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“Finally Africans are united” articulated a non-African colleague while African rulers were meeting shamelessly representing Africans at the beginning of last month. (more…)

“Finally Africans are united” articulated a non-African colleague while African rulers were meeting shamelessly representing Africans at the beginning of last month. My response was a big sigh in disapproval of this claim. A bona fide African Union or United States of Africa is a dream comes true. The question, however, is: Are Africans really united? Is African Union factual or simply bogus?

A union by definition is coupling of individuals, groups or organization for common purposes.

Indisputably, groups of individuals, not nations, exist under the sunshade of African union. With the exception of few representatives hailed from countries such as South Africa and Ghana, the individuals grasping the stalk of this union’s umbrella are heinous African rulers; obviously not leaders. As any members of any union, these despots (the founders of the endless-African misery) are united for common purposes-helping each other in crisis time.

If I understood him correctly, the distinguished Professor George Ayittey calls these “unionists” gang- hippos. [1] Proving the fact that these gang-hippos or hippo-gangs assist each other in crisis time does not take long. The union hippos’ current unanimous cry to rally around their union member from Sudan is a case in point. [2] An African adage goes “when something is said about your neighbor, take it as if it is stated about you.” As most of us realize, gang hippos do not cherish others’ life. I do not believe the hippos fret about their Sudanese- friend’s life, either. They most probably are sniveling for themselves. In other words, what they call “African union” wails for the gang hippos not for the innocent African victims. Did we ever hear these gang- Hippos voicing against the mass killings in Darfur, Gambella (Ethiopia), and Liberia, Zaire, Nairobi, Somalia, Kampala, Streets of Addis Ababa and other regions? These facts herald that the union gangs will remain united to fight any justice-seeking groups for the copious atrocities committed on Africa’s soil. [3-7]

Not surprisingly, the gang- hippos, united for common objectives, have also common characters. It appears that gang hippos do have similar genomes. Some carry homozygous genes for mass murder. As a result, unlike non-gang natural hippos, the gang hippos of Africa murder their own species. They do not take any demographic factors in to account to slaughter their tax payers. These hippos kill children, women, young, old or anyone who stands against their wills. They do not even hesitate to kill their own friends or family members to keep their muscle-based power alive and strong. Furthermore, they relentlessly embezzle peoples’ resources, induce ethnic fracas, and saw seeds of starvation, illiteracy, diseases and all sorts of man- made disasters.

As most of us know, majority of these gangs assumed power through direct or indirect blood-shed. Most of the Hippos were once Guerrilla fighters or coup d’état organizers. They claim they killed people to set “free” other people. However, the fact on the ground contradicts their claims. As soon as the gangs grab the power with their teeth, they install their chairs’ legs on the faces of their people who were once promised to be free. Then, they force them to live in earthly hell. Most of the gang hippos murder, imprison, and harass their opponents and even their families. They abominate intellectuals and coerce them to exile. They deny their people access to information and knowledge. Gang hippos deprive citizen rights and benefits of those who stand on the other side of the isle.

Clinging to power until demise or the second coming of Christ is the axiom for the African gang hippos. However, frightened by the international communities’ (not their own people) criticisms, they sometimes run phony elections. As it has been seen in many parts of the continent, the hippos steal ballot- boxes and declare themselves champions. Gang hippos do not step down from power with dignity. They prefer to stay in their blood -stained chair until they get ousted in a very shameful way. These hippos do not intend to live legacy to their own children let alone to the people of the continent. Instead, the hippo gangs suck the Africans’ blood continuously more than the Anopheles mosquitoes and the tsetse flies do. For their own luxury, gang hippos meet for annual get together party. Blatantly, they call this party
African Union.

Alas African union! How on earth could gang hippos unite Africa while they divide their own people in to ethnic slices, and provoke the slices to fight each other? Who would think current gang hippos originating from countries such as Ethiopia could unite Africa while they implant and cultivate the forbidden tree of cessation in the continent? This era is an era where people organize themselves based on principles and reasons. This is an epoch where individuals debate ideas and concepts. In this 21st century some wise humans enable even wild animals from all over the world live together harmoniously in the animal kingdoms (zoos). On the other hand, most wild gang hippos in Africa promote ethnic based organizations to divide and rule while they punish idea and concept based groups. Therefore, who on this planet would believe such kinds of hippos could or would unite Africans?
In summary, the world should know that although Africans have vigorous ambition to unite, African Union is not yet born. What they currently call “African Union” is a misnomer for union of African criminal hippos. Yes, in my opinion “African union” stands for organized gang hippos not for African people. Thank you!
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