The Kangaroo Court Drama: Composed by Zenawi and being acted by Judge Adil Ahmed

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Is there sufficient evidence in this audio for accusing Eng. Hailu Shawel of Genocide and Treason? You be the Judge!

The trial was adjourned last week until March 5, 2007 since this audio need to be translated into Amharic. What will be their next delaying tactics? Will they ask for more time since the Amharic version needs to be translated back to English? Are they playing fool’s game, “Wuha Kida Wuha Melis”??

Listen and Leave us your comments here.

  1. Ye-Ethiopia lij
    | #1

    I think they will say it needs to be translated into chineese since they want to make this matter as confusing as they have already made it to the public. Those who stand for just anywhere else need to interven since justice is being rediculed in Meles Kangaroo court!!!!

  2. | #2

    Thanks for the info.

  3. Tigist
    | #3

    As we all know who Meles is , we shouldn’t expect justice from kangaroo court.

    God will judge

  4. Ethiopia
    | #4

    Thanks, abugida!
    It is Shame for weyane and his follower. What was wrong with the speech? Please Meles, you should stop playing a game on millions. Meles, you can’t live million years, think about your those people and give up your devil idea and ask forgive from God and Ethiopian.
    Please God save those poor people from the killer.
    God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians!!!!!

  5. Lemma
    | #5

    Is a video recording available?

  6. Shumet Menywab
    | #6

    For those of us who have been through repressive after repressive chains of Ethiopian governments, the May 2005 election was a shoking but positive results by the interest of the Ethiopian people for a change. For any reasonable person, when a government that lost the whole seat of Addis Ababa which is the federal government city and the only business central and internationally foreign ovservatory occupied place is out of power by an opposition party, Kinijit, that is the Engineer Hailu Shawel’s party, this by itself tells that the Meles government terribly lost the election. For Hailu Shawel to tell the National Club audience that since Meles has lost the election, he should be stoped by the Ethiopian people without using gun or violence is a call for the international community and the people of Ethiopia for justice other wise Meles will be forced out of office by peaceful mass uprises. Calling for peaceful mass uprise is a legal system of democratic society. The problem here is because since Meles’ government is not a democrat, Hailu Shawel should have been agreed for giving the peoples’ power to Meles other wise people will be dieing. This is not justice and this is not democracy. This is unless to say the Ethiopian saying of ‘ahyawoon siferu medeladlun’, any person who knows how people should defend their rights by peaceful means would not immagined other ways. I can not immagine how a democratic court of justice will tell Hailu Sawel guilty of any of the charges. Meles is no a fearing God forget a human being. The Hailu Shawel and immates must be out and Meles must be in their place. Unless there is an equal democratic practices as in the west we see, African governments will not respect their constituences. Hailu Shawel’s call was for the peoples’ right not for his right for government power. Shumet

  7. | #7

    Hailu Shawel is the real son of Ethiopia the Ethiopian people will never forget him like Abun-Petrose Abebe-Argaye and others thousands of national heroes,he made us to feel proud he gave us himself for the freedom of millions,he inspired us to keep the fight against the narrow minority TPLF brutual rule. we respect everything he stands for,his speech is crystal clear it’s all about democracy and freedom there is nothing wrong in it simply TPLF run out of argument,run out of reason,time will tell the truth. Hailu-Shawel and all other national heroes will be free by people’s power! Keep the faith!

  8. terrara
    | #8

    schawel and mesfen dont know what democracy is. they have never used that word and are to old to be a democrt.forget it!!

    blah blah blah blah….trials have been posponed in our history before, this happens all the time.

    as a woyane supporter, i have experienced the racism of AAPO and hailu shawel. even he disrespects his own friends. we know how many times he called for an armed removal of the PM, we know about disobeyed demo ban, we know about the extremist diasporas, we know about riots.

    despite all of this, i hope Hailu and his racist AAPO gets forgiveness and let go.

    whatever happens, happens.
    these AAPO people are not angels, the world knows..
    but forgiveness is sometimes important.

  9. Tena
    | #9

    Proud of Engineer Hailu. I found nothing wrong with his speech. I rather felt ashamed of the Judges who blindly accept what Meles told them to do.

    If possible can ABUGIDA or any other organization transcribe it? It would be easy to compare how the “professional translaters” will make the translation into Amharic.

    Good job ABUGIDA.

    Ewuntina nigat…

  10. JAKOB
    | #10

    Who is this weyaneas are fooling ??? Its not Even about the Rulings. laws or constitutions Its about,THE PEOPLE ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA (KINIJIT)AND A TYRRANT ORGANIZATION (TPLF)TRYING TO HELD POWER BY THE POWER OF GUN

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