Second mass grave discovered in former Ethiopian army base – APA-Mogadishu (Somalia)

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Relatives and Islamic courts fighters discovered on Sunday five dead bodies from former Ethiopian army base outside Somali capital, Mogadishu.

Four of the five men mostly youths including two brothers were buried in a mass grave near the former compound of Somali correction troops in the southern out skirts of the capital which was housing hundreds of Ethiopian forces for the last two years.

Mohamed Ahmed a relative of those killed who talked to reporters alongside the mass grave identified the men as: Nur Omar farey, Abdi Haashi Ga’al, his brother Abaas Haashi Ga’al, Abdullahi Mohamed Roble and their driver Tahliil Salad.

“They hailed from Afgoye district and were driving to Mogadishu when Ethiopian soldiers captured them, we asked the Somali government authorities to save their lives at that time, but some days later we were informed that they were killed by the Ethiopians” the relative told reporters.

He said that four of the men including two brothers were found in a mass grave while the fifth man was buried separately.

Spokesman for the Islamic courts Union, Sheik Abdi Rahiin Isse Addo who visited the mass grave told reporters that his fighters will investigate all formerly Ethiopian-based compounds and surrounding areas so that the remains of other slain civilians may be searched.

“We know Ethiopians caused heavy damages on our people and this is part of their massacre against Somali civilians, but in the name of Allah they will not be left unpunished we will retaliate,” said the spokesman.

Al-Shabab militants discovered 13 dead bodies over a week ago from former Ethiopian military base about 4 kilometers east of Baidoa, the former seat of Somali transitional federal parliament.

The Ethiopian forces left Somalia in mid January this year marking the end of their two year-long mission in Somalia where they protected the weak TFG from powerful Islamist opposition.

  1. Ashenafi
    | #1

    I don’t know what you are complaining about? ethiopian soldiers killed muslim fandamentalist who wage jehad on ethiopia. those dead civilian you are mentioning about maybe killed because of their clan status. So
    don’t try to stick your dirty trick on ethiopia because it is not going to work.

  2. yikerbelen
    | #2

    THERE are so many masses graves in somalia and ethiopia that is why the europeans union has rewaded TPLF 320millions euros for TPLF’s rimes against the black africans.The westren countries will continue their reward for african’s dictators for the simple reason the african’s dictators are killing black africans.

  3. Nebil
    | #3

    Yew right …. what a ” mass grave ” of 5 dead terrorists body found buried ” near ” the Ethiopians Base. It could have been done by any one of those tug warloards who have terrorized somali for the past 30 yrs …. so deal with it…

    Ethiopian Soldiers are too Professional to do such a dirty job….

  4. Ethio
    | #4

    There is no way Ethiopian brave soldiers doing this kind of dirty jobs. plus there is not now Somalis are identified their relatives body since there is no DNA evidence. Anyway these is one of many hardcore jihadist blaming Ethiopia for thier failure for last 20 years.

  5. Yeg
    | #5

    It is amazing how some of the above commentators are not even able to contain their ignorance and arrogance. Ethiopian soldiers are known neither to be professionals nor to have any regard to human life and the best prove is what they do to their own compatriots in Ethiopia!. All Ethiopian state structure and apparatus is founded and maintained on terror and heavy-handedness. As for the so called jihadists in Somalia everybody knows that they were never a credible threat to the security of Ethiopia. They weren’t even in a position of extending their influence beyond five regions (less than a third of Somalia) within Somalia, let alone a threat to the neighbouring countries.
    Ethiopia invaded Somalia not because of its own will or to safeguard the security of its country but was TOLD to by USA and as a hired gun Meles was paid handsomely.

    Obviously, the real losers here are poor Somalis and Ethiopians. Just think how many Ethiopian soldiers lost their lives, how many wives has been widowed, and how many children were made fatherless. The sad thing in all of this, is that Ethiopian lives are proved to be worthless and no one even dares to question it including some morons here who express the usual meaningless and ignorant brevados.

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