Germany: Woyanae officials were greeted by an egg throwing anti-woyanae protesters

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Frankfurt, Germany

March 11, 2007

Egg On Face
March 11, 2007 was a very disastrous day for Weyane officilas in Germany.The Ethiopian Embassy through the Consulate office called Ethiopians to to lease land or invest in Ethiopia and their call was unsuccessful as many angry Ethiopians turned out with Slogans and protested against this “divide and conquer” Policy of the Ethiopian Government. The protestors shouted “Release all political Prisoners in Ethiopia”, “Free Mass Media in Ethiopia”,” Stop the murder in Ethiopia” etc…

As the angry Ethiopians were ready to enter the meeting hall to participate and present their Agenda, the Consulate General
resisted and Embassy offcials prohibited some ethiopians from entering the meeting. During a scuffle which took place at the entrance, an angry ethiopian has smashed couple of eggs on the face of the Weyane Official. The man was arrested by Police immediately. The German Police later released him immedietaly after the demonstration was over. According to many ethiopians, the Weyane offcials would never publicize such meetings in Germany again. According to statistics, 99% of Ethiopians in Germany are one of the strongest backbone alliance to the opposition movement in Ethiopia. Due to this reason, the Ethiopian Consulate Office is guarded 24 hours by Police at the request of the Embassy. The expense for the Policemen is paid by Ethiopian Government.

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