The 2007 VSSA’s Distinguished Career award goes to Prof. Jacob Hailemariam

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March 6, 2007

The 2007 recipient of the VSSA’s(Virginia Social Science Association) Distinguished Career award is Jacob Hailemariam (Yakob Haile-Mariam), who is being so recognized precisely because of his unavailability to attend. For twenty years a professor at Norfolk State University, he took time out most notably to investigate genocide in Rwanda for the United Nations, and he took early retirement to return to his native Ethiopia to run in 2005 as a reform candidate in putatively free elections for the national Parliament. Victorious at the polls, he subsequently found himself imprisoned by the regime on charges of treason and genocide. Representing him at the conference, we anticipate, will be one or more friends, family, and professional colleagues.

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    I think it’s just a begnning,Nelson Mandela won Nobel peace prize after he spent 27 years in prison,but now the world view must be changed regarding the human right defenders and elected public figures,we have to come together to say NO to the dictators and human-right abusers we have to stand with the rest of the world say NO to the killers and jailers.I think it’s just a begnning “Distingushed Career award” is not enough to Dr. yacob,the American government must open it’s heart to see the misery of the people, injustice the courage and the plight of our leaders.75 million Ethiopian say NO to Zenawi’s brutal tribalist rule,NO NO NO NO NO

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