African diplomats discuss Bashir arrest warrant with Russian authorities – APA-Moscow (Russia)

March 7th, 2009 Print Print Email Email

A group of African ambassadors from Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Sudan, Ethiopia and South Africa held an emergency meeting with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Saltanov to discuss issues connected with the International Criminal Court (ICC)’s arrest warrant issued for President Omar al-Bashir for war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Darfur conflict, APA learns from diplomatic sources here on Friday.

The African ambassadors, after referring to the position of the African Union and the League of Arab states, they established it was unacceptable for the court to issue the warrant, which could possibly affect the situation both inside Sudan and spill over to the neighbouring countries.

Last Wednesday, the ICC issued an arrest warrant against Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir on charges of alleged atrocities in Darfur. The United Nations Security Council said it would take up the matter and with Russia’s active participation in the discussions. Meanwhile, many African and Asian states have warned that the ICC’s move could reflect negatively on the situation in this troubled east African country.

In this case, it was emphasized that this is directed against the sovereign rights and the legitimate interests not only of Sudan, but also other states of region.

In turn, Saltanov noted that in Moscow the authorities are divided over the Sudan issue and its possible negative consequences and steps to be taken for the peaceful settlement in Sudan. He however expressed hope that in the prevailing complex situation, they will continue to search for suitable solutions, and also the steady realization of a universal peace accord between north and south of Sudan.

Moscow supports a proposal for a one-year suspension of criminal prosecution of President al-Bashir who faces charges of five counts of crimes against humanity and two of war crimes.

  1. Tilahun
    | #1

    Algeria is not a democratic country and an Arab does not care about the black Sudanese. We hear terrifying news everyday from Arab countries how they treat black immigrant workers. They do not have a moral value for human right. They do not listen anything unless it is from Palestine.

    Egypt is not a democratic country and what is more regarding Egypt. It does not want any east African country govern by smart and patriotic person, because they have stake on Nile. They never ever want to loss the loin share of Nile. Democracy is fair and contagious so they fear that not to happen

    Kenya since obama’s root is there we are going to see more drama of diplomacy. Many countries are going to invite them to solve many issues. It seems funny but going to happen increasingly

    Morocco they are like Algeria so the same statement that I made applies to Algeria applies to them.

    Ethiopia, emmmm ke ke..Who is next? Is the question, Terrifying in deed.

    South Africa…. they do not mean it. They just go with the wind, African political wind.

  2. meseret ayalew
    | #2

    Those countries you mantioned above they all have blood on their hands
    they kiiled,tortured their own citzines and political oppenents.
    that is why they don’t want to see the international court decision passed against president Bashir of sudan not to be implemented. If it does, they know they will be next. Dictators live in fear as always.

  3. Jungle Boy
    | #3

    I don’t know why South Africa joined this flock of dictators. The rest of them are, however, scared for themselves. Russia has its own problem. I don’t think Russia will go to a political war with Europeans over Sudan. Probably woyane ambassador organized it. They are in panic mode.

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