Maid gets 3-year jail term for killing baby – Gulfnews

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Abu Dhabi: A 19-year-old Ethiopian maid, who strangulated her newborn baby and buried the body in her employer’s garden, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment, followed by deportation, on charges of murder and attempt to hide evidence.

The crime was discovered when the employer’s wife took the maid to a medical centre in Abu Dhabi, after she noticed blood stains in her room. The medical centre confirmed that she had been pregnant and had delivered the baby.

The employer handed her over to the agency that had supplied the maid. On further medical examination at Saqr Hospital, Ras Al Khaimah, it was confirmed the maid had delivered a full-term baby.

The employer then launched a hunt for the baby’s body and found a suspicious looking mound of sand in the back garden. She informed the police who discovered the body buried in the sand.

Forensic tests of the corpse revealed that the baby boy was full term and alive when he was strangled.

  1. Anonymous
    | #1

    Would somebody tell us who the father of the baby was? Most probably, she killed the baby because she conceived because of rape by someone. It is fair to suspect that she was raped by the head of the family for whom she had been working. Or somebody in the family. Please follow this news and inform the public. Thanks.

  2. Beyene
    | #2

    Who knows if the Madam herself buried the new born baby after she identified that the maid got pregnant from her husband. I don’t believe the Gulf news. It is very clear that they protect their citizens. I am so eager to know the reality. Please workout and unveil the truth to the public.

  3. Peace
    | #3


    Our people, not only live in misery in Ethiopia, thanks to TPLF and Weyane, the women have left in search of better life in Arab countries and unfortunately, they are being treated inhumanely in Arab countries as a result commit suicide do something like this. I hope this happens to your children too Weyane and TPLF

  4. alemiss
    | #4

    Interesting perspective. It is indeed possible that she was raped, and knowing how Ethiopian women are treated in Arab nations, this definitely calls for further truth finding.
    But this all brings us back to the underlying reason Ethiopian women are forced to live in an ugly part of the world where women are treated as slaves, and that reason is regime in Ethiopia. There is no one to blame but the regime in Ethiopia, which needs to be reformed or removed so that all are free; with freedom comes innovation and with that comes prosperity. The underlying problem is lack of freedom in our country. Power to the People

  5. yikerbelen
    | #5

    The arabs are using ethiopians inhumany. They do not let them out and meet with other ethiopians, so the head of the house should be the father of that un lucky baby and most probably either the husband or his wife killed and burried that baby. the cause should be investigated , the 19 years maid should get access to free media to expose the raper. Untill that will happen we can not blame our innocent sister. what a pity. ethiopia’s young maids become the 21st c arabs slaves

  6. not surprised
    | #6

    When one sale themselves willingly, the end result is to be treated like a slave. I do not have any compassion who put themselves in the Arab hand….Their history always has been in exploiting women and it is not the first time for them to rape……..Go to Addis, where the Arabs are misusing the women with the blessing of the TPLF, only their eyes on the prize, which is money

  7. Anonymous
    | #7

    it is shame and you cannot blame arab for her own misstake for god sake ethiopian cheap labour get to our women in every part of arab world it is sad 19 years old??come on ethiopia is cursed land which cannot provide live for its people

  8. Yelekal Egzeabher
    | #8

    It is very sad what happen to this inconet baby. I think the police need to investigate the situation of the girl and get the fair trial. We dont know what the motivation of the drama. May be she is depresed and dont know what to do, it is not easy to be pregnant and live with being maid in foreign country specially in Arab country. May God give her the strength.

  9. Girum
    | #9

    Does it really matter how she got pregnant? Does it justify what she did to her own blood? The bottom line, she did not even do it because she might have been raped or due to her economic or social situation. She did it because she is a miserable soul to begin with. I’m not saying with respect to religious sense. But there is no doubt that this young lady has endured a miserable life in her up bringing. Poverty does not make anyone a vampire, rather it makes you work hard to be a better person. What turns you a monster is the condition you grew up.Most likely this young lady had been abused physically or sexually at some point in her life. It is sad, but there is no one sadder than herself at this point.What we can do is that let us make sure our young relatives grow up in a safe situation so they don’t end up like her and many others. We are tongue-tight when it comes to this type of issues, aren’t we? Our country will never ever change unless we learn how to raise our kids.


  10. Goma
    | #10

    I have read the tragedy of the 19 years old Ethiopian girl who became an Arab serevant. I think getting pregnant for the young girl is so difficult to deal with in a country where women are considered as slaves and she also living in another country where help is not available. I truelly believe that the reason she went to the Arabian country is just to make money and back to her country. In this case she held an illegitmate arab baby. I wish she could not kill the baby. I asure you that she must be raped by an Arab because there is no way that she could get pregnant from furnitures or animals. I think the person who owned that young Ethiopian girl must be acountable for the damage, too.

  11. yikerbelen
    | #11

    Dear ANONYMOUS, ETHIOPIA IS NOT A CURSED NATION AS YOU THINK. IF YOU HAVE AN IDENTITY CRISIS, YOU CAN SAY SO, BUT ETHIOPIA IS ONE OF THE REARS BLESSED NATIONS ON EARTH. Ethiopia has a fertile soil, cross continnetal more than eight rivers which follows year to year.Un discovered natural resources and hardwoking people, Ethiopia is not lucky enough to have good leaders for it’s children.

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