Zenawi’s Kangaroo court in action

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Netsanet Radio |Feb 28,2007

In an interview with Netsanet Le Ethiopia Radio [Sunday, Feb 25, 2007], former prosecutor Alemayehu Zemedkun explains what to expect on Monday, March 5, from the Zenawi’s Kangaroo court. The interview also included Kinijit officials Ato Andargachew Tsige, and OLF official Ato Lencho Bati

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  1. Shumet Menywab
    | #1

    Alemayehu Zemedkun’s experience in the TPLF’s court system tells more than some people who might other wise advocate for speedy trial. For the West that enables the TPLF’s power to survive against the Ethiopian people’s rejection on this dictator government on May of 2005 election, a speedy trial is not the answer. The call on Meles’ government must be for a speedy release of the political prisoners that most of them chose to speak up rather than to enjoy the opportunity and the luxurous life style they use to have. It is dire to help solve the problems on time rather than watching the time to become too late. Free the political prisoners and call for reconsilation and forgiveness. Stop watching the problems reaching to an irriverseable scenario. Shumet

  2. Mesfin
    | #2

    I totally agree with you Shumet. Meles and his inner circle have shown how irresponsible they are. They are crazy Nazis and they don’t care about anything and anybody. Now, their tera supporters should know that Meles and co. can’t keep the whole Ethiopian population in prison for so long. Like Shumet explained things are heating up and at some point we may find our selves in a big mess. It is wise to do something before it is too late.

  3. JAKOB
    | #3

    ITS funny that we expect anything from this WEYANEAS DRAMA as if there is the rule of law and justice System in Weyaneas EThiopia :ITS ABOUT A JUNTA REGIME(WEYANEA) Trying to suppress DEMOCRACY by arresting kiling torturing and fabricate a crime against Elected leaders of Ethiopia.OUR Discussion Should be How to free our leaders by Anymeans and How the rule of laws resurfece in the land of Ethiopia -Not about Weyanea drama of Feb-19 or march 5 or who Knows how they play it later.We Should DEMAND IMMIDIATE AND UNCONDITIONAL RELEASE OF OUR LEADERS_ as for Weyaneas Supporters of US/UK Remember they were siding with South african aparthied regime Until the whole world outraged and exposed that evil system.We have to take our case to US/UK Tax payers and the grass roots to seek a mass support and exposed what their govt is doing to the Third World people by siding with Brutal Dictators like Meles Zenawi of EThiopia.

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