London Protest at the G20 Meeting

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  1. Jungle Boy
    | #1

    I wish I were in Europe! Please, go out there and make sure the world knows that this dictator is committing crimes against humanity.

    Gordon Brown, shame on you. I hope one day you will be haunted by the spirits of those poor souls murdered by your tyrant friend.

    Obama should listen to us as well. Next election is not far away. Our support and votes are important in the next election.

  2. whn
    | #2

    ጠቅላይ ሚኒሰተር መለስ የኢትዮጵያ መሪ ብቻ ሳይሆን የአፍሪቃንም ጭምርመሪ መሆን አለባቸው።

  3. Gelana
    | #3

    Londoners and the neighbors, you are lucky to stage this demo. I wish I were there. It is very historic. It is a good opportunity to disclose this shameless dictator in front of President Obama.

  4. yassin
    | #4

    i am not WOYYANE or supporter of DERG but i need reality no one wants reality and democracy if so my ideas can be pritned by ur vistors if not what the difference between woyyane and ur website? at this moment u want to limit our idea if you are at the WOYYANE place i can’t imagine.
    so in such causes i hate to be Ethiopian no one is for people just to be a fault finder when we be gather and exchange our idea i don’t know may be the second generation

  5. BBX
    | #5

    This monistor has to be exposed and I fully support your demonstration in advance.

  6. jj
    | #6

    Oh my, I wish I could travel to Europe, Let God be with you all.

  7. julien
    | #7

    PLEACE,this is our time to use this chance we have to show << how ETHIOPIANS trust PEOPLE TRUST DEMOCRACY all ETHIOPIANS generally living in ENGLAND try to change some thing by this great chance ,some other ETHIOPIANS living in out of ENGLAND try to participate it. Long live ETHIOPIA.

  8. eibsa
    | #8

    a good person is any ordinary person who can do very little things to other human being. I believe that we Ethiopians are all good people who love our people, our country and all of the calture and values. Ofcourse, there is always bad genes in any human family. forinstance, there is a reported research finding which tells that most cronic criminal and murderes are from decent good family ofsprings.
    i believe that if any ethiopian is asked who the bad and evil person he/she knows in his/her life they will say it is Meles Zenawi. i will tell you this about myself. I have suffered alot under the Derg.How ever i could not compare Meles and Mengistu as the same.Mengist is a bad person and a merderer. But Meles is an EVIL PERSON i have known in my life. I believe that every Ethiopian in Europe would come to London for one special and historic day to show and expose this evil to the world. This is a very little thing we can do for our people back home. I wish i will be there on that historic day. Brothers and Sisters, show your strength to your enemy. We are proud of you there. We, all ethiopians, around the world will be following the news. And the next time, when it is our turn, we will make you proud of us. We all should not be sleeping a good night untill the day this evil parasite is removed from our people. God Bless you All. HAVE FUN. IT WILL BE ONE GOOD MEMORABLE DAY IN YOUR LIFE.

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