Two U.S. servicemen died in Ethiopia

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (Reuters) — Two U.S. servicemen were killed after the vehicle they were in plunged into a ravine in eastern Ethiopia, the Ethiopian and U.S. governments said Tuesday.

Another soldier and the Ethiopian driver of the vehicle also were injured in the crash Monday, the U.S. Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa said in a statement from its base in Djibouti.

“The accident occurred when the vehicle in which the Americans were traveling fell into a deep ravine,” Commander Demsash Hailu, spokesman for Ethiopia’s Federal Police, told Reuters.

The U.S. military did not say what the soldiers were doing. But soldiers from the task force, which handles counterterrorism in the region, often train local militaries and carry out civil improvement projects in poor areas.

The crash took place about 30 miles (48 kilometers) southwest of Hurso, which is 106 miles (170 kilometers) west of the border with Somaliland, the breakaway Somali enclave.

The injured serviceman was flown to a military hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, on Tuesday morning and was in stable condition. The Ethiopian driver was in serious condition at a French hospital in Djibouti.

The U.S. military is convening an investigation board to determine the cause of the accident, the statement said.

The military did not release the names of the soldiers pending notification of family.

  1. Brook
    | #1

    Wow great news

  2. | #2

    Let the injured one also die.

  3. Mimi
    | #3

    I wish Meles and Bereket got into some kind of accident and not died, but crippled because of it. They are Ethiopia’s national nightmares.

  4. Zenawi is dead
    | #4


    Why do you wish ? It is time to act. Let cripple these two blood sucker bastards.

    Zenawi is Dead!!

  5. ethiopiawi
    | #5

    donald yamamato and vicky r z 1 who died? i will b glad if they r!!!
    mot le weyane!!!!!!!!!!

  6. | #6

    NEFTGHENA PLEAS THINK BEFOR U OPEN U STUPID MOUTH. what kind of ppl are u ? how come u wish to ppl die ? those ppl they have a family love them just like u M*** F. who do u think u are any way LEMAGEN.that’s what i said all day evrey day W4life.

  7. tezebt
    | #7

    MAMO KILO if they aren’t die now they going to be
    in jail soon every body pay the price.

  8. Brook
    | #8

    Mamo you are as foolish as Mammo kilo. If these guys do have family they love, they should stay away from war regions. Momuye you have probably a couple of ferenjis who mistakley greets “hi” to you and as a result you find them so nice to you. You should protect your own mum, Momuye.

  9. Hana Gobez
    | #9

    Just wondering why the American special forces are training woyanee’s federal murderers? Is’t it amazing the so called “democracy country” is training the very undemocratic brutal group that gets pleasure by murdering children of Ethiopia!Hmmmmmm. Lib yalew Lib yadereg alu abatochachin.Who are they training them for really? Read the name of one of the injured woyanee.Cooncidense?
    Long live Ethiopia!!

  10. | #10

    hey ethio people plz stop talking Somekind of flush wish just get together and take action and save your counter and your sisters and brothers who depend on you .you guys especially who live around USA plz we are looking forward do something and make different.

  11. JAKOB
    | #11

    MAMMO killo you BABY KILLER WEYANEA _ U Child killer mother killer -are talking about sympathy of the dead ppl -Who you fooling U BEGGAR WEYANEA

  12. sweety
    | #12

    hey everybody we feel sorry about what we read but for future be together and atack our anemys. Don’t fight over nothing. thanks

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