Health officials and physicians were stunned when Mr. Zenawi said “We don’t need doctors in Ethiopia”

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By AndyMedia | March 8, 2007

ADDIS ABABA – Health officials and physicians were stunned when Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi told a recent health care conference “We don’t need doctors in Ethiopia….Let the doctors leave to wherever they want.” Witnesses pointed out that Ethiopia has some of the world’s most desperate health-care problems and were shocked by the Prime Minister’s comments.

During a recent health-care conference in Ethiopia, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi shocked the attending health-care officials and physicians when he stated “We don’t need doctors in Ethiopia.” His comments were in response to questions regarding the ‘doctor drain’ in Ethiopia whereby, according to some reports, as many as 80% of Ethiopian-trained doctors leave for better-paid employement elsewhere.

The World Health Organization recently ranked Ethiopia 180th out of 190 listed nations in a global health report (WHO PRESS RELEASE WHO/44, June 2000) — astonishingly, Ethiopia ranked below nations such as Rwanda, North Korea, and Somalia in overall quality and provision of healthcare.

There is roughly one doctor for 30,000 Ethiopians.

Health officials were shocked by the Prime Minister’s statement, some suggesting his words suggested a lack of concern for the people’s health in the overall political context of Zenawi’s stifling of all opposition and criticism. Speaking on condition of anonymity, several Ethiopian journalists suggested to this western journalist that the Prime Minister’s comments were symptomatic of mental instability and that he is unfit to rule this nation of 77 million people.

The Prime Minister, in his remarks, implied he would make no additional efforts to lure back the Ethiopian-trained doctors. “They should get no special treatment”, he said.

  1. sew
    | #1

    Why are u surprised with the dictator’s talks? This is the most famous principle of dictator Meles. Ethiopians know that he is proud of his words, “Mengedun cherk yadirgilachew”. I can not expect anything than this from the selfish woyanes’ leader. He doesn’t care whether Ethiopians die with lack of medical treatment or not. His families and TPLF puppets can easily fly to the western world to visit doctors or can call Bush to send him the best doctors to treat the “anti-terrorist” ally. Ahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. He is too blind, too narrow-minded, and too fool.

    Please dear ethipians unite yourself and let’s throw this killer agame.

  2. | #2

    I am not surprise about Meles said “we don’t need doctor’s in Ethiopia”
    gratually he will say we don’t need Ethiopian nationality here, I don’t get it what kind of brain can think like that? also he doesn’t has respect for whoevery that get dignity and love for thier country. So the only think we have to think about who couldn’t get enough food and shelter right now. Hey if you are Ethiopian you don’t never think about to go and celebrat millinum alot of people are hungerin Ethiopia.

  3. Mesfin
    | #3

    Once again Meles proves how an embarrassment he is, and how crazy he has become. He is an evil man and it is very unfortunate that our beloved country has fallen on the hand of this wired looking and rootless maniac. I hope this revelation would help the others that are working with Meles to realize how sick Meles is and do something to topple him. There is no question that Meles is a crazy maniac and he will go to hell for what he has been doing. What always amaze me is the guys that are working with him. What on the earth are they thinking? They just let this crooked evil man take over their and their children’s lives. Meles is getting crazy and crazier; I hope these guys start to jump out of the sinking ship. After all Meles is not a GOD, he is one wired looking, shorty on his path to hell.

  4. YONAS
    | #4


  5. Brook
    | #5

    Guys you how can you forget this? He was a medicine student, and as failed the exams some years back he went to the bush with anger to revenge on the professors. He hates acadamics, doctors, professors because they are smarter than this poor Eritrean and that why he puts them in prison,

  6. kundi
    | #6

    Read this comment. Meles & Co. is finishing the generation very systematically. These are heartless butchers let-loss maniacs.

    Black Lion Hospital

    “There are things which much cause you to lose your reason, or you have none to lose”?

    I recently visited the pediatric casualty ward of Black Lion Hospital. The images I encountered there will remain with me forever.

    Despite being one of the largest hospitals in the country, conditions are absolutely horrifying; the peeling white and yellow paint provides little contrast from the grey and dirty concrete floors and corridors marked by puddles of urine, vomit and other unidentifiable fluids. There are no fans in sight, and the foul stench of body odor, urine and disease is staggering. Though there seemed a minimum of 14 to a room, I saw no curtains or masks to divide those with malaria, HIV or dysentry from those with acute respiratory infections or other contagious diseases.

    Where there are cribs they are, for the most part, in varying stages of unacceptable disrepair””the matresses are stained and torn and the rusted rails most often no longer close. The rest of the infants and young children are forced to lie wherever there is room (most without blankets) on dirty wooden benches or on the floor on makeshift cardboard mats. I saw three infants lying perilously on a surface resembling the stainless steel trays used in the West for holding the sterile equipment of surgeons. Family members who are unable to afford accomadation within the city have no choice but to sleep on the floor beneath or beside their dying young. The presence of doctors, nurses and interns are scarce””one anxious father reported that he had not seen his child’s doctor in over seven days. A mother begged me for water to give to her dying child, as another struggled desperately to give her newborn child medicine from a glass, due to the apparent absence of baby bottles or eye droppers in the ward. I saw a “˜cast’ made of duct tape, cardboard and a plastic bag worn by a tiny patient who lay wimpering on the floor with an IV attached to his head. I was told that in this hospital, infants suffering from a specific liver condition are placed directly underneath 100-watt bulbs, apparently for some kind of improvised treatment””an incredibly painful and dangerous procedure which on its own can cause blindness and severe burns.

    Before leaving, I spoke briefly with a foreign intern who explained with a defeated sigh that every day they was forced to carry out medical procedures for which they were unqualified, because there is “simply nowhere to turn for help”?.

    Hope seemed, for the most part, absent from this ward; I was told most children would not live to see e following week.

  7. | #7

    CAN ANY NEFTGENA CAN PROVE ME ABOUT THIS ARTICEL? i don’t think so. just bla..bla ..over and over agin.i tohgt EPRDF is the one built over 20 universty less than 15 years under king MELES adimnstration ha.pleas DISPORA NON U BSSINES AND GET a JOB. ethio is much better with out u NEFTGHENA azzzz. WHAT UN HELTHY PPL ARE U. W4life

  8. dada
    | #8

    mamo, u narrow minded pig, the only ppl who r neftagna in ethiopian r meles and his buddies , u don’t even know the meaning of the word

  9. Mike
    | #9

    MAMO is a veru smart intelgent person……………………………… You are embarrassment to you and whomever you try to support or speak for. I am one of the big EPRDF suporter but Mamo I don’t where you are getting your ideas, you not helpeing. As a very perfecit citizen of one country we have differnce but the is not the way to solve a prolem.
    The world figures it out long time ago “unity is power” as indvdual we are as week as a grass we are going backwards we will never make it unless we stop thing like animals.
    Hope fror good future for our country.

  10. Mimi
    | #10

    MAMO is only here to demonstrate how weyanes think. No need to respond to him. He is a mouse in the lab. You just can’t talk to a mouse.
    Let us focus on Meles. He is one twisted and sick man. What a course to have such and evil man in this world let alone as a leader, let alone in Ethiopia.

  11. | #11

    Meles yebelahew yimeles I can’t say anything other than this. lemehonu ante
    man neh behzb hyiwot yemtchawetew chekagn aremene igziabher mothin yasemagn.
    chinklat binorh noro bedehaw hzb atchawetm neber gin chinklat alba honeh tefetrehal I don’t believe there is god if he doesn’t do something harmful to you.

  12. | #12


  13. Terengo
    | #13

    First of all Legesse(Melesse)used the Term medical Doctor to emulate Chekuvera so he can impress Socialist countries and communist fanatics, he has never been a medical student at all!! yes he knew how to use syrenges to kill people ask his comrades how many people he killed in his days of “bush”;let Bereket and and Arkebe tell you how he killed the fiance(boy friend)of his present wife he injected him straight inside his mouth while she watched!!! ask her she will tell you.People, our millenium is coming with Egzeeabhair “Judgemnet day is near”try praying,fasting every morning for one hour do not have other thoughts just God!Keep your life simple avoid flashy life syle,do not be a part of lavish parties(weddings,birthdays,…)avoid Sheraton hotel of Alamudin that is where the devil spirit sleeps during the day and comes out to kill at night!!just think of one almighty creator the devil Meles and his Saytan companies will perish right infront of our eyes.True prayer is the only solution and tool we have!!!

  14. Genet
    | #14

    what really amazes me is why do Ethiopian leaders rule for lengty time while the people are suffering?Is it because they are more powerful than 30-40Mil. people?How come an individual get that much power when millions are suffering.Can anybody explain this to me please?

  15. araya
    | #15

    esu minchegerew ken chefrochu europe& america yetakemalu yawem behezeb genzeb
    yehe ditras

  16. from adama universty
    | #16

    hey mamo(bereketsemon)universty megenbatu tiru new but yemolaw gen not teachersbut cadrewoch.zendero ethiopia west memare sayhone be universty
    malef new yeteyazew do you understand mamo?

  17. | #17

    You know what?
    I am not abset or disappointed about what that Meles saied,because we already approve that he doesn’t care about our flag that alot of our priceless great grand fathers died to save this color ful and remined us how much they were in love with that flag and now he showed us we can fly without wing hhhhhhhh “you try it first” that is rediculus my last point will be If we respect each other or hold hand by hand onbody can break or traid out dignity please read about Ethiopian History I wish we could learn in early age but you are not late even now.

  18. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #18

    The Prime Minister believes that we don’t need doctors. To prove his point, he has opened 13 Universities.

  19. Tigist
    | #19

    Well, in the 21 century we know and we live in, if you have 13 Universities, you need a lot of Doctors. To begin with you would open Universities to produce educated society, and having Doctors is the maximum achievement of that goal. But the so called “21st -Century-Ethiopian” you are weyane with a nice name, and nobody expect you to have some common sense.

  20. | #20

    LOOK NEFTGHENA I HERD ETHIO ECONOMEY IS BOOMING.what u think about that? don’t u think is da leaber of hard work by EPRDF? yes baby is true.any way i also hear DISPORA FESS is boming in DC .kkkk.FESSAM.all day every day W4lif.

  21. zazu
    | #21

    Well this is one of his Idi Amin moments. It is unfortunate but it will one day make a good movie line. Last time I visited Ethiopia, I was surprised to hear him say about the lack of proffesionalism among his different appointees, “Lemin, Zebegna Ay honim, Ye EPRDF’n poletical alama esketeketele dires enshomewalen!” This is what distinguishes us fromt the rest of 3rd world countries like Kenya where proffesionalism and education are pursued with passion from top to bottom. They have light at the end of the tunnel, we have an even deeper hole!!! since then I have stopped being surprissed! What a pity!!

  22. Gebre
    | #22

    Don’t be surprised with this mindless microcephalic bandit. After all he is only an opportunistic sitting on a chair he should not fit to. He can by no means be a leader of a counrty. I have stopped expecting anything polite from his mouth. I donot think he is created for that. That is why he is unable to utter even a single word which can be addressed to any honored citizen. In fact, I do not think that we have to repeat what he said. Let’s leave him till he finishes what he says and his time finishes….

  23. Mimi
    | #23

    Meles is an embarrassment to all of us. He is full of inferiority and jealousy. He can’t sit and discuses difference in a civil manner. It is just because he has nothing good to offer, and he knows that the majority of the Ethiopians don’t support his ideology. He doesn’t like educated people just because educated person tends to be an independent rational voice and asks some tough questions. Meles enjoys riding his illiterate army and gangs to any where he wants and can’t stand anyone that question his absolute power.

  24. 21st-Century-Ethiopian
    | #24

    Prime Minister Meles fears the educated class so much that he appointed an IVY league school educated person as the Ambassador to the most important country in the world. U.S.A. Hmmmmm. Contradictory? What I find amazing is that Cab driving, Parking Lot Attending, Restaurant Waitressing, Hotel cleaning, bunch in the diaspora dare to mention the word EDUCATION. Please. You are allergic to it. The Prime Minister is excited by it. You write on receipt while driving a cab while the Prime Minister writes his thesis for his doctorate. What a moronic bunch. I am only sorry that I have to share Ethiopia with backward cavemen and women like yourselves. Forgive them Mr. Prime Minister, for they know not what they are doing. It is the frustration of a simple cabbie or a parking lot attendant.

  25. j.p.h
    | #25

    For all those who earn their livings by sucking blood of the poor, who are paid blood soaked money snatched from the mouth of the poor. Here you have a poem written about your master. There is a lot of truth in it as I have read it in some of the web sits:

    Dictator’s Curriculum vitae
    What is the wealth for? and all ground forces?
    When you are always in fear, tremor, and sleeplessness?
    Not trusting ones shadow, hated by the masses?
    Far from loved once hiding from place to place?
    That is not life at all call it hell “Ayte”? please.

    Robbing the whole country massacring people,
    Dividing, deceiving, lying to no avail
    For just keeping power by any means evil
    Against once conscious if he has got at all
    To imprison justice was not the way to heal.

    With blood bath of the young, old, even children,
    How can one feel just free, and enjoy the daily sun?
    The nightmare in the dark and nicest blue moon,
    Trembling day and night with your future unknown,
    Don’t think you jailed people you are one in prison.

    The innocent leaders who languish for a cause,
    Despite physically suffering in dungeons,
    It is meant for liberty and freedom to millions,
    Feeling warm by spirit crystal clear consciousness,
    Sleeping well without fear and terrible nightmares,
    Contrary to you they share love with masses.

    What is life after all when you can’t see people?
    Deprived from “?Timket, Genna”?, and the rest “BeAl”??
    Fearing his body guard who holds the best rifle,
    Hero on the outside but known coward for real,
    Believing in the gun will not save you from hell.

    The lives you took by force from Amhara and Tigre,
    Oromo slaughters and the Somali war,
    The Sidamo killings and Anuak massacre,
    Christians Muslim brothers who lived together,
    Deliberately made to hate each other,
    But world knows the hyena, the ruthless dictator
    Your evil plans have failed truth will rule for ever.

    The lives of hundred thousand soldiers
    University students the brave martyrs
    “Etenesh’s”? tow children innocent youngsters,
    “ShiBire Desalegn”? who paid ultimate price,
    “Yalem Zuria’s”? mother was murdered in her house
    Those are some to mention about atrocities.
    No way you can go free by-passing these dear souls

    Curriculum vitae of Ruthless tyrant and tell
    The pain inflicted on the country and its people
    Let God give his verdict it’s beyond us all
    Dictator’s time is up, Ethiopia should prevail!

    (19/02/2007 Anonymous Ethiopian)

  26. Metoprolol
    | #26

    I’m an Ethiopian trained Medical Doctor residing and practicing in the Western World.Because of circumstances which are beyond my control, I’m outside Africa.That inconvinency is a blessing in disguise for most here.Besides the material benefit, the respect and the humanly treatment I’m getting from everyone here is infinitely apart from the country where I was born, grew up and did my teritary education. Simply, I’m in a country where everybody is judged on merit.That is the reason why I pledge my loyality to my adopted country and its people.Is there any body who would like to blame me for this?

  27. | #27

    any of matured ethiopians don’t surprise for what meles zenawi is barking at every stage . yes , He dont care for ethiopian people , so that he dont need doctors for health care of the nations

    please every of tried to remebar , He is the one agnist the ethiopian flag calling as a ‘rabish close ‘ he is the one said that I ‘born form the golden tribe’meening the rest of the tribs are dirty tribe today why you srprise when he say doctores are not use full for ethiopians

    He is the enemy of ethiopians and he did any thing that he can do to destract ethiopianism, so please dont confeuse he is not ethiopian government

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