Mortar bombs hit Somali presidential palace

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March 13, 2007 | By Sahal Abdulle

MOGADISHU, March 13 (Reuters) – Mortar rounds crashed into Somalia’s presidential palace on Tuesday hours after President Abdullahi Yusuf flew back into the chaotic coastal capital Mogadishu.

Yusuf’s interim government voted overwhelmingly on Monday to move to the city, which has been rocked by near-daily insurgent attacks blamed on an Islamist movement defeated two months ago.

“We saw several mortars flying over us towards the palace,” said one woman who lives nearby and asked not to be named.

Residents said government troops and their TPLF allies based at the hilltop Villa Somalia compound immediately returned fire with artillery guns. At least three areas in the city were said to have been hit, but details were scarce.

In other violent incidents in Mogadishu on Tuesday, a remote controlled bomb — the first known use of such a device in Somalia’s insurgency — destroyed the car of a city official, although it was unclear if he was in the vehicle at the time.

Police cordoned off the site of the blast and stopped journalists from viewing the wreckage.

Elsewhere, residents said two civilians were killed and three wounded when Ethiopian troops opened fire after their convoy was ambushed by gunmen.

Yusuf, who has been out of Mogadishu for about a month, returned to the capital earlier on Tuesday amid tight security.

His administration is anxious to impose its authority on the whole of the Horn of Africa country after being confined to the south central town of Baidoa since its creation in 2004.

Its Ethiopian allies are to make way for African Union troops who began arriving in Mogadishu last week. More than 1,000 Ugandans have landed, and been attacked at least twice.

  1. Aynamaw
    | #1

    congra !!

  2. Tigist
    | #2

    Go Somalia; kick a crap out of the Nazi Woyannes. These evil Nazi’s don’t have a place in the 21 century.

  3. God
    | #3

    who is the kidnaper how come the bratian spoks man sayed after the kidnaping time two dayes leater saing our sitezen have in a good condtion haw come he know , firest that no now nowing whater they are alive or ded the truth is the ethiopian prime mister and his consular bereket derebretly doing this dramatical kidnaping to acuse eritrian government to atak like what they did on somaliya they send the 8,000 tropes and they saing we dont have a single solger in somalia but united state hold beside and now he kidnape and land them in eritrian land do the britain government can be cheted or step beside

  4. engle
    | #4

    evry ethiopian popel know that before the CDU leaders comes to the justice the ethiopian government doing some thing to bend the out loking of the eropian and the united state comitment aginst his internal out looke we all know and expect at every day the drama to cheted the popel bu i can be trule bliving that he kidnape next kiling some one and ben bend the idia but ethiopan governmnt can not scape from the truth he can not portect his selfe from the gilty penality so pelase melese zenawee time is gon change your dram to the reial drama

  5. DeGafe
    | #5

    Tigist, aren’t you a little bit off the line here? “Go Somalia…” I found this to be stupid. Who do you think is dying out in somalia? Your brother/sister who are trying to fulfill their military duty, because they are soldiers. Or are you suggesting that Meles and his co. are literally out at the front line? The problem is not with soldiers, but the irrisponsible leaders. You think if our poor brothers die in the desert, Meles and his co. will regret for passing such order and apologize? I’m actually with the soldiers, but against the leaders.

    come on think better lady.

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