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The term “pit bull” is associated with a breed of dog that is aggressive and uncontrolled causing serious injury to people unless muzzled. (more…)

The term “pit bull” is associated with a breed of dog that is aggressive and uncontrolled causing serious injury to people unless muzzled. We also have human breeds similar to the animal pit bulls that are dangerous and attack people without provocation. Let’s call the human type of pit bulls – Woyanes. This brief remark brings me to the next subject.

On Sunday March 15, 2009 San Jose’s Masonic Center was the venue for debates between two scholars on the merits of confederation vs. federation to narrow the gap and political impasse between Ethiopia and Eritrea. The scholars on hand were Prof. Daniel Kendie and Prof. Tesfatsion Medhanie. The former spoke on federation and the latter about confederation. Both scholars are well versed and respected in their respective fields. For the first time in many years in attendance during the debate were Eritreans. In the audience were also Tigrian nationals some of which are well known Woyane informants and activists. The informants, herein referred to as Woyane spies, are the subject of my commentary.

The guest speakers to their credit provided us with keen understanding of what confederation and federation are about and which political marriage is better to bring the Ethiopian and Eritrean people closer for economic, social and political integration. The two scholars were complementary with each other about their knowledge and expertise on a wide variety of topics, which is rare and lacking between Ethiopian and Eritrean taking opposing views on Eritrean issue. For the majority of us in the audience, Ethiopians and Eritreans, the scene was a rare opportunity to learn about what we can achieve in common than the bitter division imposed on the people on both sides of the divide by the totalitarian regimes. The positive message of the scholars, however, was a bitter pill to swallow for Woyane pundits. Needless-to-say the comprehension of what was said in the debate was void and nil in the minds of Woyane pit bulls. Their agitation and denial of the extended arms of Woyane for paying money to spies and informants were immediate. As usual the Woyane pit bulls started behaving arrogantly and haughtily. Just like their idol and master back home, they raged when Prof. Daniel Kendie talked the truth about money budged and distributed to pay spies and informants abroad in attempt to silence the regime’s critics and opposition. Not only the agitation during the debate but also what was written and distribute in a pro TPLF website (AIGA Forum) disparaging Prof. Daniel was mind boggling.

San Jose is indeed the gate way to Silicon Valley, the nerve center of high tech innovation, and home to forward thinking work force. What it ought not to be is the domicile of backward political operatives and cheerleaders of a petty ethnic peddler dictator. Unfortunately in San Jose we also find hired guns and assassins of an African dictatorial regime. For many years the home boys and paid agents of Meles Zenawi have been engaged in character assassination, defamation and distortions of facts in order to shore up the ugly and despicable images of their master and his misguided policies.

Whereas Prof. Daniel Kendie outlined the facts about the transfer of Ethiopian territories to the Sudanese regime, the incorporation of former regions of Gondar and Wollo to Tigray, the Woyane hirelings and pit bulls, lacking defenses for the Professor’s factual statements, began to smear his name and belittle his scholarship and contribution. As it is customary among Woyane mafia family, Ethiopian scholars and knowledgeable citizens are seen as danger to its survival. The alternative is to find mediocre and ready made substitutes devoid of clear conscience to decipher the evils deeds of Woyane. Hence, we find AIGA pit bulls willing and glad to do injury to a person’s reputation when the truth about the misdeeds of the regime they blindly support is exposed bare and naked. Prof. Daniel has spoken nothing but the truth. There is unmistakable validity to the charges he made. Unable to swallow the truth, the Woyane home boys resorted to name calling in order to intimidate other Ethiopians who dare to speak and bear testimony about the ongoing crimes against the Ethiopian people. Their denial of the truth and attempt to silence the Professor further reinforces the awful facts they try to cover up. Shame on them!

Woyanes and their spies are devoid of empathy to acknowledge, or accept the feelings, needs, preferences, and choices of Ethiopians that do not subscribe to their ethnic politics. Their capacity to think beyond tribe and one’s ethnic affiliation as a defining factor of politics is lonely and void. They are interested only trafficking in human blood and walk on the bones of their victims as over a bridge to stay in power. To Woyane loyalists the sufferings of millions of Ethiopians under TPLF domination, and the betrayal of Ethiopia by their prime minister, do not awake their conscience – they are dead alive. They neither honor their conscience nor uphold the truth. What they support is not honesty and integrity but the regime’s lies, deception and fraud.

The verbal assault of AIGA pit bulls is not limited to individuals such as Professors Getatachew Haile, AL Mariam, and lately Professor Daniel Kendie. Ethiopian Diaspora active in the struggle is the target of their assault. These pit bulls suffer from a narcissistic personal disorder. What Woyanes do not comprehend is that for Ethiopians in Diaspora filling our stomachs is not the only thing we want. We want to show the world that those who sit on the necks of our people are enemies of the Ethiopian people but not democratic rulers as they try to tell their foreign sponsors. We want to tell the world that Ethiopians do not want merely to eat, but also live like decent human beings. Woyanes and their supporters must know and understand that the life of servitude, of hard toil which they impose upon the people of Ethiopia is not acceptable. Nothing hinders Diaspora Ethiopians from measuring up to Woyanes in intellect and speaks out against injustices. The AIGA pit bulls should realize that one day they will be accountable to the crimes they abate, support and cover up. As long as the TPLF laws are meant to protect the interest and safety one ethnic group, but for the rest of Ethiopians are chains to keep us bound so we cannot kick, we will continue the struggle to the bitter end. How can we sit and accept when Woyanes do not recognize that there is a living soul in our people and kick our face? We need scholars like Prof. Daniel Kendie to constantly expose the criminals and their paid spies.

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