in Europe. We Ethiopians must admit we waited far too long in curbing the excesses of our dictators. The historic election of 15 May 2007 gave us hope; we even savored victory for one brief moment in our history. That victory was however stolen in broad daylight by Meles who at the time and in the bloody aftermath of the election enjoyed the support of President George Bush of the USA and Prime Minister Tony Blair of the UK.

Unfortunately up to this point in time direct budgetary support is flowing to the treasury of the corrupt and repressive TPLF government. The irony of it all is that the said flow is taking place at a time Judge Birtukan, leader of a strong democratic party, is in jailed for exercising her freedom of expression. The brutal manner in which she was whisked to the infamous Kaliti prison was appalling; the barrage of attack by government media on this defenseless prisoner of conscience constitute physical and psychological torture in the small prison cell in which she is kept in isolation – denied her constitutional right to meet her visitors except he old mother and four year old daughter in the care of her grandmother.

In truth, greed, political intolerance, and lack of compassion characterize the fear-ridden and power-hungry TPLF regime. This not surprising given that the regime grabbed power by the gun leaving behind a long trail of blood and thousands of lost lives. What is sad is that Birtukan, her mother and daughter are victims of the cruelty of Meles.

To the Western powers I humbly say that Judge Birtukan is a precious gift to her fellow citizens; to members of her gender vying for social equality and justice; to the young generation aspiring for a better future of peace, tranquility, love, prosperity and the rule of law. I further humbly say to take the mantle of moral leadership by discarding double standards of the past and support this popular lady.

I am appealing to the leaders of the Western democracies to demand the immediate and unconditional release of Judge Birtukan and all political prisoners.


Robele Ababya (

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